I'll be a grandmother: 3 important steps to a new role and new responsibilities grandmother

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26 March 2016

Some women are waiting for the birth of grandchildren look and other frightening prospect of becoming a grandma.To prepare for the new role in our time, even open courses ideal grandmothers, and taught there was not pancakes and knit - it teaches philosophy of relationships and explain how to take it easy for a new role.

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In order to be a good grandmother, you need at least three important lessons to learn, which we'll talk today.

How to become a great grandmother to grandchildren

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Step one: to help, but do not spoil relations with their children

Idealis the grandmother who loves and respects the children's grandchildren .It is considered their opinion and not impose his own.

adult children decided to have a baby.And now they is personally responsible for their child.Of course, to deny assistance is not necessary, but it must be skillfully dosed .

How to become a great grandmother to grandchildren

  • No need to run ahead of the eng
    ine, solving for parents, and what will be best for the baby.
    course, my grandmother a lot more experience than new parents, many issues she understands better, but do not rush to intervene.Annoying aid will only irritate their parents.Therefore, the Council should be given only when the children are asked to do this.
  • Modern grandmother raised their children in conditions that are far from perfect - no diapers, washing machines, with the summer disconnection of water and other delights of the Soviet period.Therefore, the fear of high technology, thinking that they may harm the baby.But this is not so. not need to push for mandatory refusal of diapers, children's car seats and air conditioning. Let the children decide for themselves - to use them or not.
  • not need to compete with the other grandmother of love and attention grandchildren. It engenders discord and misunderstanding in the family.A child will feel sorry for the one my grandmother for her love to another.This is fundamentally wrong.
  • necessary to fully support the authority of parents. education - it is their duty, and my grandmother just helps the process.Even if it is certain irregularities educational strategy, it is better to refrain from criticism.Because it would cause outrage only resistance and misunderstanding.

How to become a great grandmother to grandchildren
Often grandmothers secret from parents, grandchildren allow something forbidden.For example, to eat a mountain of chocolate, or slide down a hill in a smart white dress. So do not in any way be , because the children clearly understand how and by whom to handle.A similar ambiguity of education gives such an opportunity.

  • yet the child is in the womb, it is necessary to discuss with family son or daughter, what responsibilities the grandmother can take , and what will not be able to donate.For example, it may help with the housework first month after delivery, take the grown grandchildren for the weekend, to walk with them in the circus and not agreed to give up work in order to fully engage grandchildren.You should not feel guilty at the same time.His parental duty grandparents already given with a vengeance, now they can only help.See also: How to assign responsibilities in the family between husband and wife?

How to become a great grandmother to grandchildren

Step Two: master duties ideal grandmother

  • Hobby grandparents - grandchildren delight : oven pancakes, pancakes, pies with jam and reading bedtime stories.Grandchildren love to be pampered, but you need to indulge in moderation.
  • be other grandchildren. Kids love those with whom they are interested.Especially kids of school and preschool age.Be it an ally in the games, take a walk together through the puddles, the swing, or lumped together cones in the park, then to make of them are funny animals.This entertainment will be remembered for a long time!
  • be modern grandmother. little grown up, they want to see their grandchildren grandma active, cheerful, fun.This grandmother is not sitting still - it always be aware of new developments and following the fashion.These grannies teenagers boast before their peers.
  • be a child counselor. So it turns out that parents often do not have enough free time.This stems from the load at work, household chores, and the need for rest.Grandmothers as much free time anymore, because most of them have already entered retirement.And then the child can entrust their problems granny, whether it's first love, troubles at school or a quarrel with a friend.But the main thing in this situation, to listen and support the child, in any case, without criticizing or berating him.

How to become a great grandmother to grandchildren

Step Three: be yourself and remember the rights grandmother

  • Having a child may be unplanned, and then the young parents are unable to cope with new concerns.For example, when pregnancy occurs in 16 - 15 years.Then Grandmothers to financially support his family and to all to help young parents.But do not forget that my grandmother, though, and should be a lot, but not the obligation. Do not fully take on their shoulders the responsibility for a young family. Lack of money and lack of useful helpers for children.After all, so they will learn to self-reliance - will begin to plan your budget and find additional income, prioritize life.So do not be afraid to say "No".
  • grandmother has the right to time for yourself, including - a pleasant hobby. She may have different hobbies - watching interesting films, cross stitching, or travel to exotic countries.
  • For many grandmothers work takes almost a commanding position.It is the business of their lives, when it comes to their own business, it's an outlet, and joy. can not abandon self in the profession , even if the reasons for this failure - more than the weight.Otherwise you will sacrifice itself, that does not make contact with their grandchildren happier.
  • Do not forget about her husband - th e also need your attention.Attached to the grandfather of interesting activities - communication with her grandchildren.Thus, he will not feel deprived.

How to become a great grandmother to grandchildren
All these lessons are allowed to remain cheerful, cheerful and full of energy.This is harmony.Because happy grandmother gives warmth and tenderness, and my grandmother tired brings home the negative.

Immensely love their children and grandchildren, asking nothing in return.And in response to this generous feeling will definitely like it - the feeling of love and gratitude.