12 recipes to save the Sun after summer vacation

By Admin | Beauty
27 March 2016

How to keep a tan well spent holidays - is not only a mass of memories, souvenirs, and an empty purse, but smooth, high-quality, beautiful tan.Which, of course, want to keep as long as possible.Unfortunately, after only a week after the holiday, tan begins to fade in his eyes, and the return of the usual color is inevitable.How can we extend this beauty?

  • gentle cleansing.
    Do not go to extremes to hide and hard sponges and scrubs in the closet, but some actions will really have to be abandoned.For example, from hot baths, which steamed skin and cause peeling.How, then, to clean the skin?The best solution - a warm shower to five minutes.Instead of brushes and sponges - soft sponge and a natural milk-based oils.So you keep the skin moisture, which is essential for the preservation of sunburn.
    How to keep a tan
  • Additional hydration of the skin.
    After you take a shower, be sure to apply lotion or a nourishing cream on the body.In the morning, preferably lighter means bedtime - nutritious, thick.Pay attention to the composition of t
    he media: it is desirable that it was attended by glycerin, grape seed oil and shea butter, vitamin E protects the skin from dryness.Do not forget the almond oil to restore the skin's elasticity.
  • moisturizing mask.
    Saving tanning in the face and neck area requires special care, given the vulnerability of the skin in these areas.Moisturizer is not enough, use the natural mask (blueberry yoghurt, avocado mask with carrot oil, and so forth.), And various means of regenerating.
  • Prevention.
    Before sunbathing, prepare the skin to tan - the morning drink carrot juice.To avoid burns exceptions holiday in the midday sun - sunbathing replace it in the shade.Before the beach do not forget to "update" the skin with a peeling.
    How to keep a tan
  • use of special after-sun creams.
    Look for these vehicles marked "super."But from the whitening cosmetics have to give up, including funds that are a part of extracts of lemon, cucumber and celandine or milk.
  • Remember vitamins.
    Proper nutrition and supplementation of vitamins exclude dehydration of the skin, leading to dryness and as a consequence, the loss tan.Mandatory requirement - at least 1.5 liters of water consumed per day.As for vitamins, stay longer "chocolate" will help vitamin A helps produce melanin.Look for it in fatty fish, beef liver, apricots, carrots and tomatoes.But the absorption of vitamin A is not possible without vegetable fats.That is, to add cream or carrot oil.
  • Beta carotene - another assistant in maintaining your tan.
    should seek Him in vegetables / fruits yellow and red.The most valuable product would melon - about 300 g per day.
    How to keep a tan
  • Coffee grounds.
    This tool can be applied as a skin on the face, and the whole body.Enough for 15 minutes, then rinse (only lightly).With coffee and tan you save, spend and prevention of cellulite.See also: How to use coffee grounds for beauty and usefully in the economy - 15 ways.
  • Black tea.
    Everything is simple.Wash welding, and the skin will remain dark for a long time.You can also add the tea leaves in the water before bathing (gentle, with sea salt) and prepare ice cubes, which in the morning wipe the face.
  • The abundance of cosmetics will have to give.
    Otherwise, all your works will go to pieces.As for the Council, and home remedies (eg, dairy products), and special masks and makeup.
  • mask of tomatoes.
    desirable that tomatoes were not brought from far away, and his, to his native land.On the mask have 15 minutes, after which it should be washed off with the help of a contrast shower.
    How to keep a tan
  • -tanning cream.
    With it, you can restore the fading tan or hide manifested spots and so on. And, as a last resort, there's always a solarium.One session per month, and the color of the skin again becomes smooth and beautiful.