How interesting to note Valentine's Day?

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27 March 2016

How to celebrate Valentine Valentine's Day - an unforgettable and very important holiday for two, who always like to mention in a special way to remember him.But many couples to limit celebrations only walks and a joint dinner at home or in a restaurant, without even knowing what you can do now journey or adventure , which will contribute to strengthening the relations of lovers.See: How to keep a bouquet of fresh flowers for a long time.

How interesting to note Valentine's Day - Valentine's Day?

  1. Unexpected Journey.
    How to celebrate Valentine If Valentine's Day falls off the pair, it is possible to plan an unforgettable and very fascinating journey into an unfamiliar city .It is to buy train tickets or bus, visit interesting places where you have not yet visited, and in the evening come back.This is a journey you can take in the city, where you first met , with a visit to the memorable places for two lovers, dinner in a familiar cozy cafe , where were your first date.On a trip you need to take a camera or a video camera to capt
    ure the trip on the photos and videos.And then make memorable album or movie about it.
  2. evening at a karaoke club.
    How to celebrate Valentine This evening you can arrange in a romantic style by ordering in advance table for two , flowers, romantic cake, rose petals on the tablecloth .But the "highlight of the program" of the evening should be songs of lovers, they perform for each other.In these songs, you can show the power of his love and passion, it will be very memorable moments in the life of a couple who would be good to capture the photo or video in the history of relations.
  3. Classes at the school dance.
    How to celebrate Valentine Very original celebration that will benefit the partners will strengthen their relationship and very well entertained.Even if you have not previously engaged in dancing, you should try to dance together anxious flamenco or a romantic waltz, a passionate tango or cheerful Russian dance under the guidance of an experienced coach in the nearest dance studio.It may even be that these lessons because you like that in the future you will again and again to visit them together, engaging in new joint favorite thing that will beautify and diversify leisure.In addition, dance classes slim and very good for your health, so you get more for two uses in one pleasure.And after the dance classes in the Valentine's Day you can wait romantic dinner , with proper furnishings and paraphernalia.
  4. Going to the movies or theater.
    How to celebrate Valentine Many believe that a movie - it's very dull, and is not suitable for a romantic evening - but in vain.This event can be arranged, as the beginning of your relationship, first date.Partners do not have to meet before the event, to come to the cinema or theater every "on their own" - this is just the beginning of surprises, because it comes in an elegant dress with a new hairdo, and he - in an elegant suit, with a bouquet of flowers.After a visit to a movie or presentation in the theater lovers can expect a luxurious limousine that will take them home, or in the cozy restaurant, a romantic dinner.
  5. evening in the cozy restaurant.
    How to celebrate Valentine The event, which will plan the lovers on Valentine's Day, do not be boring if they are able to ask him a special feeling, to furnish the romantic trappings, cook for each other surprises.The most important thing - to give everything that will happen this evening, mystery, mystique and romance sea.You can hike to the restaurant to make a surprise for your beloved (beloved), a beautiful invitation to write in advance to book a table, flowers, special music.
  6. romantic dinner at home.
    How to celebrate Valentine Who says dinner at home - it is boring and mundane?We're not talking about a simple dinner, and about dinner on Valentine's Day!This event is usually prepares a woman - she picks up special dishes that could cause the passion of lovers, prepare your favorite dishes men .Home dinner that he was different from everyday dinners can be prepared, for example, in the eastern or Japanese style , add the appropriate attributes in the interior, choosing the music.A woman can dance to favorite oriental dance , drink his tea in Japanese, and then - to offer a relaxing massage, or immersion bath with rose petals.
  7. Professional photo shoot.
    How to celebrate Valentine to the holiday became unforgettable in the couple's life, you can arrange a professional photo session , ordering it from a very good master.Currently, large photo salons even sell gift certificates , which can be a great gift for Valentine's Day, or any other memorable day.After this photo shoot family archive replenish colorful scrapbook with elegant shots, and the wall will show off a very high quality, professionally made portraits of lovers .
  8. bath.
    How to celebrate Valentine It would be nice to do a hike to the bathhouse tradition not only on the 31st of December, but on Valentine's Day.After bath has a deeper meaning than a simple washing - it purifies the soul, is an excellent health-improving, raises vitality means.Lovers can choose from hiking in Finnish sauna, Russian bath with diving into the hole, a Turkish bath, as well as Japanese "dry bath» .Well choose the bath, where there is a steam room, and swimming pool and the opportunity to plunge into the hole or run in the snow.The bath can be ordered massage, herbal tea, hookah, various beauty treatments, hairdresser .
  9. Horseback riding.
    How to celebrate Valentine If there is a horse farm nearby, you can schedule horseback riding .If you do not have the skills of riding a horse, the stud farm for sure that you will be taught by experienced instructors.This trip can be unforgettable vacation in the open air, with a beneficial intercourse with animals.At the stud farm you can ride not only on horseback - for you gladly prepare beautiful sleigh, carriage .You can directly outdoors cover table and celebrate Valentine champagne and delicious snacks .Horseback riding can be a tradition of family entertainment in the future, if the vacation for both of you will like, and you want to repeat.
  10. Valentine's Day at the hostel.
    How to celebrate Valentine this day, you can refuse the benefits of civilization, and to go out of town, on one of the tourist centers.The couple can skiing and snowboarding, a walk in the woods, play snowballs, visit Russian bathhouse .Phones and computers will not annoy you - you give this day to each other, without being distracted by external stimuli.
  11. Sports & Entertainment.
    How to celebrate Valentine If you - fans of sports entertainment, you should pay attention to the next gyms and base .On this day, you can make joint parachute jump, go-carting, bowling, billiards. It is absolutely unromantic pastime can do so if the whole day you will make each other pleasant surprises, and finish off the evening romantic dinner .
  12. themed evenings.
    How to celebrate Valentine In Valentine's Day, you can create a themed evening for two .Ideas for this evening you will throw a fantasy, it could be a date costume in medieval style dinner, evening on the ship the pirates , with riddles and finding "treasures" - gifts.It is important that both partners are prepared for each other tasks and puzzles to make it interesting and fun.On this day you can order special suits in the studio fooling around, play, dance - do everything you currently do not allow due to over-employment.This holiday does not require large expenditures, but it will be very memorable.Of course, do not forget to do photos and video , and cook a romantic dinner .

most important task for Valentine's Day a loud statement about his feelings for, proof of love and fidelity.The main thing is to make the holiday memorable for both partners, became one of the highlights of their happy life together .