What is needed for acrylic nails at home - a starter kit

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28 March 2016

Means for nail home decided to engage an independent acrylic nail modeling, and execute acrylic nails at home?Before you go to the store, do not want to learn - that there should be a set of means for acrylic technology, as these funds will cost, and that will be more convenient - tips or form.

content of the article:

  • What is needed for acrylic nails at home?
  • brush to build acrylic
  • Files for nail acrylic home
  • acrylic powder for nail
  • forms or tips?

What is needed for acrylic nails at home - a starter kit to build, price

Means for nail home Focusing on the specified price range, remember that for the first time it is not necessary to buy the most expensive tools.The more that the technology can not you just come up, and eventually the funds will be wasted.Start small.

  • Average of hand sanitizer. Price - 500-1000 p.
  • Average of disinfection tools. average price - 500 rubles.
  • Jig filing natural nails .Price - 100-300 p / pc.
  • Jig sawing and polishing of acrylic nails. Price - 100-300 p.
  • monomer (needed to dissolve th
    e powder).Price - 300-2000 p.This liquid is better not to save.
  • Acrylic Powder (white - for the tunic, pink, color).Price - 100-300 p / pc.
  • Primer (necessary for adhesion of the nail and cover).Price - 200-700 p.
  • brush to remove dust after sanding nails.Price - 500-700 p.
  • Brush for distribution of acrylic (preferably several).Price - 400-2500 p.
  • Bonder (need to wash the dried acrylic brushes).Price - 600-800 p.
  • Couple stacks (cups) for use with acrylics.
  • Pusher. Price - 200-500 p.Or orange stick.Price - 50-300 p.
  • -in which softens the cuticle. Price - 200-500 p.
  • Cuticle Oil (for the final stage of the build-up).Price - 150-1500 p.
  • Tips. Price - 350-1500 p.
  • Glue. Price - 100-600 p.Liquid glue dries instantly.Glue Gel - about a minute (it will be more expensive).The second variant is suitable for corrugated nails - it evenly fills the cavity of the nail plate.
  • Tipsorezy. Price - 100-200 p.
  • Finish. Price - 400-600 p.

best brush for acrylic building - what is it?

Brushes for acrylic nail One of the most important criteria for selection of brushes for acrylic - the density and elasticity of the beam, as well as the sharpness of the tip.
Also remember:

  • Do not skimp on the hands. The quality of the brushes will depend largely on the quality of your manicure.
  • best hand - from the column, sable and marten.Cheap - of proteins.
  • brush handle should be easy and convenient.
  • Marking: for modeling - № 6-12, for design - № 1-6.To build usually used 8th number.
  • shape of the brush. to create a thin layer of acrylic in the area of ​​the cuticle - oval, with a thick "tum", with flattened base, the tip - thin.For acrylic modeling - the same but smaller.

Do not forget that a new brush is usually coated with a special glue factory.So before you get started, the brush should be washed.

required nail file for nail acrylic home

Emery nail acrylic order to process the acrylic nail went perfectly, sawing and polishing units need to choose different degrees of hardness:

  • for filing edge - sawing large abrasion.
  • To remove the gloss from their polish - polishing units minimum abrasion.
  • To simulate - sawing medium abrasiveness.

Acrylic Powder for home acrylic nail

The acrylic powder for nail acrylic Differences quality acrylic powder for modeling:

  • a close fit to the nails.
  • Easy filing and processing.
  • porous structure for maximum ventilation.
  • not crystallized, does not spread.

When using high-quality powder acrylic nails do not exfoliate, are characterized by high plasticity and do not break.

choose the form or tips: their advantages and disadvantages for nail acrylic home

Tips or form - which is better? The different tips and forms? Tips - a special plastic that, sticking to the tip of the nail is used as a substrate for acrylic.A form is a special form of adhesive paper to be substituted under the nail.The future strength of the nail does not depend on the version of the simulation, but tips are more convenient for the beginner (forms require skill).
What are the differences of these two options?

Tips for nail - their advantages

  • Tips for nail acrylic Spread tips on the free edge of the lighter than the form.
  • Tips convenient for large pillows.
  • With TIPS, you can even carry out modeling of nail that had been broken "by the roots."
  • easier to cope with tips novice.

Disadvantages TIPS

  • flatter nails.
  • Inability to create Edge Gothic stiletto side or pipe.
  • weak spot - bonding area.If TIPS was glued poorly, then nail flies very fast.
  • Tips - bad decision for wide nails.And also - for growing down.

forms - their advantages for home nail

  • Forms for acrylic nail Ability to create any shape.
  • You can make nails narrow.
  • subtlety and elegance nails.
  • monolithic structure as a result of (the nails provides a very high strength).
  • Ability to hide the defects of natural nails (latitude, height down and so on.).

Disadvantages forms

  • Not everyone can use them to create beautiful form (requires experience and talent).
  • Increase nails injured Forms very difficult.