How to make a valentine with your hands - 7 most original ideas

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27 March 2016

Despite the pragmatism of the modern world around us, we, the majority of his, still remains romantics.And 14 February invariably awakens in us a warm feeling and the desire - to remind their home half of what she (it) is still - the closest person in the world.And let someone wrinkles his nose or giggle sarcastically, but Valentine from one year to fly to the cities and villages.This time we will not buy them, and do with their hands, to invest in this small pleasant surprise for the soul.To your attention - 7 original ideas for Valentines.

  • Book heart. number of pages depends on desire.From thin colored cardboard (preferably white, embossed) do stencil heart cut out for him the rest of "pages" and the book is held together by a stapler.Either sewn mid-thick thread, leaving the tail on the outside (it is also possible to attach little heart).On the pages of your loved one wishes to place the photos of marriage, recognition and a warm sincere words.

  • soap Valentine. unusual methods to remind
    about their feelings - a fragrant, romantic and very useful gift with their own hands.What you need: A Framework for soap (150 g), 1 h / l of oil (for example, cocoa or almond, olive oil can also be) a little bit of essential oil (to flavor, smell - at the discretion), food coloring (different colors)shape - in the form of "heart".Rubbed on a grater part of the base, poured into a water bath and heated to a liquid consistency over a low heat.Further connect slurry with essential oil (2 drops), dye (pinch), cocoa butter (2 drops).Remove from the heat, pour into a mold and make the next layer.At the end of the stack on the top layer of uncured couple of grains of coffee.In a lot when creating soap you can add ground coffee or cinnamon.Note: Do not forget to grease the form of oil to remove then from her soap effortlessly.
  • Wreath of hearts. Base - sheet of white cardboard (30-40 cm in diameter).Task - pasted his hearts to create surround wreath.Choose pastel colors - the most tender, pink, white, light green.Either of contrast - white with red, maroon.Size hearts - different to the invoice and volume.

Valentines from the heart

  • garland of hearts. The recipe is simple.To start preparing themselves hearts - different textures, sizes, colors.And strung them on a thread.You can vertically (issue, such as a doorway) or horizontally (over the bed, the ceiling on the wall).And you can draw more original and attach colored hearts on horizontal ropes small clothespins.Between Valentine can hang pictures of common life, wishes for his half, movie tickets (plane - travel, and so forth.).
  • Valentine card with photos. More precisely, one big valentine mosaic framed.Such surprise would be a great gift for your favorite (favorite), and it can easily be used as an element of the interior."Pixel" heart inside the frame is created using tiny joint of photos you print them on your printer and stick in the form of hearts on a white embossed cardboard.


  • Flowers Heart of lollipop. Valentine Or for a sweet tooth.Cut the white and pink paper hearts, petals and fix them instead of pins candy lollipop (the hole is done using Punch).On the petals can write greetings and wishes for recognition.Or, to express feelings of "alpha" on each petals - A-ambitious, unselfish-B, B-Right, and-perfect, F-coveted, L-favorite, M-spirited, and so forth.

  • Valentine candy. There should be plenty of Valentines.Cooking in Photoshop templates hearts desired (various colors), print, cut out.Further fastening hearts stapler on the edge, leaving a small opening.Through him fall asleep candy M & amp; M's, then "sewn up" stapler hole.If the stapler is not possible to use a sewing machine or hand sewn heart bright thread.The main thing - to choose a strong paper.The most appropriate - to print pictures.

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