The rules of a successful picnic

By Admin | Life Style
27 March 2016

Many mistaken, believing that the picnic is simply banal drink with a snack in the countryside.And it suggests a real picnic under a remarkable imagination and professionalism of its organizers.

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agree that feast on the grass, is arranged in the output is not too long and you just need for the short term, get the most of all scheduled and affordable fun.

let you look at how well it is necessary to plan and carry out such an event as the - picnic.

  1. First make a reconnaissance of the area where you plan to relax and for the presence of anthills, in addition, is not located near a cluster of boulders, fallen trees and rotten stumps in order to avoid meeting with creeping reptiles.
  2. also going in the country, do not forget about repellents, as they will be able to provide you immunity, at least for a few hours after the first treatment spraying or smearing.
  3. Note that if you are going to
    have a picnic outside the city, in this case it is better if the rest will go to people more, because you'll be coming back already late and it is better not to risk and in great company somehow more fun.
  4. By long-standing tradition at picnics and barbecues kuhovaryat men, so it is better to be defined with a choice of holiday party who would do this to just protect the whole procedure from the preparation of different kinds of advice and active intervention of other parties.
  5. Indeed, in this case cooking is still one head and hands is better than a few.In addition to a variety of entertainment and gastronomic mandatory at the picnic, of course, you need to think about and a cultural program on the nature of your event.
  6. For this issue needed to approach very seriously, because the choice of entertainment for a picnic depends on the age and tastes of holiday parties.Although both shows considerable experience after taking strong drinks and a good portion of grilled meat and adults aunts and uncles indulge in, so even with enthusiasm, fun, which correspond to the period of primary school.

Maybe now reading this material, and you feel it is complete folly, however, let the fresh air and green grass, but in a good mood ...