The crises of family relations: why and when there are crises in the relationship of the spouses?

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30 March 2016

Whatever nor was the ideal family, sooner or later there comes a time when the couple a new start to look on life and on itself, and on the partner.This is the natural path of development that takes place in every area of ​​our lives and family relationships - is no exception.

Sociological studies reveal several stages in the development of the family institution, and as a rule, transition from one stage of development to another accompanies the crisis of family relations.
The crises of family relationships - periods

content of the article:

  • causes of crises relations
  • crisis in relations - periods

causes of crises in the family relationships - why a crisis in relations between the spouses?

Traditionally, the crisis in relations triggered by domestic difficulties, but there are many other reasons , could affect the family relationships at any stage of its development.
The crises of family relationships
example, a family crisis may provoke:

  • personal psychological (usually age) crisis is one of the spouses. reassessment of his life, and during the mi
    d-life crisis - dissatisfaction with their own lives, can lead to a decision to change everything, including family life.
  • Childbirth - an event that significantly changes the way of life of the family.Changes may provoke a crisis, and lack of readiness of one of the family members to the role of parent - divorce.
  • Important moments in the life of a child - school enrollment, transition age, the beginning of an independent life outside the family home.This applies particularly to families with only one child.
  • provoke a crisis in relations may any changes - both the positive side and the negative: change in the financial situation of the family, problems at work or with the family, the birth of disabled children, moving - in another city, andin another country, etc.

relations crisis - during periods when there is a crisis in relations between the spouses

The crisis, according to statistics, more likely to occur during certain periods of the marriage.In psychology, isolated some dangerous stages of family life .
Crises are times of family relationships
So, relations crisis may occur:

  • After the first year of marriage .According to statistics, during this period more than half of young families splits.The reason is simple - a joint life that is very different from that draws the imagination.Moreover, the romantic love relationship is gradually replaced by household stuff, which require changes in the habits of the spouses, the new distribution of household responsibilities, etc.
  • third to fifth year of marriage. During this period, most often there is a child in the family, in addition, the couple busy career and the decision of very important issues related to the acquisition of their own homes.Employment own problems can cause not only a misunderstanding, but the alienation of spouses.In addition, during this period, the couple comes the psychological fatigue from each other.
  • seventh-ninth year of marriage - the next time when a crisis in the relationship.It is associated primarily with the addiction of spouses to each other and to the role of parents.Generally, the stability of marriage, settled situation at work and established career - all good - but often it is a disappointment, desire for new, fresh experience.Just to provoke a crisis in relations can the new social role of the child - it becomes a kind of schoolboy and pass the exam.The child - a copy of his family and his relationships with peers and elders often sensitive to parents.The failure or failure of the child the couple tend to blame each other, and even most of the baby.
  • sixteen to twenty years of marriage. If a couple are still together, they settled life, stability in all areas can not only lead to a cooling in relations, but also to the crisis in the family.Typically, in this period the couple reach the age of forty, which psychologists call dangerous.Midlife crisis - another cause of the crisis in the family relationship.
  • foreign psychologists allocate another dangerous period in family life - when grown children begin an independent life , separately from their parents.Spouses lose the main common cause - the child and must re-learn how to live together.Especially hard for women during this period.Her role as a mother is no longer relevant and it needs to find himself in the professional sphere.For Russia, this period is most often not a crisis, since children for various reasons, are often left to live with their parents, and parents themselves, even if they live separately, are actively involved in the life of a young family, helping to raise grandchildren.

These dangerous times in one time or another marriage passes any family .Unfortunately, not all spouses safely overcome the difficulties in the relationship.

However, if you really value your family, your relationships, even in the most critical moments of married life you can find the strength to change the situation , accept the fact that you and your spouse changedand try to make life brighter and more varied, which became so familiar.