Everything about the meeting of the Old New Year - how to celebrate the Old New Year?

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27 March 2016

popular Old New Year - is the unofficial but beloved and very popular holiday which like the people no less than the New Year.Still - after a bustling day and merriment comes a time when you can celebrate safely and peacefully, not in a hurry, without the mandatory feasts.

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So what have old tradition of celebrating New Year , and how this festival should be celebrated?
How do we meet the Old New Year

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  • tradition of celebrating the New Year in old Russia
  • Modern tradition meet Old New Year

marking the Old New Year, andWhy Old New Year became the second New Year's Day?

discrepancy Julian , old and new, Gregorian , calendars made in 20-21 centuries 13 days.As a result, when, after the Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia as the basis in 1918 was taken by the Gregorian calendar, according to the signed VILenin's decree "On introduction of the Russian republic of W

est-European calendar," turned "split" of the holiday.

Thus, Russians have a wonderful chance to have an extra New Year's holiday , not official, but that - at least in the people's favorite.
How do we celebrate the Old New Year
every hundred years difference between the Julian and Gregorian calendars increases.Thus, with the 2101 Christmas and Old New Year will come at 1 day later than it is now.That is, the Old New Year will be celebrated not from the 13th to the 14th of January and from the 14th to 15th .

For believers, the Old New Year is crucial , because by this time ends Advent, and they have an excellent opportunity to celebrate the New Year without regard to the strict regime of the post.

According to statistics, Old New Year is celebrated 60% of the population of Russia and the former Soviet republics , and every year this percentage is increasing.Most of all, love this holiday students, housewives, children , and as it turned out, most prefer to celebrate Old New Year people with high incomes .
How do we meet the Old New Year
This festival has become an excellent chance extend the New Year celebration to congratulate friends and relatives .The Old New Year can be "rehabilitated" to those loved ones whom you forgot to congratulate, or do not have time to visit.

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This - the perfect opportunity to tell your loved ones good words to hear in his address congratulated, set the table, to spend the evening with his family , in a warm cozy atmosphere.So whether it is necessary to abandon this holiday?

obsolete tradition of the New Year, which existed in old Russia

old traditions seem to us today, a little naive and even ridiculous.Of course, today, no one would follow them.But, nevertheless, it is very interesting to know, both celebrated the New Year, our grandparents and great-great-great-grandmother .

  • Vasiliev day "Ovsenev" or "AvsenevĀ»
    first day of the New Year according to the Julian calendar had the name Vasilyev day or "Ovsenev", ieAgriculture was a holiday.On this day, the peasants made a kind of rite of obsevaniya to court next summer a rich harvest.These ceremonies were expressed in spills around the house and yard wheat, and always accompanied by a variety of singing, dancing, merriment and folk festivals .
    How do we meet the Old New Year
    in various regions of Russia had its own rites and traditions of celebrating Vasiliev day.
  • Varenna Christmas porridge
    New Year's Eve traditionally - at 2 o'clock, the oldest woman in the family was to bring cereal out of the barn.The oldest man in the family that night brought water from rivers or wells.So far, been heated oven in the house, water and cereal were on the table, they can not be touched.All sat down at the table, the hostess knead grits with water in a pot, saying a special word for this ritual.Then, the pot was placed in a furnace, the hostess with the bow of the furnace, all got up from the table. When the porridge was ready, it took out of the oven and take a look first of all, whether the full pot which turned out mess.
    How do we celebrate the Old New Year
    Succulent and crumbly, delicious porridge foreshadowed a rich harvest and good in the house, it was eaten in the morning.If you get out of the porridge pot, burn, and cracked pot - it bode ill for the home, so the porridge just thrown away.
  • Pork on Vassiliev Day
    As Basil was considered the patron saint of pig producers in Vasiliev day was made to put on the table a variety of pork dishes - cakes, jelly, hot etc.The board often put roasted pig's head.
    How do we meet the Old New Year
    This tradition, in the opinion of our ancestors was to help to increase the number of pigs on the farm, make a profit and provide a non-fasting year.

Modern tradition meet Old New Year - how to celebrate Old New Year in our time?

celebrate Old New Year, or not - everyone decides for himself.But every year the unofficial holiday is becoming more popular, so those who have decided to duplicate the New Year, it would not hurt to know and the old-New Year's tradition that we see taking roots in ancient Russia.

  • Dumplings with surprise
    This tradition was born a long time ago.Before the holiday hostess prepares dumplings with various fillings, hiding in some very different surprises - it could be coins, candy, salt, cereals, etc.Typically, the table of the Old New Year the whole family as well as friends and relatives.All eat dumplings, waiting what surprises they are caught, accompanying feast fun and joy.
    How do we celebrate the Old New Year
    These dumplings bring many to work to entertain colleagues.Today, these "fortunetelling" dumplings can be found on sale, they began to produce some food companies only under the Old New Year.
  • Old and New Year Yule traditions
    yuletide Christmas - this time, caroling, and divination.On Old New Year caught the Christmas tradition - to dress up in costumes scary creatures - witches, devils, Baba Yaga, etc., go from house to house cheerful company, "scare" the owners and demand redemption in the form of delicious cakes and sweets.As a rule, such a company "terrible things" a lot of fun hosts, in the end - all rejoice. Colinda lets have fun and entertain people, and gather up a few goodies for a full holiday table.
    How do we celebrate the Old New Year
    After Christmas carols decided to come home, lay out all the delicious on the table and continue to celebrate Old New Year's fun now.Divination - another tradition of Christmas time, which has taken root in the Old New Year.Girls, women are going to close companies and spend divination grooms men, harvest, health, children and family, success in business, etc.
  • Note with desire at midnight on New Year Old
    this way to bring happiness are mainly young people - both in New Year, and the Old New Year.Shortly from midnight should write on paper their desire, at midnight roll the paper into a ball and swallowing, drinking champagne. See also: How to make a wish for the New Year, so it is sure to come true?
    Traditions of Old New Year
    There is another option - at midnight, it is necessary to burn with the desire of paper, pour in the ashes of champagne and drink it.
  • Pie on Old New Year
    This old-Christmas tradition is very similar to the tradition with dumplings. hostess for a holiday bake a cake with any stuffing, putting him in a clove of garlic.
    Traditions of Old New Year
    Whom he gets into a piece of cake, and to be more happiness in the coming year.