How to live and get along with energy vampire, if it - your husband

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29 March 2016

Officially, the term "energy vampire", of course, does not exist.No doctor would not write such a diagnosis, the psychologist, eyes narrowed, would call to her on the sofa voice caring psychiatrist and scientist wrinkled his nose and otmahnetsya - No, they say, so that's an intangible energy, and that's it.In spite of everything, energy vampires for many - not just a myth, but it is the harsh reality.Especially if this vampire - his own spouse.

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As suspected vampire husband, and most importantly - what to do then?
What if the husband - an energy vampire

content of the article:

  • How to calculate the energy vampire husband?
  • What if the husband - an energy vampire?

How to calculate the energy vampire husband behave like energy vampires?

Husbands vampires (and vampire wife), without a twinge of conscience energize their halves - not "sick imagination".The main thing - to clearly understand that this is vampirism , and nothing else.

It's not about when once bit her energy spouse husband was

immediately defined in the energy enemies.And is not that a hypothetical He shamelessly sucks its energy through a straw, enjoying their "gift."We're talking about people that live with us and do not realize that they are vampires .
What if the husband - an energy vampire
So how his vampire calculated?

Signs Energy Vampire

  • Vampire do not feed bread - let alone someone else's energy nalopatsya .That is, to provoke negative emotions.How does a vampire-husband?Intentionally angry spouse hurts, puts it in a position where the negative emotions, hurt and tears are inevitable.He loves her.And she did, by the way, too.Consoling myself - "he is a parasite, but my favorite."And explain yourself this vampirism his setbacks at work, nedolyublennosti a child, etc..
  • vampire husband loves places with large concentrations of people .It is like unto a fish in water feels himself in a crowded bus in rush hour, and only "potrollit" on the Internet - all natural process.How to drink some water and go for lunch.
  • vampire husband regularly complains , that his life consists not so much that the chief had not one colleague - hypocrites and scoundrels, health awry, and so on. In fact, as a rule, is not so bad and all(and, in general, even very good), but the whining and complaining on your life - is the essence of the vampire side.He complains, you sympathize (or angry - that is also nice) - Energy dessert chat during dinner ready.However, he did not even listen to you and your nagging stubbornly zanudliv, he needs only to lose to you my frustration and cherpnut your reaction.
  • key (physical) sign of vampirism husband - your condition after his energy attacks .If you begin headaches, and you feel like minced lemon - that's for sure vampirism.
  • Spouse vampire always call you when you finally got a break with a book and a cup of coffee, just got up and went to sleep under the shower.And a couple of words you certainly will not get off.You must be uncomfortable and always ashamed - because you are busy they do not.
  • Spouse vampire, as a rule, does not get along with cats , machinery when it is constantly faltering, and the flowers are dying.
  • If the spouse vampire something you promised, you'll have to wait a week or a month , while he would keep his word.Because you suffer, but he is well.
  • Male vampire is always turned bloody thriller (loud music, drill) on all cylinders when you're trying to focus on the important business.It will also tap slippers on the floor, the handle on the table, sniffing, etc..
  • Male vampire necessarily retell you all the news about disasters and killings, their nightmares, horror story and so on. Of course the details and revelingyour ants and WinCE.
  • vampire is virtually no borders and frames .He will openly criticize, condemn and blaspheme, regardless of subordination and decency.And the more people present at the "flogging", the better - should be a public humiliation.
  • Male vampire - a jealous and vindictive, selfish and suspicious .Loved the "donor" He is likely to try to shield from the outside world.See also: Reasons for a man jealous woman.
  • for husband vampire important that his wife was afraid .

If all or most of these symptoms you find with your husband, then ... wonder why you still have not gone mad ...
What if the husband - an energy vampire
Speaking seriously, it is hardly the whole set of these symptoms can be found in one person -it's a nightmare that will not be able to withstand no normal woman.But if you still partially matching features found her husband's behavior, the most important thing - understand that this is vampirism , but not tired from work, and other troubles.

How to tell?

very simple:

  • If your behavior is perfectly (by the way, there is no perfect wives), and its stubborn persistence vampirism is different, it's time to change something.
  • If he twice shy quarreling , once gone, slamming the door (but taking the garbage), and even through the night once you poured out soul, complaining about their troubles, in his vampires burn completely unnecessary.On the contrary - it is necessary "to love, to feed and never hurt."

What if the husband - an energy vampire, how to live with an energy vampire?

very important to understand - informed before you a vampire or not .

95 percent of people unknowingly vampires!In this case, to change the situation for the better - matter of time and your perseverance .
What if the husband - an energy vampire
But conscious vampire - it's a real parasite , from which easier to leave than to change it.About them we will not say, it is meaningless.

What to do, what to remember how to behave, if your husband - a vampire?

Do not rush to shoot, read and memorize:

  • Analyze the scheme of his vampire unconscious actions. likely energososuschaya his tactics - one and the same, unchanged.Hence, the fight against it will be easier.
  • your emotions - his bread.What do you unbalanced, the more vulnerable.Learn how not to respond with emotion.Even more - do not learn to react emotionally negative.Of course, "Starved," he will provoke you to anger, pity, fear, and so on. Your task - not to give him that opportunity.
  • How to become an Iron Lady? closes all areas with the leak of energy and supply additional power.The first - is more important.All that takes you out of yourself - your energy "black holes".Lata them without sparing himself.Constantly complaining about life?Defiantly engaged at this moment other things, peresprashivaya - "do what you say, dear?".It provokes you to the scandal - exit to another room, distracting and return when calm down.Think of meditation, relaxation, and any other means of "self-preservation of the nervous system."
  • How finish with the "patch", begin the search for "battery." batteries at everyone: someone recharged from comedies, someone from the pool, someone throwing darts, etc.
  • Keep track of all the action, causing discomfort. Talk with her husband, explain to him that you do not like (in the form of dialogue, loving wife with her beloved husband).Did not help?Be wise and cunning - learn to change the situation for themselves.Simply change the very cause of your discomfort than to fight it.
  • watch your diet. Yes, yes, the real energy comes to us from food, water and air.Therefore, you need to eat right, drink as the doctor ordered, spend more time outdoors.Hunger, fatigue, exhaustion will drain you before you "to come on the warpath."See also: How to organize a proper diet for health and beauty?
  • Read books on meditation. Whatever it may seem absurd - it works.Like yoga.Ability to concentrate on and off by external stimuli - a great power.

course, difficult to live with a vampire. But much depends on you. Especially when it's your home, and only beloved Vampirchiki.

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