Wedding make-up with their hands

By Admin | Beauty
30 March 2016

At the wedding, the bride should be the most beautiful, because the wedding - an event which she will remember all my life.In creating a unique image plays an important role not only snow-white dress, but also the right make-up.

first thing you need to pay attention to cleansing skin as clean face - the main component of any makeup. Please clean the face tonic, not containing alcohol.Then applied to the skin the right skin type Day Cream (read about any day cream for dry skin).Next on the cleansed face and décolleté and neck with a damp sponge to apply a thin layer of foundation suitable for the skin tone.If the wedding will be held in the summer, the foundation should be water-based, non-greasy and transparent.If you have bruises on his face, red spots or pimples, they can successfully disguise.Bruises mask using a thick, pale slightly reddish tone, putting concealer light touch fingertips.Pimples and red spots will not be noticeable if you put them with the basic tone of his voice added to the


way, you can adjust the skin and using a concealer.To remove the excess foundation, you must face the usual wet paper towel.After the foundation in the face with a powder puff is applied, the excess powder is removed from the face using a brush tone.At the time of the wedding the bride need to be in possession of a colorless powder compact in time to remove the shine of the skin.

Eye makeup can be done in different ways depending on the image that you create.The intensity of the bridal makeup should be the evening, but it should not be too bright.To emphasize the eyes, you must choose the right eye color palette.Blue-eyed lady with a warm complexion recommended blue shadows to bring the lower eyelid, and upper eyelid cause peach shade.Zelenoglazkam make a good fit: green eyeliner lower lid and burgundy, maroon, pink or violet shade on top.Brown eyes can emphasize thin eyeliner pencil in black combined with blue or pink shades shadows.For air wedding makeup is best suited pastel shades, including pink.Pink shade have one feature - they must be applied only to the upper eyelid (to eyes looked tearful), the lower eyelid to draw a pencil silver.After applying eye shadow can be summed connector.In this line of eyeliner should be fine.Choose a waterproof mascara.To create a soft look, you can use false eyelashes that are glued beams.After their fixation on the skin along the edge you need to paint eyelashes and overhead, and your own eyelashes.Also eyelashes can just curl with special tongs.To make the eyes more open, can be applied to the eyelashes thick layer of black mascara.

choosing a lipstick, you should consider the color palette on the eyelids, hair color and skin color of the dress.Brunettes with fair skin fit scarlet, bright red shades of lipstick and fuchsia lipstick.A striking blonde is recommended peach, pink or natural floral-pink shades of lipstick.Bride with brown hair is preferable to use a palette of natural shades.By toning the face, apply foundation and powder the lips.Draw the lip contour pencil the same shade as the lipstick or the natural color of the lips, and then paint over the entire surface of the lips with the same pencil.Lip Brush blend pencil.Brush, apply lipstick on her lips.With a paper napkin to her lips, powder the lips.Then apply another layer of lipstick.For greater stability can be re-powder through the lips cloth and then apply a third layer of lipstick.You will learn what psychologists say about the favorite color of lipstick and character.

performing wedding makeup, do not forget for the eyebrows.They should also pay attention.First you need to adjust their shape.Tweezers, remove excess hair.Using a brush and scissors in the form to the top of the brow and inner edges.Comb your eyebrow.Then touch up brows with a pencil.Blondes suitable light brown pencil, brunettes - black bride with blond hair - gray-brown, red-haired - brown.

can add makeup, pasted over or under the brow sequins or rhinestones.

final stage makeup is to apply blush.For wedding makeup is better to choose natural pink or beige blush.Apply blush to be a big brush on cheekbones projections.To face looked fresh and glistening, shiny, apply a light shade of pink or blush on the cheeks, chin and frontal mounds.The wedding makeup should not be used brick and brown blush, since they are suitable for creating an image of a business woman.

Finally, if you decide to do bridal make themselves ready for the wedding, practice in applying make-up to your wedding day to make beautiful makeup.