10 of the best recipes of teeth whitening at home - how to whiten teeth at home?

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01 April 2016

Global Network overrun with good advice about home teeth whitening.Why not just offer "Professor cushion Sciences" - river sand, pumice, salt, coal, ash and other "miracle" means.Although their efficacy and safety for teeth doubt any sane person - abrasives priori not able to provide a beautiful smile, and the path to the dentist would be trampled in the shortest possible time.

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Therefore talk about really effective bleach and household methods less harmful bleaching.

Teeth whitening at home

But first - contraindications for tooth whitening.

whitening is not recommended in the following cases:

  • Pregnancy, breast.
  • childhood.
  • allergy to hydrogen peroxide, latex rubber dam.
  • Caries and its complications.
  • tooth defects - erosion / enamel cracks, etc..
  • doubtful quality seals.
  • periodontal disease, oral mucosa.
  • Treatment by an orthodontist.
  • presence of tartar.
  • Availability Skies (whitening can cause corrosion
    of metal), braces, crowns.

And now to the actual whitening method - semi-professional and national.To date (unless, of course, the dentist you go around a kilometer, and fear him more than your child - babayku in the cabinet) are known the following methods ...

Semi home teeth whitening methods

  1. Kappa
    furnished like boxing.Material - Soft plastic hypoallergenic.Capa fill special bleaching gel (comprising - hydrogen peroxide or urea), after which they should be worn for hours or overnight wear (in accordance with the sensitivity of the teeth).Acquire caps at the pharmacy, ready-made, or bought with your dentist (foundation caps will be a replica of the teeth).
    Teeth whitening at home
    first option - undesirable because gapping.The effect is quite stable, it can be observed after 2 weeks, and smokers - and even later.
    The disadvantage - irritation of the gums, tooth sensitivity to hot / cold, destruction of enamel.Better to choose a gel peroxide of no more than 3 percent.
  2. strips with bleach
    more convenient method, though not the most comfortable.These strips coated with paste gel on the teeth each day, for 30 minutes, for a week.Hold the strip longer is not recommended - the effect will not be strong, but will increase tooth sensitivity.
    Teeth whitening at home
    Among the shortcomings - interdental spaces are worse than themselves bleached teeth.
    Pros - delicate impact on seal strips / prostheses.
  3. whitening gel
    This tool is applied with a brush.After hardening, it remains on the teeth until it is completely dissolved by saliva.Whitening gel need at least 2 weeks.Before using the gel, is to study the composition - as a part of the means may be dangerous acid.
    Teeth whitening at home
    Also, be aware that the effect of bleaching will be short lived, but the structure of the tooth is not restored.Special attention - to the gels of dubious quality.
  4. Sticks
    Externally stick is a gel in the form of a lipstick or pen.Apply it with a special applicator and is removed after 5 minutes.With a touch of cigarettes and coffee stick it handles well, but this means a strong pigmentation "too tough".
    Teeth whitening at home
    sticks whitening method is best used as an extra.
  5. Tooth whitening toothpaste
    They can be divided into abrasive and chemical.Regarding abrasive their action - bleaching using components such as soda, chalk and others. That is, the paste works on the principle of sandpaper, and coarsely mechanically removing plaque.The price of such pastes is low, and the result - the destruction of enamel and other "amenities".
    Teeth whitening at home
    Action chemical pastes (higher price category) is based on a soft cleaning with components that break down and remove plaque.Enamel in this case is not damaged, but to use this instead of the usual pasta (continuing) is not recommended.

Traditional methods of teeth whitening

  1. Baking soda
    toothbrush dipped in a concentrated solution of soda, then brush your teeth it in a familiar way.You can mix baking soda with your toothpaste.More than 1 time per week to use baking soda is not recommended - will break down the enamel, gums - injured.
    Teeth whitening at home
    effect of soda is rather weak, and the consequences of frequent use - deplorable.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide
    This drug is a part of almost all bleaching gels.At home (according to folk medicine) peroxide is sufficient to rinse the teeth after brushing teeth or wipe with a swab, pre-moistened with peroxide.
    Teeth whitening at home
    After the procedure should rinse your mouth with water.
    Cons - the destruction of enamel with frequent use.Therefore, rinse the more than 1 time per week it is not necessary (to keep the mouth a few seconds).
  3. tree resin
    Its composition is present hydroxyl potassium promotes tooth whitening.Means are simply mixed with toothpaste.
    Teeth whitening at home
    abuse by all leads to the same problems - thinning enamel, etc..
  4. Fruit whitening method
    Apples cope with a touch of fine with the regular use of them (harmless and even useful way).
    Teeth whitening at home
    Strawberry thanks acids in the composition and light "abrasive", can be used not only for a holiday belly, but also to wipe berries teeth (or berry puree prepared, which, after applied to the brush).
  5. whitening citrus
    The first option - to wipe the teeth white, the inside of the orange peel.The second option - to use a mixture of dried laurel leaves and dry peel.
    Teeth whitening at home
    As the traditional medicine - the method can be applied regularly.

And finally ...

  • Drink "coloring" drink through a straw is better.
  • Plaque due to fluorosis or after antibiotic remove their own fail.
  • After home bleaching will have to change fillings, crowns, dentures, because they are not susceptible to bleaching.
  • Light yellowing to the teeth - this is normal.It occurs due to the presence of calcium, which is for the tooth enamel is a must.
  • use of any abrasives and acids on a regular basis - a direct way to "repair" of teeth.
  • Before you whiten your teeth, you should ensure that no caries, periodontal disease and other problems.
  • After whitening is not recommended to smoke and drink "dangerous" products - teeth after the procedure, becoming even more susceptible.

And, of course, do not neglect a visit to the dentist.Timely visit to the doctor not only protect against the problems, but also help in finding truly effective and harmless bleaching process.

Site Colady.ru reminds performing their own teeth whitening at home, you fully assume the entire responsibility for non-compliance procedures, as well as improper use of the components.Before performing the procedures, visit the dentist!