10 common mistakes women in the Valentine's Day - it does not spoil the party?

By Admin | Relations
29 March 2016

Almost all women wait from trendy holiday celebrating love romance, unusual gifts, "Valentine" and attention.Even those who are contemptuous snorts at the "corrupting influence of the West" and basically says only Russian Valentine's Day (Peter and Fevronia).And, as a rule, our high expectations (in combination with typical female mistakes) and have the same sum.As a result, the end of the romance, the dream crumbled, and the holiday be ruined.

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What mistakes should be avoided , Valentine's Day to remember only the positive emotions?
The most common mistakes women on Valentine

  1. no friends in this day!
    Even the party in good company - not an option.If your relationship has not yet reached the stage where you are not afraid to be alone with him, choose the place of celebration, dress, and other details according to the situation.That is to say, a romantic dinner with Him is replaced by a pleasant evening in a cafe and walk, but instead of erotic underwear - one that will not
    let you go further provisions.
    The most common mistakes women on Valentine
    ratio of men to the day of lovers rarely similar to the female expectation of romance, confessions and sweet hearts.It's more pleasant occasion - evening together.Therefore strangers to this celebration of life will definitely be superfluous.
  2. Do not expect your man to guess about your secret desires
    men can not read minds.And even that strong second half, which live side by side for many years, have to say specifically - what you want, where you can buy these "charm some earrings," and in some velvet box need to give all this beauty.
    The most common mistakes women on Valentine
    Not forgetting, of course, to make it "a bouquet of red roses", your favorite chocolates and always some small surprise.
  3. If your plans - the evening with an erotic sequel, prepare for it in advance
    So you do not have to sit in the bath and a half hours a loved one, bringing the legs to the state of perfect smoothness, blush, while he pulls you warm trousers, andmentally hysteria over an old bra, which even ashamed to go to his native cat in the kitchen.
    The most common mistakes women on Valentine
    Be fully prepared.And do not forget to ask the beloved - where he is going to lead you.Suddenly he had planned dinner at a posh restaurant, but you also will appear in jeans and trendy sneakers.Or on the contrary: He dreams of horseback riding on the snow-covered forest and you arrive at the heels and cocktail dress.
  4. Do not let your resentment of unfulfilled hopes to take the upper hand over you
    restaurant instead you bought a sausage in the dough, and led to the exhibition of modern painting?Nonsense!The main thing is that he was in this day with you.
    The most common mistakes women on Valentine
    However, you can and avoid such "surprises" if arranged in advance exactly where to spend this romantic evening, or at least to voice their preferences.
  5. Strongly should be in this day to argue, to remember old grudges and find out relations
    not spoil yourself and loved holiday.The quarrel, which happens in a holiday (especially in this), quite often the beginning of the end.
    The most common mistakes women on Valentine
    If still "terrible happened", and you are about to derail her Blessed, at the same time wanting to remember him the failed New Year spoiled summer vacation, toothpaste on the sink and slippers that do not come to your dressing gown - countup to 10 (or up to one hundred), remember how much you love him, and put a quarrel for a week.
  6. Compare lover with another man - the worst thing you can do in Valentine's Day
    It's not just about the physical / material advantages, to which suddenly "fell short" of your choice, but also about grumbling - "andKatkin her husband here this morning brought an armful of flowers and coffee in bed .... "
    The most common mistakes women on Valentine
    Do not wake the beast in your own man, do not provoke a quarrel."Accordionist plays as best he can."
  7. Do not expect a holiday of soul and body organized itself
    at least strange dream about the "very, very bottom," lentyaynichaya in a chair with a magazine.You want to party?Create it.Think about every detail, the route, dinner, tune to have fun, no matter what, and more!
    The most common mistakes women on Valentine
    course, great if your man is aware of the value of the day for you, and is preparing a surprise for you to have your head spinning with joy.But, as shown, again, practice, men Valentine's Day are very skeptical.So you and Valentine together.Read also interesting to note the Valentine's Day - the best holiday ideas.
  8. No greetings and hearts of the fans!
    Put yourself in a beloved and imagine: you have not even really do not have time to wake up, and it is already bombarded with fans and sms-kami valentines, draw hearts in the snow, left in social networks fiery recognition.
    The most common mistakes women on Valentine
    chosen not to run in the morning around the apartment like a wounded lion is better to turn off the sound of the phone, and to forget about the Internet (to answer the fan mail you can in the other day, the main thing - to do with it).
  9. jealousy and suspicion - in a suitcase and on the mezzanine
    Try to resist and not to go into the phone and e-mail lover, as if you wanted to.Firstly, you are sure at least one confession, but find.
    The most common mistakes women on Valentine
    Secondly, razduete mountains out of molehills, because, regardless of the number obtained by Valentine and "suspicious" calls his life he shares it with you.And you his - to him.And all that matters.
  10. with special care and love go to the choice of a gift (if it is included in your plans)
    course, no socks, shaving foam and trivial sets for a solid "menov."No hint of his graft instead of cubes press "solid" in the form of subscriptions to the gym and slimming belts.
    The most common mistakes women on Valentine
    Be original.Arrange a surprise for him that he will never forget.Plan a romantic dinner on the roof, a trip to a country house with a fireplace and a night on a bearskin rug under a bottle of wine, arrange a day of "extreme" (if he likes such sports entertainment), a ride on a helicopter ride over the city.If the wallet is not swelled to the optimal size, prepare for him a fantastic dinner and an unforgettable night of love for dessert, bring coffee in bed, lay flat on the tiny notes with declarations or funny poems.In general, include fantasy no circumstances may prevent you to please a loved one.Read: The 10 best gifts in Valentine's Day favorite.