Why women lie about fasting?

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26 March 2016

Last time was very fast "fashionable."Most of today's young girls and women, we hear a proud statement, "I fast."And what about the ladies put in this concept, and why deceive others?

As a rule, women do not always lie on fasting deliberately.Often they do not know and do not wish to carefully study the essence and the essence of fasting, and generally poorly understood the purpose of the Christian life, do not know the basics of their religion.His statement, "I post", the women not only show disregard for the canons of Christianity, but also to continue to live, not letting God in his soul, the heart, left true value of its cult of the body and worldly pleasures.


  • fasting fashionable
  • fasting, I stand out from the crowd
  • Post - my new diet
  • many reasons for lying about the post
  • And what is the position in reality?
  • What's the point fast?
  • What is really fast?

Let's talk about how to identify women who lie about what fasting.

There are several types liar:

1. «fashionista»

Fast fashion to fast fashion.
These girls want to be always in step with modern trends.They are by nature tend to conform to the fashionable "patterns" era.They feel stylish what happened today in the journal «Cosmopoliten» and other popular women's magazines.They take care of themselves, live an active modern life: study, work, run their economy.They like to communicate with people and flattered to be in the spotlight.They - not white crows.Many of them tend to "glamor", know by heart the well-known brands, to easily identify where you bought the bag.This inquisitive nature, which often with the average hobbies, like to get involved and to explore new directions and trends in fashion, sports, knowledge.They are happy to buy new items, dedicate scandalous exhibition, have an idea of ​​contemporary art.These girls believe in God, but little is known about their true religion.Fasting for them - a fashionable craze, the proud statement - akin to that come to the office in doroguschih famous designer shoes.These ladies do not always fully studied diet that can not be eaten in the post and that it is possible, although the restriction in food for their sole meaning of fasting. observe a fast for them is much more affordable than buying branded shoes for $ 1,000.

2. «individualist»

fasting, I was isolated from the gray mass.post and individuality
this particular often lack of sociability, activity and enthusiasm for life correspond to the first type of "fashionista."As a rule, they often find themselves in the unusual enthusiasm for any girl (fanatical football cheerleader, rocker, girl-programmer, fleshmober etc.).They love kuchkovatsya small social groups on hobbies.Often dressed in a free style sports or vice versa too extravagant.The inner world of these girls is full of contradictions, often have a lot of complexes, they feel lonely, perhaps their "nedolyubili" in childhood.They do not have time for one reason or another to keep up with the times, may not differ attractive appearance, or do not know how to communicate and to please people.

The main purpose - to their loved society, or at least "respect" for their "non-standard" all over.Post - another way to attract attention and stand out from the crowd, make "fashionistas" and other people's self-respect.

It should be noted that this type of girls do not just make loud statements about fasting, but actually may be interested in this issue with the religious parties.Perhaps they even really go to church, pray, refuse sexual pleasures. hard to say that these girls are lying around, rather they lie themselves or looking for themselves.God grant that they have found their "right way."

3. «Problem figure»

lose weight by fasting Post - help to lose weight and not to reveal their desire harmony around.
Recently, significantly increased the percentage of girls who are shy of the figure flaws and do not want to put others aware of their desire to lose weight.At the same time the best pretext refusal of food (sweet cakes and pastries, fatty steaks, a joint business lunch) is fasting.That sounds like a really because a strong argument.As a rule, these girls when they call a meatless diet diet.Reacts very badly, literally erupt and begin to justify that it is not a diet.

Such women should just sympathize. Not in any way do not advise them to other ways to "lose weight" - offended.The only thing you can do - is to advise them to fast not only in food but also delve into the real "purification of the soul."

4. «mixed type»

There are several reasons to observe the fast.
may be his girlfriend, a colleague or friend, you will see a mixed type, because often all the more reasons to fast successfully coexist in the same person.

In this article we want to talk not only about how to distinguish true Christians who observe fasting and cheat, neglecting the basic rules of fasting, but also to help cute girls to understand the true meaning of fasting, will talk about the essence of fasting, the basic rules.

What is fasting?

the essence of fasting The concept of the word "post" is deeply religious.For Christians, fasting - is a form of spiritual path to enlightenment through the limitations of the body and spirit in worldly pleasures, entertainment, food.

Observe the post - then seek to limit our desires, the lust of the body in favor of the enlightenment of the soul and the body of liberation from the burden of sin.

Post characterized not only hardship, but also regular prayers, sacraments.sincere remorse adultery.

What is the essence and meaning of fasting?Why do people fast?

Prayer in the post essence of every post is repentance before God, the desire to fix their lives, to make it cleaner, closer to God.

post must be accompanied by prayers and sacraments.

You can opt out of the meal, or eat only black bread, but if you've never prayed, did not repent of their sins before the icons and does not tried to change his life, that you follow the post formally cheating yourself or misleadingothers.

That means really fast.Terms of fasting.

Lovely girl, remember that post, in which a person is not focusing on spiritual priorities and internal development - can be a detriment if you are abstaining from the consumption of certain foods, enjoy the feeling of self-righteousness, of significance.

If you catch yourself thinking, "What I have done, if we keep the post," we advise you to contact the priest, and learn how to observe fasting because you sin, and have not kept the post of the present.

All your highest convictions of other people, proud statement refusal of food to order - all this is pointless if you do not partake of the Holy Mysteries of Christ.

Fasting is not a goal but a means, an opportunity to think about his soul, refusing food, sex, relaxing massage and SPA-procedures, and regularly praying prichischayas.

«true fast - there is to depart from evil, to curb the language, the deposition of anger, taming lusts, cessation of slander, lies and perjury" - teaches St. John Chrysostom.

Currently the post