10 best cosmetics for body care in 2014 - some cosmetics for the body you choose?

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01 April 2016

want to buy cosmetics for the body, but do not know on what to choose?And we have already done for you a brief overview of the top 10 funds, according to the Russians.As a result, this list were creams, oils and foams various brands.

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  1. oil bath NSP produced from natural raw materials, from which have fragrant rosemary, healing eucalyptus, as well as the Australian peanut, orange and clove oil.
    The best cosmetics for body care 2014
    After application marked a significant moisturizing effect and elasticity of the skin and the whole body like a loaded vigor, young and easy.2-3 drops - and how much pleasure!
  2. Nourishing Body Cream Skin Watchers Green Snail EGF Cream - suitable for combination skin that need frequent wetting.Ideal for spring, autumn and winter, not very suitable for the summer heat.
    The best cosmetics for body care 2014
    After this cream skin looks smooth, velvety and tender.If there is peeling or sores, they heal quickly.The texture of this tool easily and quickly abs
    orbed.It is suitable for epidermal care of withering or aging skin.
  3. Body Lotion Yves Rocher - a welcome means of body care products for girls who love delicious flavors.
    The best cosmetics for body care 2014
    Besides persistent smell of vanilla and coconut, it is quickly absorbed texture which does not stain clothes.
  4. Body Milk Korres - a bright scent of jasmine with a light sweet flavor.The cream is absorbed instantly and perfectly mattes the skin due to powdery texture.
    The best cosmetics for body care 2014
    Apply better after a shower, while the fragrance persistent trail accompanies all day, and the skin looks soft and velvety.
  5. lime bath foam Courage - the best means for the body of this series.
    Lime bath foam Courage
    Good foams, economically spent, cleanses and tones the skin.
  6. Bubble Bath Faberlic Cappuccino coffee lovers with its unusual odor and air foam.Do not forget that means a two-phase, so it should be shaken before use to mix the layers.
    Bubble Bath Faberlic Cappuccino
    After a fragrant bath and moistened skin looks clean, and the touch - soft and smooth.
  7. Body Lotion Mango Sephora - suitable for hot summer thanks to the consistency of a light, which does not leave a greasy film on the body.
    Body Lotion Mango Sephora
    convenient combination package with dispenser and exotic fragrance Mango won the hearts of many Russians.
  8. Moisturizing Body Cream Cleo Yogurt - the best remedy for the body, which revives even the driest skin.The main component - shea butter, which is actively nourishes and regenerates the skin.
    The best cosmetics for body care 2014
    light fruity aroma and a weightless texture makes this cream the best cosmetics for the body.Skin before our eyes becomes smooth and soft.
  9. Massage Oil Yves Rocher - universal cosmetic product for the body, which can be used for massage or just after a shower.
    Massage oil Yves Rocher
    Natural composition moisturizes the skin and does not cause allergies.
  10. Moisturizing Lotion GARNIER has a nice unobtrusive flavor and excellent texture for quick absorption.
    The best cosmetics for body care 2014
    No trace, no sense of "second skin."Suitable for dry and sensitive skin.Apply best steamed on cleansed skin, for example, after a shower.

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And what means of body care are best for you?Tell us in the comments below!