Modern methods of hair removal bikini: which one is right for you?

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29 March 2016

desire to be beautiful in a woman laid genetically.Historians and archaeologists suggest that women look after themselves since time immemorial: used ornaments and cosmetics, as well as trying to get rid of unwanted vegetation on the body.In particular, it is known that the Egyptian queen Nefertiti removes hair using a viscous mass, resembling a modern resin or wax.

With the development of industry appeared technology pozvolivschie women easily and effectively get rid of unwanted hair on the body with the help of professionals in the salon or at home.

In this article, we will tell you about the currently existing types of bikini hair removal, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.However, on the benefits you probably already enlightened providers of this service.The risks and consequences of using one or another method of hair removal girls often have to learn from experience.Let's understand the nuances of hair removal in the bikini area.


  • The depilation is different from
    hair removal?
  • Waxing bikini using shaving - hair removal razor
  • Classic depilation - mechanism, the pros and cons
  • Waxing bikini (waxing, bioepilyatsiya)
  • cold or warm wax, wax strips?
  • epilator for bikini area - the pros and cons
  • Sugar hair removal bikini (shugaring)
  • Electrolysis Bikini Laser Hair Removal Laser hair removal bikini
  • bikini
  • Enzymatic bikini hair removal
  • Ultrasonic hair removal bikini

popular way to remove unwanted hairin the bikini area are:

• hair removal (shaving, depilation using cream)
• hair removal (electrolysis, and laser hair removal wax, shugaring, chemical hair removal, epilation)

The depilation is different from hair removal?

depilation - is a way of getting rid of the vegetation on the body, which removes only the top portion of hair protruding above the skin.The hair follicle is not damaged, and therefore the new hairs grow back rather quickly.

epilate hairs harvested for food, that is removed along with the root.Due to this effect a smooth skin lasts from 7 days to 4 weeks.Subsequently, the hairs grow back, and the process must be carried out again.The abundance of hair removal tools are wax and tweezers, thread and an electric epilator.

Waxing Waxing the bikini area with the help of shaving: cheap and cheerful!

remarkable advantage shaving is the almost complete absence of contraindications.The procedure is quick and painless, but it may not be appropriate for women with individual intolerance or hypersensitivity.

unpleasant moment is the possibility to cut yourself when inaccurate or careless performance of the procedure.Soft vellus hair can be reborn in the hard and prickly.In addition, the hair grow after 1-2 days, so close shave often enough, which may inevitably lead to skin irritation.

Waxing bikini using chemical depilatories (classical depilation)

Mechanism of action: depilatory - spray, lotion, gel, cream and so on.-nanosyat skin, and after a few minutes and was removed with a sponge or plastic blade.

chemicals contained in depilatory, destroying part of the hair, protruding on the surface of the skin.At the same time the hair follicle remains unharmed, and thus the hairs grow back quickly.At the same time, distinct advantage -voloski grow soft and smooth skin is from 2 to 10 days, depending on the intensity of the natural hair growth in women.

Before you opt for a chemical depilatory bikini, you should pay attention to the serious lack of depilatories .Girl with sensitive skin may get a severe allergic reaction, or even chemical burns, which may be the cause of further scarring.Such terrible side effects occur rarely;most often manifested in the lack of depilation local skin reactions, which rapidly disappear.

Hair Removal Waxing bikini (waxing, bioepilyatsiya)

Waxing can be done both individually and in the cabin.Women from ancient times used the resin or wax to remove hair in the bikini area.Nowadays principles of hair removal using wax is almost unchanged.

Mechanism of action: applied to the skin the liquid wax (cold or hot), and after a while it disrupted abruptly with glued hair.The hair is removed from the root, so they grow only 3-4 weeks.

Lack procedures - its tenderness. Because of the high morbidity of the procedure is not always successful conduct yourself, so many girls prefer to go to a salon.

have bikini waxing in the salon has many advantages .Professional beauticians can easily reduce pain during epilation, protect against burns, advise skin care after hair removal in accordance with the characteristics of your skin is.

Over time, reduced pain treatments.Hairs are softer and thinner, many of them fail to grow at all.

cold or warm wax and wax strips for hair removal home sold in cosmetic shops.

Hair removal cold wax procedure is painful and unpleasant, but the effect of this simple and inexpensive procedures are guaranteed to hold for two weeks.

strips for hair removal must be warm in his hands, and then paste them on the skin and tear against the growth of hair.If necessary, the procedure is repeated.

Hair removal warm wax is less painful. kits for home hair removal with warm wax sold in cartridges that need to be heated to 40 degrees.Then the wax is applied to the skin and after a while it is removed against the hair growth.Bikini area will stay smooth for 3 weeks.

important point is the thorough removal of residual wax from the skin after hair removal a special cloth that new hair does not grow into the skin.Such tissues are often included in home waxing kit.

removal of unwanted hair in the bikini area using the epilator

epilator for bikini area is a common method of hair removal at home. Sovsemennaya beauty industry offers a huge selection of electric epilators with cooling, anesthetic and massage nozzles.Some epilators are equipped with trimmers and shaving heads and can operate under water.

Lack of hair removal using the epilator is a painful procedure.However, since each hair is removed from the root, waxing becomes each time easier and painless.Smoothness of skin is maintained for 2-3 weeks.

Side effects: ingrown hair and skin irritation.

Sugar hair removal bikini (shugaring)

Mechanism of action: beautician applied to the skin a thick sugar paste, and then deletes it manually.

Contraindications shugaring virtually none. shugaring epilation almost painless, and does not irritate the skin as sugar paste does not stick to the skin and captures only the hairs.Hairs start to grow only 3-4 weeks, ingrown hair after this procedure usually does not happen.

Electrolysis bikini

Mechanism of action: high current damages the follicle, then the hair pulled.Each hair is treated individually, so it is usually electrolysis bikini takes quite a long time.For a complete hair removal need at least 6 sessions every month and a half.

Contraindications: curly hair

Side effects: folliculitis, ingrown hairs, scars from burns, hyperpigmentation

Laser hair removal bikini

Mechanism of action: during the procedure the hair is destroyedand hair follicles, the skin is not exposed to negative vozdeysviya.

Result: steady, after a certain number of procedures for hair growth slows down significantly, the hairs grow back resemble a light fuzz, and further sessions are sufficient to carry out once or twice a year.

Contraindications: gray, red or blonde hair, very dark or tanned skin, cancer, diabetes, and pregnancy.

IPL bikini

Mechanism of action: impulsive light removes hair on the bikini line, destroying the hair follicle.The procedure is painless, fast, and allows you to process at once a large area of ​​skin.

Contraindications: tanned skin

Enzymatic bikini hair removal

Enzymatic bikini hair removal - a fairly safe form of hair removal, which gives consistent results.

Mechanism of action: applied to the skin enzyme preparations under conditions of high temperature.The enzymes destroy the germ cells of the hair, and when the exposure period expires, beautician removes hair at a low temperature by means of wax.

Contraindications: diseases and conditions with contraindications for heat treatments (oncology, tumors, inflammatory diseases in the stage of decompensation, and so on.)

Side effects: in compliance with the recommendations and contraindications are no side effects.

Ultrasonic hair removal bikini

Mechanism of action: Follow the procedures ultrasonic hair removal bikini beautician uses a combination of ultrasound and germ cell growth inhibitor of hair.The effect of a single treatment is maintained for 2 to 3 weeks.In order to completely remove the hair, you will need from 10 to 12 treatments of hair removal, depending on the intensity of hair growth in a particular woman.

Side effects ultrasonic hair removal bikini are ingrown hairs, tough fiber-optic, transient angioektazii, folliculitis and bruising.

contraindication for ultrasound hair removal bikini is again sensitive skin.Before carrying out any type of hair removal is necessary to check the sensitivity of the skin, remove hair in a small area for a few hours to complete the implementation of the procedure.

As a rule, women are making a lot of effort to be beautiful at any age.It should be remembered that this is important not only tasteful clothes, healthy skin, hair and snow-white smile, but also a sense of inner confidence, which is composed of a variety of factors, including the realization that excess hair on various parts of the bodyFor example, in the bikini area, no.

epilation bikini differs substantially from the removal of unwanted hair from other parts of the body.The fact that the skin in the bikini area is very sensitive, and choosing the wrong method of hair removal, it is easy to get the opposite result.The skin may turn red and start sheluschitsya and in contact with the underwear will be very itchy and scratching.

For any questions related to contraindications to any type of hair removal, we encourage you to consult your physician or physical therapist.

And what kind of hair removal you prefer?