All about home building acrylics for beginners;

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28 March 2016

Home acrylic nails on tips Beautiful well-groomed nails - the dream of every woman.A modern nail procedure extends this beauty for 3-4 weeks or more.And it is not necessary for it to go to the beauty salon: You can perform the procedure at home, having bought all the necessary tools for the acrylic nail.How to make acrylic nail modeling?

content of the article:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of acrylic nails
  • Preparing to build acrylic
  • Capacity acrylic on tips
  • Nail on the forms: video
  • Processing acrylic nails after a build-up

Advantages and DisadvantagesAcrylic for nails at home

One of the main advantages of acrylic technology - is the strength of artificial nails , which can not be achieved by other means.And also:

  • Home acrylic nails on tips Save time (manicure not have to update every day).
  • elastic nails - acrylic nails is very difficult to break.
  • natural look.
  • No deformation of its nail when regrowth.
  • repairable nail if still a crack, and it broke.
  • Easy removal of nail (compared with gel technology).
  • possibility of any decor on nails.

As for minuses, acrylic nails have two of them:

  • loss original luster after nail polish remover using atsetonsoderzhaschey liquid. This problem can be solved by polishing or clear varnish.
  • pungent smell during the procedure, which is rather quickly disappears.

Training nail acrylic capacity to house: the ground rules

Preparing for acrylic capacity is the following steps:

  • Home acrylic nails on tips Treat the cuticle keratolytics.
  • Gently slide the pusher.
  • Degrease the nail plate.
  • Sawing disclaim nail polish (only shine much polish is not necessary), to leave no gaps brilliant near the cuticle and sides of the nail.It is necessary for good adhesion of acrylic and the natural nail.
  • Draw (a must!) Primer to gain traction.

phased build acrylic on tips home - video instruction, advice

And now proceed directly to the acrylic nail modeling:

Videotutorial: Capacity acrylic on tips - training

  • Choosing tips ,which fit the nail.They should be slightly wider than the nail.
    Instructions for nail acrylic home
  • Opilivaem tips on the side, adjusting the size.
  • Glue tips with a special glue.In order to avoid the formation of bubbles, is pressed against the tip of the nail first edge tips, and then omit it entirely to the nail (the principle pasting wallpaper).
    Instructions for nail acrylic home
  • Tipsorezy clipped tips to the desired length.
    Instructions for nail acrylic home
  • handle them surface using 180 grit abrasive saws.
    Instructions for nail acrylic home
  • Adjust the TIPS and attach to the edge of the shape of their edges .
    Instructions for nail acrylic home
  • Apply primer on natural nails, waiting for drying for 3 minutes.
  • dipped the brush in the monomer , just squeeze and touch the tip of the powder to form a small lump of acrylic.
  • This lump (white, if the French manicure) should be put on the nail and brush lightly pressed, distribute on the tip of the nail pushing movements.
  • immediately equate brush (pre obmoknuv it in monomer) edge of the tip of the nail (attach form).Next
  • acrylic ball (larger transparent acrylic) distributed on the nail plate from the region to smile cuticle .And then gently flatten the surface and the zone connection.
  • further forming the third largest ball of acrylic and applying it to the Ā«stressĀ» the joint zone of TIPS and natural nails .Remember that the cuticles and sides acrylic applied with a thin layer.
  • again dunks brush in the monomer and completely flatten the surface.

Video tutorial: Homemade nails on forms acrylic

Self nail treatment after nail acrylic

Instructions for nail acrylic home To understand fully whether frozen acrylic, should knock on the nail with a hard object - the sound should be typical, plastic.Acrylic froze?So now you have only:

  • Treat nail sawing in sequence - 150, 180 and 240 grit until perfectly smooth, shiny plate.
  • walk on it polishing unit.
  • and apply transparent fixing varnish to protect your manicure.

Processing of polish after home gnaraschivaniya acrylic If in the future you might want to apply the color lacquer, before him, necessarily apply transparent .So you will avoid yellowing acrylic. Atsetonsoderzhaschie means for removal of a varnish is better to exclude - they spoil acrylic.