Apartment house in the city or in the suburbs - the pros and cons

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25 March 2016

Country house or apartment in the city What you no longer have a house to their liking?Reliable, strong, comfortable house in the suburbs or an apartment in the heart of the metropolis?If you choose the second option, then, it is likely to live for a long time outside the city and daydream about the urban comfort.Those who managed to sicken the bustle of the big city, smoke and noise, dreaming about the return.What is still better - a city apartment or own a vacation home?What are the pros and cons?

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apartment or house What to buy?

Apartment house in the city or in the suburbs - the pros and cons took some twenty years, and those who rushed to the cities and regional centers, already fed up with the city "Joy" and dream to live away from the dust and noise day and night, in his private home with the amenities.To the birds singing in the morning, the air was fresh, and you could go out on the porch with a cup of coffee right in a robe, without worrying that you will look

askance.Environmentalists and doctors, the intention to get away from the city - a very proper.And health increase, and the nerves will be more whole .But what kind of housing is better, I can not say definitely.And the house and city apartment has its own advantages and disadvantages. Cons own home, respectively, are the advantages of apartment and vice versa .

house in the suburbs.Pros

Vacation home

  • investment opportunities. prospect to buy inexpensive house in the cottage or village, then to indefinitely extend the area of ​​property and territory.Then the house can be sold more expensive.
  • status .Detached house in the country - it is quite a different position.While this may be a disadvantage, and if the house will be abandoned in a remote village with no infrastructure at all.
  • Lack neighbors , are knocking on batteries, fill in your new wallpaper and squealing drills in the morning.
  • House in the country Ecology .Nobody needs to explain how things stand with the environmental situation in metropolitan areas.Health is getting worse every day.If the city does not have daily tasks (work, study, etc.), This is a serious reason to move closer to nature.
  • large living area , compared to the tiny room apartment in the city.
  • Price townhouse will be substantially lower prices for the city apartment.
  • Earth. Having your home in the suburbs, you can use their land for a vegetable garden, a flower garden.Or just break it the playground, put the pool or lawn compacted asphalt.
  • plan. Update and change the room (to add an extension and so on.) In your own home you can without the permission of the relevant authorities.
  • House in a village Utilities. As for private house - here you will be relieved from the payment of traditional urban apartments.Only electricity, land tax and those costs on the house that you are fit.Although, if you choose the townhouse, there's investments will be completely different.Townhouses are always more expensive, taking into account payments for protection, roads, garbage removal, etc..
  • proximity of the river (lake) , Fishing from morning until evening, wandering through the woods with a basket and enjoy the beauty of nature and fresh air.

Cons suburban housing - why you should buy an apartment, not a house

Country house or apartment in the city

  • cost. City property grows in value more confident pace, rather than rural, and a full house with all amenities will cost a multiple of more expensive apartments.
  • Infrastructure. farther from the city, the lower the quality of hospitals and prestigious schools.Call an ambulance, too, it is difficult (and sometimes every minute counts).
  • The city all issues relating to the heating, electricity and running water , resolved within a maximum of a few hours.Outside the city, it can last for weeks .
  • Jobs .Outside the city, find it almost impossible.Ideally, when you can work directly from home (freelance, creative professions, IT technology and so on.), But not everyone has the opportunity.
  • Country house or apartment in the city Residence permit in the country is quite different from the city.Often it affects not the best way to study and treatment .
  • way to work. Those who are forced to travel to the city for work, faced with kilometers of traffic jams.Those who travel by train, losing on the road too long.Not to mention the tired (after a hard day shaking in the train or standing in a traffic jam is very tedious), as well as on road safety for children of students.
  • crime situation in the country.Sometimes the apartment is much safer than in a country house.
  • neighbors. With them you can not guess.Choosing a house outside the city, we look at the beauty of the scenery, convenient home and a place for barbecue in the courtyard, but really we forget to look at the neighbors, alongside which will have to live.And this mistake is often then turns unexpected "surprises."
  • Village house or apartment in the city Repair. At the finish and home repair (as well as maintenance systems, etc.) Requires more financial investments than in the apartment.
  • Shops. Do you have enough of the range of products and items that you have in the country?We'll have to shop in the city or be content with little.
  • Entertainment. As a rule, the decision "to move out of the city" comes consciously, already mature people who know what they want.But the lack of an active shopping, theaters, cinemas and restaurants can get bored very quickly if you are used to it.The main entertainment in the house in the country do not extend beyond the fence in your yard.

Country house or apartment in the city Before deciding on such a major purchase, weigh all the advantages and disadvantages .This issue should be seriously approach, taking into account all the subtleties , in fact, it is quite possible that the play has not come back.

apartment or vacation home - reviews, forum

We chose the house.Firstly, it has turned cheaper.We have sold 4 million for an apartment, took the chic station with communications, build a house (with a garage, by the way) the normal area.Now, the place lacks everything.And it happened on the money and save more.Of the benefits (there are many), I note major: no neighbors behind the walls!That is, rotary hammers, streams from the ceiling, and other delights.No sounds at night!We sleep like babies.Again, if you started a bustling holiday, no one will say.You can fry the kebabs at any time.Nobody turns off the hot water (a boiler), never breaks the battery and does not smell from ladders homeless and drug addicts.And so on.Plus - the sea!I understand only now becomes, how much we have lost in the city.

Definitely home!Without water, electricity and gas is much easier to do (break) than in the apartment.There is always a column or a well, well, electric and other. Ecology - even no need to explain.In the heat - class!No need to melt in a concrete box and pick up the inflammation of the lungs from the air conditioner.Near the forest and the river.Eye pleased to breathe clean.Of course, there are nuances ... For example, in the winter it is necessary to clean the snow from the track, always something to do in the house, take care of the land.But it becomes a habit.No payments!No need to faint from the next kilometer account for what you have and do not use.Only pay for the gas, electricity and tax (penny).You can finally start the big dog that in the city there is no place to bring even walk.And many more advantages.Incidentally, I go to work in the city.Yeah, I get tired of the road.But when I return to the house of the city - it is beyond words!As if in another world!You come (especially in summer), okuneshsya in the river, and her husband has sosisochki delicious roast on the grill.And kofeek smokes.Lie down in the hammock, the birds are singing, the beauty!And why me this apartment?Never more in the city will not live.

The advantages of your own home, no doubt, a lot.But there are also disadvantages.Moreover, very serious.For example, security.The apartment rarely climb - it is necessary to get to the entrance, then crack the door a couple of serious and even have time to escape, while the owner is not called the police.And in the house?Not all homes are located in the protected villages.Hence, we need strong doors, grilles, alarm, a bit under the pillow, and, preferably, barbed wire under the current around the site, plus three vicious Doberman.Otherwise, you risk not wake up one morning.Another drawback - the road.Without a car in the country simply can not live!Again, if the car is there, too, there will be problems.The husband left, and his wife like?What about children?They anywhere without a car is not twitch, and terribly alone in the house will be.No, still in the apartment safe.

house - it is always an easy target for thieves.It is not possible to foresee all.And the neighbors are there - worse than in the city.Any drunks, for example.And what are the prospects for young there in the country?None.But the city is not hitting.Tired.And in the end will still run away to the city, close to the hospitals, to the police, to normal conditions.

Life in the country is very different.More calm, measured.I have other priorities.Of course, missing, and gopoty and drunks behind the fence.That will come to ask for money, just matter, anything can happen.At such moments relaxing in a deckchair on the private lawn does not bring joy, of course.Not to mention the more serious situations.Therefore, buying a house, we are after a while came back to the city.Now we go purely to relax, barbecue fires, and so on.)) Worst of those who moved out of town, can not return to the city.Nowhere because.So look at the neighbors in advance, which will have to co-exist.