Lent 2013 - Calendar Power

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27 March 2016

Lent 2013 - Calendar Power Lent is to cleanse the body and soul of every true Christian.During this time he has to rid itself of those of their needs that own them completely enslaved.Fasting has a very deep meaning - this improvement and strengthening of the will, and checking himself, and giving up bad habits.How to eat during Lent 2013 - Today we will respond to you on this important issue.

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  • Lent in 2013
  • How to enter into Lent?
  • From what foods should be discarded in the post
  • right food during Lent
  • What can be eaten during Lent?
  • Calendar Lent in 2013

Lent 2013 - Calendar Power Lent - is not just a dietary restriction only plant products.This is - a way to find yourself, peace, live in harmony with the laws of God and human commandments.All post must be accompanied by repentance and prayer, in the post you must communion and confession .
great strength of Lent so tangible that lately the rules this time are beginning to observe not only Christians but also people who are far from the church, non-baptized,

and even - representatives of other faiths.The explanation for this paradoxical at first glance, the phenomenon is simple: post - a good remedy for recovery , to get rid of extra kilos, for the organization of proper diet, useful for everyone without exception.

Lent in 2013

Lent 2013 - Time Great Orthodox position in 2013 begins March 18 , and will end only May 4 , on the eve of the Great Easter.The most strict fast start in seven days, that is - in the week before Easter, ending Holy Saturday, or Sabbath Holy sedmits.

How to enter into Lent?

Lent 2013 - How to enter

  1. before Lent need to go to church , talk with the priest.
  2. About a month should prepare your body for Lent, and gradually eliminate meat dishes from the menu, replacing them vegetarian.
  3. Lent - is not only a rejection of the products of animal origin, but also abandonment of resentment, anger, envy , carnal - it must also be remembered.
  4. before fasting is necessary to recall the prayer , maybe - get a special prayer.
  5. necessary to think - from any need to get rid of bad habits, need to analyze your passion, learn to control their emotions.
  6. people who have health problems who have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and metabolic disorders, pregnant and lactating women, children, the elderly, debilitated and had undergone recent surgery or serious illness, is taking any medications,should refrain from fasting .

From what products you need to give up during Lent

  1. All products of animal origin (meat, offal, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, butter, fats).
  2. White bread, buns, rolls.
  3. Candy, chocolate, confectionery.
  4. butter, mayonnaise.
  5. Alcohol (but on some days post allowed the use of wine).

right food during Lent

  1. most stringent rules prescribe during Lent to eat once daily .On Saturday and Sunday strict fasting allowed to eat twice a day.Charter allows laymen on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to eat cold food, and on Tuesday and Thursday - hot food .All the days of the week the food is prepared without the use of vegetable oils.According to the strict regulations, from Monday to Friday, to be followed suhoedeniem (bread, vegetables, fruits), and only at the weekend to take in food cooked over a fire dishes.
  2. Terms of supply in Lent Fuzzy post permitted to add a little food in vegetable oils, eat fish and seafood.All during Lent have special indulgences: in twelve great feasts (Annunciation in 2013 - 7 April, Palm Sunday in 2013 - 28 April), allowed to eat fish .On the eve of Palm Sunday, Lazarus Saturday (in 2013 - 27 April), allowed to eat fish eggs .
  3. V do not need to drink milk, even powdered or in other foods.You can not also use the eggs (chicken, quail), pastry and chocolate.
  4. On weekends, you can use grape wine. wine you can drink and Saturday of Holy Week (which will be from April 29 to May 4) - May 4th.
  5. laity who observe not very strict fast, can use fish every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday .
  6. Eat necessary balanced .In no case Lent substitute normal diet, it can lead to a deterioration of health.
  7. lay people need to eat up to four or five times a day .
  8. diet is necessary to make so that in the day you ate not less than one hundred grams of fat, grams of protein a hundred, four hundred grams of carbohydrates .

What can be eaten during Lent?

Lent 2013 - which can be eaten

  1. basis of the diet during Lent - a plant food (vegetarian).It - vegetables and fruits, cereals, any vegetable, fruit and berry preserves, jams and fruit drinks, fermented and pickled vegetables, mushrooms.
  2. The dishes during Lent can add any condiments and spices, herbs - this will help to enrich the food with vitamins and trace elements, fiber.
  3. Cereals should be actively used for cooking during Lent.Cereals best to choose unpolished.To lean baking can not take the flour and milled into flour mixture of various grains - such baking will be very useful.
  4. Currently busy people who want to observe Lent offers products and semi-finished products without animal food industry.Mistress help out frozen vegetable cutlets, special mayonnaise, biscuits, bread.
  5. necessary to eat more foods such as honey, seeds, nuts, legumes, dried fruits .
  6. in Lent is not forbidden to take a multivitamin - buy for yourself in advance so as not to suffer from vitamin deficiencies.
  7. fluids to drink need to use a lot - about 1,5-2 liters per day .It is better if it is broth hips, stewed fruits and berries, mineral water, herbal tea, green tea, jelly, fresh juices.
  8. Lent 2013 - diet While fasting is recommended to eat more fruits - will best be apples, lemons and oranges, figs, bananas, dried figs.
  9. Vegetable salads should be on the table every day (raw, marinated, pickled vegetables).
  10. Baked potato diversifies lean table and will be very useful as a supplier of potassium and magnesium for the good work of the heart and blood vessels.

Calendar Lent in 2013

Lent is divided into two parts :

  • Forty - in 2013 it laid the period from 18 March to 27 April.
  • Holy Week - this comes at a time period from 29 April to 4 May.

Weekly Lent is divided into sedmits (seven days) , and each week of Lent have special requirements about diet.

  • the very first day of Lent, in 2013 - March 18 , you must completely abstain from eating.
  • second day of Lent (in 2013 - March 19 ) allowed suhoedeniem (bread, raw fruits and vegetables).From food should be discarded as May 3 , the day of Good Friday.

under strict statute, suhoedeniem used in the following periods:

  • in Week 1 ( from March 18 to March 24 ).
  • in Week 4 ( from April 8 to April 14 ).
  • in Week 7 ( from 29 April to 4 May ).

by strict statutes, cooked food can be used in periods:

  • In Week 2 ( from March 25 to March 31 ).
  • In Week 3 ( from April 1 to April 7 ).
  • In Week 5 ( from 15 April to 21 April ).
  • In Week 6 ( from 22 April to 28 April ).

Note: laity can not adhere to such a strict fast, and eat food cooked with vegetable oil, all the days of Lent, except for the two days of the beginning of Lent and the day of Good Friday.

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Lent 2013 - Calendar Power

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