MonsterPad - the most fun and rewarding kids tablet

By Admin | Life Style
27 March 2016

MonsterPad_photo_800x800_004 Traditionally, children's art technology - a toy no matter how desirable, and just as harmful.Clumsy attempts to combine education and entertainment in a "smart" electronic toy has been going on for years.However, with the release of children from the tablet MonsterPad Russian brand Turbo can confidently say that these days are in the past.

MonsterPad completely changes the idea of ​​children's plate because its specifications can easily compete with conventional tablets for adults and non-standard design and bright delights people of all ages!High-quality IPS-screen shows juicy and crisp image, quickly responding to the touch and a powerful 4-core processor allows the operating system Android 4.4 KitKat run smoothly and confidently.


But what makes MonsterPad truly unique training device for children?Of course, branded baby shell MonsterPad with parental controls, and more than 40 full versions of programs, carefully selected children's teachers and psychologists.Educational games and applicatio

ns installed in the full version, so for games and training can begin immediately after purchasing the tablet.

MonsterPad_photo_800x800_009 MonsterPad designed for children aged 5-10 years, applications on the tablet immediately divided into sections "Games", "Education", "Books", etc.At its discretion parents can delete, add or move applications from section to section, and set the timers on the tablet.In addition, MonsterPad have the ability to create individual profiles, if the tablet are a few children, and to fill the black list of websites to protect children from inappropriate content.

All functions are free of child shell plate, do not require authorization in the online and fully accessible at the first turn on!It is also important that the child shell easily disable and enable again, so if you need to be able to work with the tablet and adults.

Individual attention colors trends.MonsterPad represented on the Russian market in unique colors "zebra" and "Leopard."