Verified folk remedies and recipes from wrinkles

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29 March 2016

Folk remedies for wrinkles Every modern woman knows that today it is very difficult to maintain the elasticity and healthy color of the skin, given the fact that her condition is influenced by harmful atmospheric inclusion, and an unhealthy diet, and constant stress.In the fight against premature skin aging out large arsenal of cosmetic products, which are represented by an assortment of shops of cosmetics, including elite.We talk today about proven folk remedy for wrinkles that are not worse, and sometimes much better famous brands.
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  • Traditional recipes of wrinkles - facials
  • proven folk remedies of natural components - lotions, tonics for aging skin
  • Traditional recipes natural face creams from wrinkles

Peoplerecipes from wrinkles - facials

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As we know, cosmetics, including made by popular recipes , show the best results with regular use.A woman must find their own favorite recipes that fit her best.It is necessary to abandon the

use of a prescription facial masks, if a woman has intolerance to one of its constituent components.

  1. Folk remedies for wrinkles mask of fresh aloe juice room. To combat fine facial wrinkles around the eyes and lips, forehead, chin, you can use the following mask: Mix natural honey with the same portion of fresh aloe juice (or gruel made from leaves of aloe), apply the mixture to the area of ​​skin where thewrinkles.Wash your face after 10 minutes.Gruel Aloe acts as a mild scrub - it can be applied to problematic oily skin before washing.
  2. mask of mashed potatoes. Very good fights wrinkles on the face of an ordinary potato.Mashed potatoes mixed with sour cream from a ratio of 2-to-one, apply on face.Keep the mask for fifteen minutes, after which it is necessary to rinse with water.If skin is oily, you must use a mask for the mashed potatoes and egg whites in the same proportions.After a mask of mashed potatoes need to use the cream that suits your skin type.
  3. Folk remedies for wrinkles Mask of potato juice. fresh potato juice (1 tablespoon) Mix 1 egg yolk, add to the mix of corn flour that has the consistency of liquid sour cream.Apply the mask on the pre-washed by the person to hold 20 minutes, rinse.If the facial skin is very dry, a mask, you can add 1 teaspoon of any vegetable (better - crude) oil (preferably olive, sesame, grape seed) and 1 spoon (teaspoon) of honey.
  4. mask of fresh carrots. Take 2 tbsp (tablespoons) finely grated carrot.Add carrots 1 spoon (tablespoon) fat sour cream or vegetable oil, 1 spoon (tablespoon) of fresh lemon juice.Put weight on the neck and face, this mask is necessary to keep 15 to 25 minutes.Rinse off with warm water without using any soap.
  5. Folk remedies for wrinkles mask of green tomatoes. This mask improves skin, eliminates pigmentation spots on the skin of acne, smoothes, tones, cleanses the skin, struggling with "black spots" in the wings of the nose and chin.Green tomatoes must be very finely grate on ordinary grater (or better - to grind a blender until homogeneous).For the masks need to take two spoons (tablespoons) tomato pulp, add to it 1 spoon (tea) of sour cream or olive oil.The mixture is very thick to put on the face, neck and neck, leave for twenty minutes.The mask should be done up to three times a week, and every day you can wipe the skin of tomato juice, then rinse with water without soap (5 minutes).
  6. mask of green tea.Brew very strong green tea in a conventional manner.To prepare a gauze mask or linen napkin, cut out holes in it for eyes and the lips.Tea filter, soak in a warm solution more napkin, to impose on the face area.Keep the mask from 15 to 30 minutes.If there are "bags" under the eyes and fine lines around the eyes, on the lower eyelids to put bags of brewed green tea or a mug of fresh potatoes, fresh cucumber on a mug.
  7. Folk remedies for wrinkles mask with grapefruit. Two spoons (cutlery) pulp from the pulp of a grapefruit (or juice) mixed with 1 tablespoon (dining room), yogurt, add rice or corn flour (can be bran, buckwheat flour, rye flour) to get the consistency of sour cream of medium thickness.Apply to the skin, to hold twenty minutes.After washing off the mask is necessary to use a cream that is suitable for the skin type.

proven folk remedies of natural components - lotions, tonics for aging skin

  1. Folk remedies for wrinkles Ice tonics. Brew green tea, chamomile, calendula usual way.After cooling, strain and pour into molds for ice to put in the freezer.Every day, from morning to wipe cube frozen "tonic" after the usual washing face, paying special attention to places where wrinkles are formed.Very good effect on the flabby skin has frozen tonic from whey (after use is necessary to rinse the face with warm water).Good and cucumber juice mixed with clean water in equal proportions.
  2. lotion for aging skin with yarrow. poured into thermos three spoons (tableware) Yarrow herbs, pour half a liter of boiling water, close the flask for an hour.After this, the infusion should drain well, pour into a clean jar and after cooling in the refrigerator.Every day, after any washing need to wipe face with cotton pad, which is moistened in the infusion.
  3. Lotion age skin with chamomile. Pour two spoons (tablespoons) of pharmacies chamomile half a liter of boiling hot water, boil for 5 minutes.Set aside the dishes from the heat, cover, wait for complete cooling.Strain lotion, keep several days in the refrigerator.Wipe the face after washing.For very sensitive facial skin, this lotion is recommended to be used instead of the evening and the morning washing, no rinse water.

Traditional recipes natural face creams from wrinkles

  1. Folk remedies for wrinkles cream with iodine. Mix 1 spoon (tablespoon) of natural liquid honey, 1 spoon (tablespoon) of castor oil (over the counter), 1 spoon (tea) Vaseline, drop into a mixture of 2 drops of ordinary tincture of iodine.The mixture is well mixed, to shift into a clean, dry glass jar, tightly close the lid.Keep this cream should be refrigerated.Use this homemade wrinkle cream can be up to 3 times a week, putting on 2 hours, then washing with warm water.This cream is very good to get rid of wrinkles and age spots.
  2. cream with vitamin E. to the basics of this cream will approach your usual cream that you are well suited.In this cream add half a teaspoon of vitamin E (oil), stir until smooth.Use cream as usual.
  3. cream with avocado oil and sweet almond oil. To prepare the cream to take enamel or glass dish, which put in a water bath.Pour two tablespoons (tea), sweet almond oil, 1 spoon (tea) of avocado oil in a bowl, add 1 spoon (tea) solid cocoa butter (or oil shi), 1 spoon (tea) of natural bee wax.Melt well to mix the ingredients, to shift into a glass jar and refrigerate.This cream can be used daily as a night.
  4. Folk remedies for wrinkles cream based on pork fat (interior). To prepare the cream to take two hundred grams of lard interior, put in a glass cup and put in a water bath.The fat add 1 spoon (tablespoon) of juice from the aloe leaf, 1 spoonful (tablespoon) of honey.When the ingredients are mixed and melted, remove from the water bath.The cream is poured into a clean glass jar, it means you need to keep in the refrigerator.You can use the cream every day to night.
  5. wrinkle cream with gelatin. in a water bath to put the glass bowl in which to dissolve 1 spoon (tea, with slide) edible gelatine in half a glass of clean water, add half a cup of pure glycerol, three spoons (tablespoons) of honey, add the powder of salicylic acid on the tip of the knife.When all the weight is uniformly mixed, remove from the water bath, whisking with a fork or whisk until the consistency of cream.This cream is applied daily to the skin in the evening.The cream does not wash off, and its surplus before bedtime to wash, dry cloth.Keep the cream must be refrigerated before use and each serving to warm up the cream in a water bath or in the palms.
  6. Folk remedies for wrinkles «cream Cleopatra" for youthful skin.To prepare the cream need rose water - it can buy ready-made (it must be natural, without flavors and preservatives), or make your own.For the preparation of rose water to take 2-3 tablespoons (canteens) petals of roses, pour boiling water (glass), infuse for half an hour, drain.By 1 tablespoon rose water in a bowl add two spoons (tablespoons) of fresh aloe juice, 1 spoon (teaspoon) of honey, 100 grams of pork suet.When all the ingredients are mixed up - remove from the water bath, store cream in the fridge.The remaining rosewater should wipe the face after washing as usual tonic.
  7. cream with egg yolk. egg yolk fresh egg whisk with two spoons (tablespoons) olive oil (can be sweet almond oil, grape seed).In the bowl of a water bath to put two spoons (cutlery) Vaseline, 1 spoon (teaspoon) of honey, 1 spoon (tablespoon) of sea salt, 1 spoon (tablespoon of chamomile broth. Stir until dissolved salts. The mass removed from the water bath, cool.Add egg yolk and butter, stir. Store in the refrigerator, use daily at night.