7 ways to get rid of the yellow and whiten nails at home

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01 April 2016

Lately you find yourself yellow fingernails and looking for ways to get rid of yellow nails?Take the time to use lacquer to paint an unpleasant color.In some cases, yellowing on nails can "tell" of serious diseases, so you must first find the cause of the yellowing nails.

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If you are healthy, yellowish nails on the hands or feet to help cope popular home whitening methods nails.

7 ways to get rid of yellow nails and bleach them

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  • Why yellowed fingernails?
  • 7 ways to get rid of yellow nails

yellowed fingernails: causes yellow nails - when to see a doctor?

addition to external factors (the use of dubious quality varnish, household chemicals, etc.) affecting the condition and color of the nails, yellowed fingernails may be result of internal diseases human body.

7 ways to get rid of yellow nails and bleach them

If fingernails yellowed, perhaps, in the body there:

  • problems with the liver, lungs or kidneys;
  • disruption of the endocrine (hormone), cardio - vascul
    ar system;
  • problems with metabolism, caused by lack of vitamins and minerals.

smoking, prolonged medication, nail fungus - also causes yellow fingernails.

In addition, there is a rare disease called « yellow nail syndrome ».The first sign of the disease is the color modification nail to yellow, then formed lymph edema in various parts of the body.When the disease is almost completely stop growing nails.Yellow nail syndrome is treated in a state of neglect for a long time.

7 ways to get rid of yellow nails and bleach them

Yellow nails - it is just the "tip of the iceberg" - a small part of some big problems.And if you do not pay attention to this "first bell", then followed by yellowing nail it comes thickening and reshaping .Then nail will delaminate , which subsequently lead to complete destruction of the nail plate.

To make sure that the internal organs all right , or confirm their suspicions about the alleged illness, you need to:

  • pass fluorography;
  • deliver complete blood count;
  • visit endocrinologist.

7 effective ways to get rid of yellow nails and whiten nails at home

Making sure that the yellow nails are not the result of serious illness and your health is good, you can remove the yellowing of nails using a home bleaching .

But first:

  • change to other detergents or using them wear gloves;
  • quit smoking (at least for a short time) and see how changes not only the color of the nail and skin in general;
  • temporarily eliminate nail polishes.

Then, for the early recovery of active and healthy nail colors, you can use popular methods of whitening nails.

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Home Remedies yellow nails:

  • Rubbing nails with lemon juice
    most popular, proven and effective method.As part of lemon juice a lot of vitamins and minerals.

    7 ways to get rid of yellow nails and bleach them
    Daily wiping (3-4 times a day), nail plate of lemon juice will help to get rid of yellow nails and saturate them useful substances.

  • decoction of chamomile
    As is known, chamomile is a good antiseptic.Baths of decoction of chamomile flowers, which contain essential oils and vitamins, will your nails yellow in a normal natural state.
    7 ways to get rid of yellow nails and bleach them
    What you need to brew chamomile infusion: a couple of tablespoons of flowers pour boiling water (250ml), infuse for half an hour.Then diluted with water (0.5 liters) in the resulting broth and hold hands for 20 minutes.
  • Salt baths
    Baths with sea salt and the addition of various essential oils (tea tree, bergamot, sandalwood, eucalyptus) in addition to the bleaching return nails lost fortress.
    7 ways to get rid of yellow nails and bleach them
  • Mask Nail
    To whiten your nails at home with the help of masks required: grapefruit seed extract (available from pharmacies), olive or sunflower oil.
    7 ways to get rid of yellow nails and bleach them
    in one tablespoon of oil to add five drops of grapefruit seed extract.The resulting composition of the smear nails about 3-4 times a day.
  • Pasta
    Remove yellowing polish possible with 2 tablespoons of baking soda mixed with one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide.It should get a result pasty mixture, which should be applied to the nails and withstand about five minutes.
    7 ways to get rid of yellow nails and bleach them
    It - efficient, but not particularly gentle way.Therefore, it must be applied very rarely in special cases when an urgent need to remove the yellowing of nails - a long time for masks and bath absolutely not.
  • Berries
    cranberry, red, black currant, in the chemical composition of which include pectin, organic acids and vitamins that have a disinfecting and bleaching effect.A great advantage of these berries is that the berries that have been frozen, do not lose their properties after defrosting.
    7 ways to get rid of yellow nails and bleach them
    Fresh or thawed berries mash with a fork until smooth and apply slurry on the nails.Soak the crushed berries polish 5-7 minutes and then rinse with water.
  • Whitening Serum
    If you do not want to bother with the preparation of a variety of masks, pastes and concoctions, you can simply buy whitening serum, ready whitening mask, special pencils or bleaching pills that contain citric acid, extracts of chamomile and rosemary and promotes recoverynatural color of the nails.
    7 ways to get rid of yellow nails and bleach them
    market offers a fairly large variety of drugs and whitening of nails, but it is best to buy them in pharmacies or stores specializing in cosmetics.

poor condition of nails - a signal that tells you the status of the body , a warning that something is wrong.

Therefore, before the mask yellow fingernails external effects, you need to heal the body from within: saturate the vitamins and minerals .

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For this to include in your diet cottage cheese, milk, cheese - calcium-rich ;cabbage, liver, green vegetables, egg yolk - containing iron, silicon, vitamins A and B, sulfur .

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