Symptoms of love addiction - how to get rid of the illusion of love?

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28 March 2016

Often what people usually call love, in fact it may be only a double - love addiction, which is a treacherous deception of feelings, causes a person to suffer and suffer.True love does not care dopekat does not require reciprocal feelings and engenders resentment, love good partners - both together and separately.The same false love - well together, but badly apart, and then it becomes unbearable together - and apart badly.

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So what is this illusion - a love relationship, how to get her to "clean water" and to disarm?

How to get rid of love addiction

content of the article:

  • Reasons love addiction
  • Symptoms love addiction
  • How to get rid of love addiction?

Reasons love addiction

this feeling longer subject women , because they are more emotional and can be given to the senses completely.

Statistics show that most ladies suffer from addiction, have inflexible mentality , no compromises - a kind of solid marble person.They often do not develop a love r

elationship, because they do not know how they establish.

Reasons love addiction

  • Low self
    Such people become dependent as a victim or a slave.Catering to their idol, they think nothing better world does not exist.
  • Inexperience
    Young gentle creatures first meet with this strong, but false sense.They do not know what to do but to go with the flow.They still do not realize that there are other kinds of relationships.
  • psychological disability
    two personalities often become dependent on each other, when a piece they need a partner.For example, courage and cunning of one another.Together, they - one perfect man.Then these two are like Siamese twins.They can not even think of themselves as independent of each other.
  • Lack of attention in childhood, lack of communication, indifference on the part of parents
    People got traumatized at a tender age, the rest of his life will be at risk.
  • Fear of being alone, fear of rejection
  • The personal immaturity, not the ability to make decisions
    man simply is not ready for a mature relationship.

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Symptoms love addiction - much different from love addiction?

Unlike drug and alcohol addiction, it has no clear symptoms of the disease.But despite this, diagnose false love can still .

Symptoms of love addiction

  • The main feature - it loss of self-esteem, including - jealousy.
  • loss of their interests or the complete dissolution of a partner. head busy thinking only about the subject of their adoration, who wants to constantly please, please, take care of it.From love these impulses differ in that opinion loved no one asks.For him decide that he would be better.
  • stress. succumbed depending distinguishes depression, nervousness, hysteria, even if the case argument.
  • man sees no real relation to it. He idealizes his partner, attributes to him a sense of light and transforms profitable unworthy acts.No adequate perception.It - blind love.

How to get rid of love addiction and happiness -

advice of psychologists in the fight against false love is no panacea, because every person is different.This condition makes assistance of an experienced psychologist particularly valuable in getting rid of the fake twin charms of love.

How to get rid of love addiction

to overcome addiction, you need:

  • learn to love, accept yourself , ieto raise their self-esteem.Find the joy in the world.
  • aware of their problem , because through the understanding of treatment begins.Understand that addiction is an illness - but not love.
  • Find yourself grow as a person , expand the circle of friends and interesting people to fill all the free time.Because people fall into dependence without specific interests and persistent views.
  • Do not turn off the mountain alcohol , drugs, extreme feelings - they just mask the problem.
  • get rid of everything that reminds us of the former relations.
  • not discuss grief with friends. help they are unlikely to, but aggravate the mental anguish the wrong advice and transfer your conversation in a distorted form - can.
  • maximum change. Change style, hairstyle, perhaps - to change jobs, go on vacation.
  • not seek meetings with former love.
  • Find a partner disadvantages , though it will be difficult.Let dignity will be impaired, as in the famous movie: Generous - spender, educated - boring;proud, stately - scratch-cat, complex communication, fun - not serious.

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How passes childhood, it affects the appearance of love addiction in the future. To protect your child from the scourge of life , you need:

  • sees it for what it is. love and emphasize its advantages.
  • Encourage independence , express their feelings and thoughts.
  • His example shows psychological independence. explain their demands to explain their actions and not to resort to violent methods of education.Because - this is the first suppression of human life.
  • ensure the safety of the child's environment and let him twice more than prohibit. thus stimulate his cognitive activity.
  • support the child in all endeavors , in accordance with the age and common sense.

becomes dependent on another person is the same thing, to lose yourself.It is not necessary to suffer and suffer, succumbing to false love, for real - brings only joy.

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