New Year's premiere in 2015 in the film - 10 new films in 2015 in the New Year holidays

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27 March 2016

New in 2015 will delight us with fantastic and exciting movie.These include comedy, drama, action, adventure, and even cartoons.Rating expectedly all of the following films more than 90%.Specialists in film did so in the New Year January holidays you do not have to miss.

  • Dumb and Dumber 2

Perhaps the most anticipated comedy.On the silver screen will appear favorite actors - Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels.Note that between the first and second film took 20 years.Therefore, the motion picture is to some extent a continuation of the first part.

The plot is quite simple - Harry Dunne finds that the child has.Lloyd Christmas sent him in search of his daughter, which Dunn had no idea.The journey is going well, except for the fact that Lloyd fell in love with the daughter of his best friend.As friends decided to mock the problem, the author of the film put the answer at the end of the film.How to end a fun and funny journey, we learn in the movie on January 1st.

  • Seventh Son

Adventure and family film also made the list of film premieres in 2015.Directed by Sergei Bodrov made it.The picture tells us about a young Tom Ward, who is destined to become a Witcher.It takes lot of hard training and studying to become a smart, because the main weapon of witch - mind.

film is based on the children's novel by Joseph Delaney called "The Spook's Apprentice."It will be interesting to watch teenagers and children over 12 years.

  • Exodus: Gods and Kings

This dramatic reel of film will be released on January 1st.It tells us the story of the great prophet Moses, as well as how and who saved and liberated European nation from Egyptian captivity.

On a plot of a movie starts with the birth of the prophet.While the ruling Pharaoh of Egypt ordered to kill all newborn Jewish boys.But her mother decided to save a child - she put the child in a basket, woven from reeds and let the flow of the Nile River.Toddler found on the shore of Pharaoh's daughter.She raised the boy.Moses spent many years with the future ruler of Egypt, it was the name of his brother, but the relationship between them did not develop.Then the Prophet escaped from Egypt, but soon returned to free people from slavery in Egypt and to look into the eyes of evil and treacherous Pharaoh.

This entertaining and instructive story does not make you feel sad.

  • Three heroes: The Knight

Russian This cartoon will be interesting and funny.It will appeal not only to children but also adults.You will not notice how time flies watching films.

plot of the film is quite simple.In Kiev principality boyars plotting a conspiracy against Prince.They want to get rid of it and self-rule.Hurried to the aid of the Prince of Kiev talented thinker, counselor and assistant general Julius Caesar.He will go to help the heroes to three.Whether they will cope with the evil characters and return the throne if the present ruler, learn at the end of films.

  • Player

This film is different criminal and dramatic plot.He talks about a simple guy Jim Bennett, who plays a double life.In the afternoon, he writes books and teaches, and at night turns into an avid player who, even losing their lives.Jim stuck to their ears in a world where people live by the laws of the bandit.He wants to start a new life, but it can only help criminals and very dangerous people.

Will the main character to start again and get away from the game depending on the answer to this question will reveal the entire reel of film.If you adore the militants and confusing history, this movie is for you.

  • Interview

brilliant comedic thriller about a journalist, and a talented master by the name of Dave kept waiting for many.Wanting to put his contribution to the television program of the company, the main character decides to interview the famous dictator, Kim Jong-un.For help Dave and his friend, who is the producer of a talk show, is forced to address the CIA.They are asked to kill the North Korean leader.

Merry American story of special agents and assassins will develop the flow of films, but it is over, we will know at the end of January 2015.

  • Big eyes

This dramatic biopic and will be released January 8, 2015.It will be of interest to art lovers, as the talk about the famous artist Margaret Keane.Pictures made famous in her 50s.She portrayed children with big eyes.The works have become an example in the art.

drama of the work is manifested in the feminist views of the protagonist.Viewers will notice her waking consciousness that led to the litigation with her husband, who was trying to take away the right of the picture.

  • Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

This movie is listed in the anticipated film premieres, as a comedy and adventure.It can be viewed on a vacation with the whole family.It definitely lovers fantasy.

plot of the film - Larry works as a security guard of the museum.Because of the historic portal nightfall all the exhibits come alive, and living in a new museum realm chaos begins to happen.The main character played by Ben Stiller unique.During the film, he met with primitive people, Roosevelt, Napoleon and other significant people.What Larry will have to go to close the portal and return to their seats.Found on the film premieres January 8, 2015.

  • Paddington

For motion picture, you can go with your family.The film tells about the bear, who came from Peru.Family Brown discovered traveler to Paddington station and decides to help the bear, to teach him good manners and bring in people.So bear has found a new home in London.He is trying to become an English gentleman.

Will Paddington live in the human world?Will it be strangers?Answers to these questions will reveal the funny and adventure.

  • Unbroken

The film, based on real events, is Angelina Jolie.Military and dramatic motion picture tells the story of the famous American athlete Louis Zamperini.He participated in the 1936 Olympics and a favorite of Hitler.

Due to the outbreak of the Second World War, he had to go to the front and go through numerous tortures in captivity.