10 ideas interesting winter activities - Winter activities at home?

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26 March 2016

After the Christmas holidays and with the advent of Epiphany frosts many of us are "hibernate", preferring laptops, TV and sofas walks and an active lifestyle.As a result, winter is almost strikes us from normal life, depriving the little joys and pleasures.

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How to spend time at home with the use of mentally and , if you stick your nose into the street did not want to?
Interesting winter leisure

  1. Go for brushes and paints!
    If you are already a few years want to discover the talent of the artist, but no "hands do not reach" - now is the time to embark on a dream.
    Interesting winter leisure
    Decide what you most drawn - graphics and line accuracy, watercolor, oil, or maybe you want to create the masterpieces of the ordinary gel pen?The main thing - to have fun.On the skill do not worry, it will come later.It is possible that you slept in a true artist, and "later" will not have to wait.Look on the wall in the bedroom obviously begs the picture, right?
  2. Beauty - terrible force!
    And the winter - it's time to start loving yourself.
    Interesting winter leisure
    Everything, which usually are not enough hours in a day, is now available: aromatic baths with photo magazines;cup of coffee and your favorite book while learning the art of your favorite relaxing massage right;Fruit facials and revitalizing - for hair;trays for strengthening nails;its original manicure same manicured handles;honey and coffee scrubs;etc., etc..
  3. Life in the rhythm of the dance
    Is not it time parting with their systems, pleasure and adjusting the figures for the future summer season?Of course, it is!And not necessarily look for this home nearest to the school dance.You have everything at hand for home dancing - training programs on the Internet, music channels on TV, radio, good humor and a desire to "shake the world" and your body.
    What to do in the winter house
    Select the dance that is closest to your state of mind - a belly dance, break-dance, sensual strip dance or something else.Kicked out of the family room, wear comfortable clothes, turn the music on and on - to lose weight, catch endorphins, enjoy life.
  4. audit in home library
    And why not?The cold is so nice to drown in your favorite chair with a good book.How long have you reread the classics?How long have rustled the actual page?Surely your library there are many interesting books.
    What to do in the winter house
    And how you can find interesting if to sort out all the shelves with books in which you did not look at the time of King Peas - notes from childhood, the old parental "nest egg" dried flowers "in memory" of the first fans ...
  5. audit in wardrobe
    spend time with benefit!Things that have never and will not put any price, give to the needy.Things in a spirit of "Wow, I forgot that I have this dress!" Add up closer.
    What to do in the winter house
    and even closer - those things that are a little too small for steel winter holidays.You just will have an incentive - to get into them again.Therefore, the transition to the next point ...
  6. Give an ideal figure to leave!
    Lose Weight at home having fun.How?However, that brings pleasure.
    What to do in the winter house
    addition to dance, there is a home fitness, hula-hoop, fitball, yoga, oksisayz and many other methods.If only joy.
  7. And do not arrange any house party?
    Collect favorite girlfriends to cook something unusual, throw a pajama party or just have fun watching a good film, a bottle of martini.
    What to do in the winter house
  8. Always wanted to learn to play guitar?
    time has come!Simple acoustic guitar will cost you 2500-3000 rubles (do not even need to look at the shops - order directly via the Internet), and the video lessons online - car and small truck.
    What to do in the winter house
    the spring, you can brag to your friends, not only blisters on the fingers (and what to do - the art requires sacrifice, too), but also a virtuoso performance, for example, «Smoke on The Water» or «In the grass grasshopper sat".By the way, with a manicure have to say goodbye, but that does not make for the sake of self-improvement!
  9. We are looking for a creative designer and turn fantasy
    Is it time to change the situation in the apartment?Rearrange the furniture - is, of course, is also useful (you can scrape up, finally, candy wrappers, that the child was hiding under the couch, or to find a long-lost earring), but it is about the design of the house and create maximum comfort.Not necessarily the wallpaper glue and perestilat floors - simply "update" apartment.
    What to do in the winter house
    by, for example, decorative pillows on the sofa, embroidery on linen, curtains, rugs, pleasant things in the kitchen and other pieces created with his own hands.Again, the Internet to help you, the ideas in it - the sea.
  10. Crafts
    If there is a desire for the creation of masterpieces of hand-made, you can consider this option.What exactly do - selected on the basis of what is at hand, and naturally desire.See also: Hand Made to make your home business?
    What to do in the winter house
    can tie booties newborn nephew and himself - a bag for the summer, sew doll dresses daughters are 20, of which a child asks you for six months, do weave baskets for flowers, embroidered dog unitard for sale, Quilling, soap and candle making, jewelry made from polymer clay, toys or dolls.

Things To Do in the middle of winter, while the frost on the street pop?Restore order in closets, dismantle the old photos, clean "bosom" laptop from unnecessary files and programs that burned away the tree, arrange a romantic dinner in their half, expanding the menu delicious, we teach the languages ​​and teach our children to enjoy life !