Hair loss after childbirth - the causes.

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30 March 2016

Hair loss after childbirth Very often it happens that after such a happy event in life, like the birth of a baby, many women face much trouble - intensive hair loss.It begins, most often, for 4-5 months after birth, but sometimes six months, everything depends on the internal characteristics of the organism of each woman.What are the causes severe postpartum shedding of hair?
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  • most common causes of hair loss after childbirth
  • main cause of hair loss after childbirth
  • For some reason, even after birth the hair can fall out?Factors affecting hair loss
  • How can last, and when to stop hair loss?

most common causes of hair loss in women after childbirth

Hair loss after childbirth No wonder about a pregnant woman say that she is the most beautiful.This is not just emotion, but rather a statement of fact.This contributes to the appearance of a pregnant woman lush head of hair, especially in the last months of pregnancy.What a disappointment becomes the fact that some time after the birth hair is beginning to "leave" its po

ssessor.Combing hair after a bath, a woman finds a comb huge bundles of lost hair, and after sleep - on a pillow.Many women are simply desperate to maintain its former beauty.Some people decide to be cut short, others let things take their course, others try to actively combat massive loss of hair using different masks of popular recipes.But all that started when it ends, and hair loss after giving birth - rather, it is a natural physiological process that has come to an end.

main reason for hair loss

Hair loss after childbirth hair has this property - to fall regularly even the most healthy person.It is such a natural feature of hair - updated.They also, like all living things, there is a life cycle.In the normal range is shedding up to 100 hairs per day, which does not affect the appearance.Pregnant women also formed a very favorable hair levels of hormones - especially estrogen.Whereby regular hair loss hardly occurs.And after birth, due to reduced production of this hormone, the hair that fell out in due time during pregnancy, begin to "catch up."During this time, a woman can lose up to 500 hairs a day - but even so there is no threat of total baldness.

For some reason, even after birth the hair can fall out?Factors affecting hair loss

Hair loss after childbirth In fact, the causes of hair loss is not so little, but they are all associated with pregnancy, childbirth and the new position of women in the role of a young mother.Particularly susceptible to this woman, who is nursing her child.They load on the body's double or even triple.But these reasons are usually coupled with hormonal changes.

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Consider factors , contributing to increased hair loss after childbirth, which occur most often:

  • postnatal stress and chronic sleep deprivation.
    These unpleasant companions invariably accompany any woman in the early months of motherhood, overshadowing their presence life of a young mother.The kid is crying, experience and understand the cause of this sometimes is not enough, he puchit tummy or he refuses to suck milk - the reasons for the breakdown of many, especially among women who gave birth first child.To all this is added disturbed sleep, lack of it regularly.As a result, the whole body suffers, but mainly hair as one of the first indicators of the existing problems.
  • The lack of adequate nutrition.
    This problem is familiar to every woman, staying a whole day alone with the baby.Very often it happens that the poor exhausted new mother can not even comb hair, not to mention the fact that the high quality and easy to eat.In this case, the body has to spend its reserve stocks - and his hair got nothing.
  • Lack of necessary vitamins and minerals.
    During breastfeeding the bulk of the coming of vitamins and minerals, mainly calcium, the child gets along with milk, bypassing the needs of the female body.Hair must be content with the little that remains to maintain the normal operation of all organ systems.
  • Malnutrition hair follicles.
    It happens that in the postpartum period, the restructuring of the body to normal functioning gives a small glitch, thus may disrupt the proper blood circulation in the upper layers.Meanwhile, we all know that hair nourishing blood circulating in your scalp.As a result, the power of hair follicles becomes insufficient, which affects the period of growth and life cycle of the hair, and of course its quality.
  • consequences of anesthesia after cesarean section.
    Caesarean section is not uncommon these days.And, as you know, anesthesia has some influence on any body.Often, the female body by the end of pregnancy already so experiencing some fatigue, and her hair is usually the first thing to suffer.

How much hair loss can last?

Hair loss after childbirth hormonal changes the body usually occurs within six months after delivery.In the case of breastfeeding, this period can be extended.Together with this, and often end up with the problems of the hair.Less often affects women, whose blood circulates well and deliver the desired strength and for hair growth nutrients.At the end of their losses and the amount of hair restoration will take place in the most "short" period of time.

Do not expect a quick completion of hair loss, if not eliminate all other possible causes of the trouble.That having established proper care of hair and scalp , and eliminating nervous and physical strain from the daily routine, you can prevent hair loss too intense, and his shock of hair to return to its former density and beauty.Read more about what can help after delivery to stop hair loss.