How to preserve the beauty and youthfulness of the skin

By Admin | Beauty
31 March 2016

With the arrival of a long-awaited spring wakes from hibernation, not only nature but also our body.So thanks to the action of solar energy becomes active again, our sebaceous glands and therefore it is the time for our skin needs special care.

Try to at least a few days a week, do not use tap water for washing and soap, take into service for the care of your skin tonics and lotions.Only it must be remembered that the funds for the care should not contain any alcohol additives.

also for effective skin care can be used mineral water.Fill a spray bottle equipped with the usual mineral water ( for this purpose better experience on mineral water - Borjomi ), and put it in the refrigerator.

If you generously throughout the day such water to irrigate your face and neck, then very soon you will see an excellent result, since your skin will be firm and not just acquire a healthy pink appearance and will amaze you with its unusual velvety.

addition, try as little as possible with the arrival of spring to ad

just to your face powder, it is worth it to pay for the most intrusive option or the same will be advantageous to give up for the time of its application.

order your skin always remained fresh and young, you can use the most simple and affordable means.For example, many women with the arrival of spring with panic expect manifestations of freckles, although many of them are just very, nevertheless, the majority of persons of the fair sex in every way trying to prevent their occurrence and to get rid of them.

worth noting that those women who are known for its susceptibility to the manifestation of freckles do not stay in the sun after noon.You can also wear sunglasses.Going out into the street on a sunny day, before you leave home, apply on the skin specially designed cream and just a little powder the it, as a rule, such protection is quite enough for you for 2-3 hours.

If still freckle grease began to show their low-fat sour cream.

most effective means for the renewal of skin cells is considered, of course, television.Take a bath and clean the skin at the same time perfectly possible by means of vegetable oil and coarse sea salt or sweep melkodroblenogo yogurt and almonds.