Secrets of the appeal - the beauty of hands

By Admin | Beauty
31 March 2016

many special fairer sex are well aware that your skin soft and strong and well-groomed nails are one of the main components of feminine beauty and attractiveness.Let us look at you - what kind of care is needed our hands and that this would require.

The first is, of course, is a good tool.It is worth noting that the nail holes need to remove the skin a special stick made of rosewood and also need to remember that it is not recommended to cut, because of this can only appear even more rigid and sharp edges.

But it is lagging skin flakes can be removed with nail scissors.In conducting the nail filing remember that it is advisable to file nails in one direction, because otherwise your nails start to exfoliate simply.

perfect tool for cleaning your hands and nails from the not too beautiful spots is lemon juice.Lemon juice is also quite effective in the treatment of brittle nails, for that you just need ten days several times a day to lubricate the nails this healing juice.Besides the perfect natural re

medy for whitening the hands and nails is sour milk.

great effects you can achieve by using masks, because masks are useful not only for skin, but also for the hands.To do this, you need a cream - lubricate them pens, then make them wrap with a mixture of: one egg white, two tablespoons of cottage cheese (dining room) and a few drops of olive oil .

then wear cotton gloves and leave the mask on all night.

order to your nails were beautiful and they survived long enough to polish before being applied essential to degrease the nails, if you do not paint will peel off.The most gentle means for degreasing treatments are lotions.

Pre-coat nail sufficiently thin layer of lacquer basis, it can perfectly fill all the bumps and grooves, and let it dry.The venture, can cause already colored lacquer.
also to your pens are pretty small importance and technique manicure.For example, now quite popular such as the type of manicure - French .

for its implementation you will need to be primed pearlescent paint your nails and let them dry.Then, using a template put on the tips of nails white nail polish and fix it colorless.