Reasons for fat hair - proper care for oily hair

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31 March 2016

hair - this horny cells, similar in nature to the nails, horns and hooves of animals.This is - the dead tissue.She was not able to feel and breathe.Root - the only lively place hair.There he is born and grows from there.But, despite its simplicity, the hair are sometimes too capricious.

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One of the most frequent problems is increased greasiness of hair .

Secrets of proper care for oily hair

content of the article:

  • reasons greasy hair
  • Terms oily hair
  • choice of means to care for oily hair

reasons for fat hair - why greasy hair?

skin scalp devoid of sweat glands, but fully endowed with greasy .Their selection covers the hair oily protective film so that they do not dry out and do not break.Moisturizing hair thicker, strong, and because - long.

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happens that recently washed hair very quickly become dirty and dull.

Secrets of proper care for oily hair

Why so it turns out the reason for this feature?

  • Diseases
    If there is a place seborrhea or psoriasis, neither of which the aesthetics and beauty can not be considered.To begin to heal damaged skin.
  • Improper hygiene. you wash your hair too infrequently.Even long hair to toe should be washed at least twice a week.Otherwise, the roots will be terribly greasy.Short hair can be washed also in a day.
  • too frequent washing head
    aggressive action, even the most mild shampoo greatly degreased hair and sebaceous glands begin in the strong pace to renew it.As a result, your hair starts zhirnet faster and faster, because it increases the rate of sebum production.
  • Hormone load
    If you drink hormones, most likely, they have led to excessive secretions of glands.After completing the course of treatment fat will come back to normal.During puberty the hair get dirty faster.This is also a result of the hormones.
  • Stress, poor diet, bad habits
    Unhealthy lifestyle undermines the whole body.Impairs blood circulation and supply the body's cells with nutrients.The body through the sebaceous gland is trying to get rid of all unnecessary.Therefore, should not be abused fried, salted, smoked, is to quit smoking and limit alcohol.

Secrets of proper care for oily hair

Terms of care for oily hair - how to deal with fat hair?

  • As the theater begins with a hanger, and beauty hair begins with washing .Wash your hair with cold water is necessary.That the skin does not feel cold and freshness.Warm water stimulates the sebaceous glands to hypersecretion.
  • Hairdryer his hot air also causes the gland to work hard.
  • Frequent washing banned .Wash your head should be no more than 2 - 3 times a week.
  • Only use special cosmetics. choose shampoos for oily hair only.
  • Try to give up air conditioners and styling .They are much heavier hair.
  • Many praise the "dry wash" the head using talc .This procedure - a deception of the skin.She does not feel the usual washing, but at the same time locks are cleared.To do this, you need to rub talcum powder into the hair, carefully into the roots, and then comb it with a comb hair portion.
  • Less comb.Comb hair contaminates as fat spreads throughout.
  • Wash with soap and a comb. Because it accumulated sebum, which can start to breed pathogens.And they subsequently can lead to diseases of the scalp, including - to dandruff.
  • Massage scalp very useful for the health and growth of hair, because it improves circulation and restores the power of the bulbs.But it should be done just before washing.
  • Greasy hair is not like hypothermia. low temperature causes the sebaceous glands to work in emergency mode.Do not neglect the hats!

Secrets of proper care for oily hair

rules selection of cosmetics for the care of greasy hair

There are a few simple rules for the selection of cosmetics for hair characterized by an increased fat content:

  • If you give preference to the store and pharmacy facilities, it is worth choose cosmetics withmarked "for oily hair."
  • As prevention is recommended tar shampoo of once - two courses a year.He will save from dandruff and other skin diseases.
  • Of all the cosmetic procedures greasy hair only accept rinsing .And the best means of care are herbal teas.What herbs to choose for oily hair?Yes, almost all - nettle, burdock root, chamomile, and not only.
  • Folk medicine advises to use mustard and honey, egg and dairy products in mask for oily hair type .But the most valuable are the kefir and yogurt.
  • Rinsing with lemon juice or diluted wine vinegar give the hair, dull and quickly becoming greasy, high gloss.
  • For oily hair do not recommend the use of air conditioners, masks and creams for hair .If and to apply some of the above means that only the tips of the hair.

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Greasy hair - not a problem if you know them approach. Use the tips in this article , and your hair will delight all its gorgeous view!

And what are the secrets of caring for oily hair you know?Share your tips in the comments below!