Unrequited love - how to get rid of unrequited love for the 12 steps?

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28 March 2016

Unrequited love - a dangerous feeling.Weak human spirit it can stymie and bring to suicide.Depression, constant thoughts about the object of adoration, a desire to call, write, meet, but just know that this is absolutely not a one - that is unrequited love.

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Throw away negative thoughts and listen to the advice of psychologists, if you suffer from unrequited love .

How to get rid of unrequited love - the advice of psychologists

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  • Getting rid of unrequited love for the 12 steps
  • Tips psychologists, how to survive unrequited love

Getting rid of unrequited love for the 12 steps - Instructions forfinding happiness

  • Get rid of internal conflict with himself : realize that the future of your object of adoration may be, you can never be together.
    How to get rid of unrequited love - the advice of psychologists
    Understand that your feeling is not mutual and mentally let go of a loved one.
  • Immerse yourself in study, work .Invent yourself a new hobby: dancing, cycling, yoga, courses in English, French or Chinese.Try
    to do so in the sad thoughts you just do not have time.
  • Try changing social circle. rarely possible, meet friends, which even his presence reminds you of a loved one.
  • change its image. Make a new haircut, buy some new fashion items.
  • helps address issues your loved ones and friends. can enroll as a volunteer in any charitable foundation or to help employees at an animal shelter.
  • not accumulate negative emotions and thoughts in themselves, let them come out. best remedy for the negative - it is a sport.
    How to get rid of unrequited love - the advice of psychologists
    Visit the gym and drop a whole load of their pessimistic thoughts in the gym and punching bag.
  • Tidy your inner world. need to heal a broken heart, reading the developmental literature on self-knowledge and self-improvement.It helps to look at the world in new ways, make rethink the values ​​of life and to set priorities.See also: How to get rid of negative thoughts and tune into a positive?
  • Mentally put a point on the past and start making plans for the future. Set a new goal and strive to implement them.
  • Boost your self-esteem. There are many affirmations and meditations on this topic.Do not focus on one single person that you are not appreciated.Do not forget that you - a man created by God for the joy and love.In your many positive qualities you effortlessly determine in itself, but there are disadvantages for each.Work on yourself, get rid of bad habits, improve myself.
  • Perhaps you remember the proverb "like cures like"? Do not sit at home! visit exhibitions, cinema, theater.
    How to get rid of unrequited love - the advice of psychologists
    Who knows, maybe your destiny is already very close and maybe soon you will meet the true mutual love, which does not bring misery, but the sea of ​​happy days.See also: Rating the best place to discover - where to meet my fate?
  • If you think that you can not cope on their own, then best to consult with specialists .Refer to a psychologist who individually will help solve this problem.
  • Value yourself and know that your mutual love and destiny, you will always find soon!

Tips psychologists, how to survive unrequited love and never to her not to return

Unrequited love is familiar to many.Here are some questions and receive treatment specialists and what psychologists advise :

Marina: Hello, I am 13 years old.For two years, I like a guy from my school, who is now 15 years old.I see him at school every day, but do not dare to approach.What to do?I suffer from unrequited love .

In this situation psychologists advise find this person in social networks and chat with them.From this virtual dialogue will be to understand what actions can be done in real life.

Vladimir: Help!I seem to be starting to go crazy!I love a girl that I just have to not pay any attention.I was plagued by nightmares, appetite, study completely abandoned.How to deal with unrequited love?

Psychologists recommend to do the following : imagine that looking at the situation from the future, a time span of two years.After this time, this problem will not have the slightest importance.

can make traveling in his fantasies for the future, for a few years, months in advance, and in the past.You tell yourself that this time was not very successful, but next time definitely lucky.Moving silently in time, you can discover and develop a productive attitude to the situation.

Even these negative situations will make a positive future: surviving is not very good experiences now, you will be able to better assess the components of a future life, gain experience.

Svetlana: I'm in the 10th grade, and unrequited love 17-year-old boy from 11th grade in our school.We saw him for a total of four times.Then he started dating a girl from my class, and I continued to wait, to hope and believe that soon it will be mine.But he recently broke up with his ex-girlfriend and began to provide favors to me.I should be happy, but the soul reason I was even harder than before.And if he will offer to meet me, I am likely to refuse - not going to be alternate aerodrome.But I also really want to be there with this guy.What to do, how to forget unrequited love?Do homework, I go to bed - I think about him and torturing yourself.Please give advice!

Board of Psychologist: Svetlana, if a guy whom you sympathize, could not make a step to meet you, then, take the initiative in their hands.Perhaps he is shy, or thinks that he is not your style.

Try the first to start a dialogue.Find it on social networks, and write it first.So you can set the initial contact and to find common ground in the interest and other topics.

action.Otherwise, and you will experience unrequited love.Who knows - maybe he's too in love with you?

Sofia: Getting rid of unrequited love?I love without reciprocity, and I understand that there is no prospect of hope for a shared future ahead, but there is only emotional distress and suffering.It is said that life should be thanked for giving the opportunity to love.After all, if you like, then - you live.But why it is very difficult to let go of the person and forget unrequited love?

Board of Psychologist: Unrequited love - a mirage.Man envisions image and falls in love with this ideal, not the real person, with its advantages and disadvantages.If love is unrequited, and the relationship, as such, no.Love - it's always two, and if one of them does not want to take participation in the relationship, so it's not a love relationship.

advise everyone who suffers from unrequited love, to analyze their feelings and decide what exactly attracts you to the object of adoration, and for what reasons or factors you can not be together.

What can you tell us about how to get rid of unrequited love?It is very important to know your opinion!