What if her husband lying on the couch and did not think to help - instruction for wives

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30 March 2016

comes home from work - and immediately to the beloved four-legged friend.And as the night dragged along at the TV until it's time for bed.Even dinner sometimes bring it back - to the couch.And so every day.What did I - do not get tired after work?

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This story can be heard from many women - almost "Divan pandemic" of our time. What to do with the "sofa" husband , and you need to know about the roots of this problem?
What if her husband lying on the couch and does not help

«Darling, you had lunch today?", "Do not forget to wear a scarf," "Pryanichkov tea you want?", "Who will bring a clean towel" and so forth. For some reason, some time later, the woman forgets,that with her cute boy does not live, but quite a grown man .Which (wow!), He is able to take a towel, stir the sugar in a cup, eat and find a panel from the TV in the room.

After all, he did all this yourself sometime? how!And do not die of hunger.And not overgrown with cobwebs.Even the buttons are always in place.And today, if you are after

work elektrovenik nosites housework (lessons, dinner, laundry, etc.), And he gives you a couch valuable guidance.

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Who is to blame?The answer is obvious .
What if her husband lying on the couch and does not help

  • you own hands "blind" from the men divannogo resident .Stop doing it for the husband "work".There is no need to wake him in the morning for 20 minutes, interested - whether he reached there and acted evening prunes.Let your husband to be independent.
  • As a rule, a woman realizes - "something wrong" when she has a chronic fatigue, lack of sleep and constant depression. Up to this point it is easy to imagine dragging a cart worries, not thinking about the injustice.And, of course, naively believing that the spouse will appreciate its victims.Alas.Not Rated.And not because he is - is such a parasite, but because for him it is the norm.
  • «It is nothing without me can not - even the potatoes to cook!".You are mistaken. He just did not know how convenient. Do you really think that a man who is able to professionally solve business problems, perform complex calculations quickly and understand the most complex technology, can not wash the dishes, cook hot dogs or throw the laundry in the washing machine?
  • «If I do not jump around him, he goes to that which is» .Another folly.Men do not love a piece of work washing dishes and even cakes for tea every night.Just when you are at the very beginning, we have missed this important point: not to release him from the need to homework, and bisect "joy / sorrow."Then he would help you now out of habit without even thinking - and whether it is male affair.
  • «After his help I have to redo all of it» .So what?Moscow was not built!Your child, first wash the blue shirt with white socks, did not know that things can be painted white.Today, it erases its own, because the learned.Let the husband and the opportunity to learn.You, too, will not be a professional to hang a shelf in the kitchen for the first time using the drill.
  • Want to help your favorite? Make it like this. not yell from the kitchen - "When you have snakes, podymeshsya with this sofa and mend tap!" And the tender request.And do not forget to praise him for his work, because he had "golden hands" and in general "there is no better man in the whole world."Even if you are a little disingenuous, her husband would still be nice to help with cleaning the potatoes tender little wife, able to appreciate his help than shrew that he rides on the ears from morning till evening.
  • Do not take on too much. you are not a horse.Even if you are able to drag the baggage worries for himself another twenty years, pretend weak and helpless.Weak woman a man wants to take care of, a strong woman will not have such a desire.Because she herself cope.No need to drive the nail itself - call me husband.It is not necessary to tighten the nut on the dripping faucet - this is also his work.And if you have to combine dinner and the lessons with their children, then you may well have the right to divide the duties with her husband - are you doing with the children learned, and I cook, or vice versa.
  • not need to take his help, like manna from heaven, falling at his feet and kiss the footprints in the sand.But thank, of course, necessary.
  • not make and do not force. Just stop washing windows, be late to dinner, forget about washing shirts and so on. Let alone understand that you are not a robot, and a man whose only two hands, and then - the weak.
  • If all else fails, the spouse continues to lie on the couch and did not help you going, then think - and whether you need really a husband?

What if her husband lying on the couch and does not help

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What do you take if your husband is lying on the couch and did not help?Tell us your opinion!