8 Rules beautiful gait, video - how to make a beautiful and easy gait?

By Admin | Beauty
01 April 2016

Beautiful female gait - the same skill that decorates any and young women.It is totally free and useful way to attract admiring looks male, which does not require natural abilities or talents.

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Just follow the simple rules and take regular exercise for beautiful gait .

How to make a beautiful and easy gait

Video tutorial: Beautiful gait

  1. Correct posture
    Sad hunched posture, lowered the furnace and pull forward the head does not attract people.After all, they represent the tired man loaded the affairs and problems.And the thing in the wrong posture, correct that at first not difficult.
    • Just straighten your chest, lift the chin and pull your stomach.
    • legs should be parallel to each other.
    • Keep the buttock and thigh muscles were in good shape, that is,slightly tense.

    That such a situation and observe while walking.

  2. Direct stop for a beautiful gait
    At each step and heel and the toe should be on one line.In no case do not dep
    loy a sock inside, except that slightly outward.During the first movement of the heel is placed on the ground, and only then the body weight transferred through the middle portion of the foot on the toe and is repelled from the surface for the next step.
  3. Harmony foot and body
    you noticed beautiful women with a strange gait?It seems that their body is ahead of the legs!Of course, this gait is hardly elegant and feminine.
    How to make a beautiful and easy gait
    not repeat this mistake - first stop should go, and then the body, and have to carry the weight gradually.
  4. Optimal step
    not the seed, but not too wide straddle.The foot on the leg, "eight" - step model, which looks nice except on the podium.The distance between the legs for your right pitch equal to the length of the foot in a normal state.
  5. Hands
    not wave the arms, but do not keep them in your pocket.The hands should move freely to the beat of the steps and their respective length.
  6. head
    should have direct provision did not swing.The chin should not give, but we should not turn up too high.
    How to make a beautiful and easy gait
    Experiment as beautiful to walk in front of a mirror.
  7. Exercises for the back
    repeat them several times a day, and the desired result will not be long in coming.
    • lying on the floor with divorced hands on the sides, lift the upper and lower part of the body for 5 seconds, gradually increasing the range of motion.
    • Sitting on a chair, to get his hands behind his back to the castle and stood at 9 seconds.
    • Lying on his stomach with his arms outstretched along the torso to lift and lower your upper body for 5 seconds.
    • Turning on his back, lifting, not raising his arms and legs.Caved in, hold your breath and then relax again.
    • Lying on his back, knees bent, arch your lower back upstairs.Lean on your hands and head and stand in this position a few seconds.
    • Try a simple exercise "toe-heel."Just go on the spot, rolling the foot from heel to toe.
    • Rope to help you.It will disperse the blood, getting rid of congestion and varicose veins start.After a couple of workouts you will feel the lightness in the feet, even at long walking.
  8. quality shoes
    Do not wear high heels, if it spoils your mood and removes the smile from his face.
    How to make a beautiful and easy gait
    After attractive energetic girl is not compatible with haggard face and tired gait!

And what are the secrets of a beautiful gait you know?Please leave a comment below!