How to stop hair loss after childbirth - effective measures

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29 March 2016

Hair loss after childbirth Here and left behind many months of pregnancy, childbirth and the first months of life long-awaited baby.It seems that nothing can overshadow the bliss of a happy motherhood.However, something is still violated this idyll.And that "something" is called "hair loss after giving birth."Really just have to accept?Of course not!There are lots of ways that make sense to try, so bear most smaller losses.
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  • How to save hair from hair loss after childbirth
  • Proper washing hair
  • Natural masks and rinses
  • Reviews and advice women

Action Plan to save the hair after childbirth

Hair loss after childbirth So you are faced with this enormous problem.You can not panic and get ready to spend the rest of his life in a wig.The problem is not as global as it may seem at first, and hair loss is not threatened.However, it is still to immediately implement measures to help the hair , to reduce their losses.

  • vitamin complexes.
    All women take vitamins during pregnancy and after childbirth, for some reason, ma
    ny people forget about it.While postpartum body may sorely lack the necessary vitamins and minerals, as a result of certain blood loss during delivery.We must also remember that during breastfeeding, most of these important materials consumed in the production of milk for the baby.Therefore, it is necessary to make up for the shortage with additional drugs to nursing mothers.
  • Proper and adequate nutrition.
    Hair loss after childbirth Even taking extra vitamin supplements, one should not forget the need to supply high-quality products exclusively useful.Hair is very sensitive to it.Even if you do not breastfeed, do not neglect this important point.
  • Proper washing hair.
    Few people think, but washing your hair is important, so it is important to observe certain points.

Proper washing hair

  1. Hair loss after childbirth Do not allow contact of the hair with water from the tap.She needs to give time to stand for several hours, before washing and pour into it 1 tablespoon of vinegar to eliminate excessive rigidity, while simultaneously optimal water temperature - 30-35 degrees .For oily hair requires water warmer when dry - cooler.
  2. choosing a shampoo and conditioner, try to follow the rule not to buy funds, among ingredients which there Ammonium Lauryl (Laureth) Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl (Laureth) Sulfate .These components act aggressively and destroy the structure of hair.
  3. impossible to thoroughly wipe wet hair to remove them from the water.Such gross exposure is able to hurt the hair even more than blow-drying and make them brittle.You simply wrap the hair with a warm towel, preferably made of cotton or linen.
  4. Change your metal combs on wooden , so as not to further injure the roots of the hair.

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Natural masks and rinses

Hair loss after childbirth Not least in the action drop-down hair hold home remedies from natural ingredients - different hydrating maskrinses and own production.Their meaning is to improve blood circulation around the hair follicles and effective delivery of them required for the nutrition and growth substances.For sufficient impact any mask must be left on the hair for at least 20 minutes.

improves circulation: mask of pepper tincture, very minced onions or mustard.
Nourish bulbs: masks based on rye bread, eggs, whey, burdock oil or honey.
Strengthen hair: natural conditioners made independently of chamomile flowers, herbs, sage, burdock root, nettle leaves.

Each mask or conditioner, you can easily make your own hands, in all proportions.Only with pepper tincture is proven to adhere to the concentration: 1 spoon of tincture bought at the pharmacy, must be mixed with 3-4 tablespoons of boiled water .What kind of folk remedies really help with hair loss?

Reviews and advice women who experienced hair loss after childbirth


I recently visited such a terrible situation.So many have tried different means, but the hair continued to fall still.However, one means I still even as it helped.This "Esvitsin" that I was offered to try the pharmacy.It was after his hair seemed to have strengthened, and appeared "hedgehog" of the new hairs among the common masses.Then, after the end of the GW, the hair finally stopped to crumble.My hairdresser even claims that it only needs to wait.


after the second birth I was forced haircut "a boy".Otherwise, it is simply impossible to look at bundles of hair loss.For me it was a lot of stress.Because I had before giving birth chic curly hair.But even so the hair continued to crumble and new ones to grow and did not intend.I saved them as follows: instead of the usual shampoo use simple eggs.To do this, take 1-2 eggs, if very long hair, and 3, beat them, and once the foam to the hair so that they were all drenched this foam, then cover with plastic wrap, and like so about 20 minutes.Then just have to wash away all very carefully with warm water.Neither of shampoos or conditioners use is not necessary.Believe me, the hair then become pure as an egg perfectly removes dirt from them.Now my hair erstwhile fully recovered.


helped my hair a series of tools for hair care on the basis of burdock oil.Hair tufts just climbed.And after this series significantly reduced the number of lost hair.Continue to use this series and after the cessation of loss.The smell, however, so-so, but for the sake of hair suffer.


When half a year ago I have got hair, I was shocked.I was in no way ready for this.And I do not even hear what often happens after childbirth.Sister advised to buy from Amway restoring mask and a special conditioner after washing your hair.And these tools helped me a lot.Help is not cheap of course, but effective.Hair are now better than before the pregnancy was.


this way I was able to stop hair loss: took a pack of sheets of conventional tea poured into the jar and poured a bottle of vodka to the same, I do not remember exactly how much vodka, but like the bottle was at 0.5 liters.4 days left to infuse, then strain.This infusion in the evening, I rubbed into the roots hair and leave for the night.It is desirable to 1-2 times a week.


Last year, I was faced with this person, until then only heard from friends who have given birth.My hairdresser gave me advice to rub the head of the milk serum.And imagine the hair began to drop noticeably less shine even started, which did not exist.Periodically I spend such a procedure to prevent.


After birth in my hair the whole family went, hair was just everywhere, though I tried not to go with her.On the advice of friends he started using panthenol.Gel smeared hair roots, and saw the capsule.After a few weeks, all normal.


My hair began to fall out, when my little boy was only 2 months.This happened to me the first time, so I immediately ran to the hairdresser to ask for advice.It prompted me to this simple recipe: wash your hair as usual, dried with a towel, then rub into the roots of ordinary table salt.Then cover your head with a towel bag and Wrap.Walk about half way.Such procedures need to spend exactly 10. After the fifth time I already had a noticeable result.Just be aware that it can be done only if there is no head wounds.