How does it look well-groomed woman: the commandments and rules groomed woman

By Admin | Beauty
27 March 2016

Every woman wants to be attractive and to have a well-groomed appearance.But not all of the fair sex know how to do it.So today we'll tell you the basic rules of the well-groomed woman, observance of which will help you to have a compelling appearance at any time of the day.
Basic commands groomed woman

Commandments groomed woman:

  • Clean - the most important feature of a well-groomed woman.
    begins and ends the day you need a shower.You must be clean from head to toe on his feet.After all, when a woman is clean, it is noticeable to the naked eye, just come from her fluids clean and well maintained.Do not believe those who say that are often harmful to wash my hair.If you notice that the hair fattened itself, be sure to wash them, because tomorrow you will be on your head instead of icicles ugly chic hairstyles.
  • time for yourself.
    to look well-groomed you need at least one hour a day to give yourself a favorite, no matter how much you get tired of housework or work.At this time you are doing your shower, washing, mani
    cure, applying makeup, etc.These procedures should be carried out on a daily basis and not on a case by case basis.
  • Manicure.
    Every self-respecting woman should have a nice trendy manicure on nails.Their color and shape should be ideal.Long nails should be such that you feel comfortable.Do not make a flashy bright manicure, opted for a more soothing colors, but they have to be relevant.In no event do not go with flaky paint on nails.Restraint and Harmony - is the main criterion for your manicure.
  • Aroma .
    A woman has to come not only the smell of cleanliness, but also perfume, by which it can be learned.Well-groomed woman ever uses different flavors, because it knows that a woman remember the smell.In men, it happens instinctively.For the office of the fair sex you have to use a lighter version of your favorite perfume, and saturated variations thereof can be used only in the evening.Well-groomed woman uses only high-quality expensive perfume and not a cheap imitation.
  • Hairstyle .
    not necessarily have ornate hairstyle.Remember, simplicity is always in fashion.However, well-groomed woman is not when you do not allow yourself to go out with the dirty and uncombed head.You should always know your hair color and hairstyle.For example: Bob brunette, brown-haired woman with a bob, blonde ponytail.In the well-groomed woman always has a master hair, which she visits at least once every two months.
  • own style.
    groomed Each woman has their own style of dress.If it does not have the innate sense of style, she turns for help to the professionals.Well, if you have your own stylist does not allow the financial condition, well-groomed woman carefully studying fashion magazines and stores that can be worn with anything.In her wardrobe are always a few basic things: a pencil skirt, black dress, white shirt, classic black trousers, a beige sweater with V-neck, black trench coat, cashmere coat and 3-4 pairs of shoes.
  • No - excess hair!
    Well-groomed woman will never resemble a snowman.She is the owner of chic hair that are only on the head.So she regularly makes depilation, removing unwanted hair from the body.
  • Beautiful eyebrows and well-groomed hands - is one of the main precepts of the well-groomed woman.
    Eyebrows should not stick out in different directions, or droop on the eyes.Make a beautiful brow shape can be a specialist in a beauty salon or by yourself at home in front of a mirror.Well-groomed woman does not know the word "hurt".
  • minimal makeup.
    No matter how strange it may sound, well-groomed woman has on his skin a minimal amount of makeup.Never confuse the day with an evening make-up.Emphasizes or lips or eyes, but in any case no matter all at once.Do not overdo it, but only slightly underline the qualities that you and so endowed by nature.
  • Shoes makes the ladies even more feminine.
    Well-groomed woman always wears only expensive shoes, which is in perfect condition.She always cleaned, polished and padded taps.
  • gait groomed woman is always gracious.
    She was not limping, not in a hurry, and certainly not rushing.This woman always comes out on time, so everywhere and always has time.She always comes with a flat back, delayed step a little bit shaking her hips.Well-groomed women just can not miss in a crowd!

All these commandments is the answer to the question many of the fair sex - "How to become a well-groomed woman?".Adhering to these rules on a daily basis, you will become a modern, beautiful, bold and charming. It's about a woman always dream man!