Verified folk remedies for hair loss

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28 March 2016

Folk remedies for hair loss You started losing his hair?Cosmetics do not help?Then it's time to seek help from traditional medicine.In this article you'll find the best traditional recipes from hair loss, which told of women who have successfully overcome this problem.

content of the article:

  • Traditional recipes for hair loss
  • masks from natural ingredients for hair loss
  • Pets shampoos and conditioners for hair loss

proven folk remedies for hair loss

Cosmetics for nationalrecipes have long been proven to be effective.There are many different recipes for decoctions and infusions for rubbing, shampoos, conditioners and hair masks.Today we will tell you the secrets of traditional medicine, give recipes hair loss remedies that have proven themselves as very effective.Many hair loss remedies available over the counter.

Means popular recipes from hair loss

  • decoction of the roots of burdock with onion juice and brandy - perfect remedy to stop hair loss.All components must be mixed together in the proportion: 4 t
    ablespoons onion juice, 1 tablespoon of brandy, and 6 tablespoons of broth burdock.The resulting mixture should be rubbed into the hair roots.
  • Folk remedies for hair loss Table salt - once a week, after shampooing, rub a handful of salt into the roots of the hair for 15 minutes.Then again, rinse the head with warm water.To completely stop hair loss, it is sufficient for about 6 such procedures.
  • tincture Sophora - lubricate the scalp 5-10% alcohol solution Sophora.This plant grows in the south, in other regions it can be found in the pharmacy.At 100g.Sophora dry, add half a liter of vodka.Place mixture in a dark place and leave for 21 days.The resulting infusion rubbed into the scalp after washing your hair.
  • infusion of fungus - a very old and proven over the years means.It is now ready for the infusion can be easily found in any drugstore, his naming Befungin.Rub it after washing the scalp and hair roots.
  • tincture of cayenne red pepper - successfully used in folk medicine to address such problems.To prepare it you need: 1 part cayenne pepper, 10 parts of alcohol and seventy degrees.Leave to infuse in a dark place 6 - 10 days.Then get the infusion and diluted with ten parts of boiling water.The resulting liquid should be rubbed into the hair roots and scalp before going to bed 3-4 times a week.

masks from natural ingredients to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss

  • Folk remedies for hair loss Mask of onions, black bread and oak bark - 1 glass collection (peel onions and oak bark, mixed in equal parts)pour 1 liter of boiling water and cook over low heat for about one hour.Then filter the broth and add the pulp of black bread to get a paste.The resulting mixture is rubbed into the scalp, put on a plastic cap.Mask keep a couple of hours, and then wash off with warm water.And give your hair to air dry.This procedure should be carried out not more than once a week.
  • mask with aloe leaves - well helps to prevent hair loss and enhances their growth.Preparation: cut the middle and lower leaves of aloe, rinse with lukewarm water.Then dry and wrapped in paper, put it in the refrigerator for 12 days.Blackened leaves throw, and healthy chop.Squeeze the juice from them and apply it to the roots of the hair 1-3 times a week.
  • Folk remedies for hair loss Mask of onions and garlic - Peremel onion and garlic in a meat grinder, the resulting slurry, gently massaging, apply to the hair roots and scalp.This mask must be maintained for one hour.Then thoroughly rinse your head with water.If you do not have time to grind the onions and garlic, you can just cut the onion, carefully rub her scalp.An hour later wash your hair well.
  • Mask of aloe, burdock oil and honey - strengthens hair and increases their growth.It is also well restores dry hair, badly damaged paint, styling products and perm.To prepare the masks need to mix one tablespoon of aloe and honey, then you need to add one teaspoon of burdock oil.The mixture, which you turn, apply to the roots of the hair for 35-45 minutes before washing.
  • Folk remedies for hair loss mask of eggs and butter - very well strengthens hair, stops hair loss.You will need 1 tbsp.Spoon oils (sunflower, olive, burdock or any other), 1 egg yolk 1 h. l.cognac, natural henna and honey.All the ingredients are well mixed, until a homogeneous mass.Apply a hair mask, and then wrap them with foil, warm towel.The mask should be kept for 30-60 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Shampoos and conditioners for popular recipes for hair loss

  • Folk remedies for hair loss shampoo Kefir - yogurt, yogurt or sour milk constitute the hair kind of fatty film, which has a protective function from the influence of harmful factors, and improves their growth.Apply yogurt on your hair and wrap them with a towel or plastic wrap.After 60 minutes wash your hair under warm water and rinse them a weak vinegar solution.
  • Herbal shampoo - known for its excellent healing properties.The recipe: take 10 grams of birch leaves, hop cones and marigold flowers, all mix and pour a glass of hot light beer.The resulting mixture should insist for an hour.Then, strain, her can be used instead of shampoo.Before applying to the hair herbal shampoo is necessary to warm up a bit.
  • Rinse from the flowers of linden - great help for hair loss and is prepared quite easily: 1 tbsp.spoon of linden flowers to fill in 1 liter of boiling water and allow infusion.Then strain and rinse your hair this infusion after washing.
  • Rinse with white willow and burdock root - to take equal parts burdock root and white willow bark.From this mixture, prepare a decoction and rinse head them three times a week after washing.
  • Folk remedies for hair loss Conditioner from nettle - 1 tbsp.spoon of dried nettle leaves Pour 200ml.water and prepare a decoction.Give him the infusion of about 1.5 hours and strain.After washing, rinse the hair to receive the infusion.For greater effect, it can be rubbed into the hair roots.

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