Economy New year - how to make holiday entertaining and inexpensive in for a purse?

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28 March 2016

According to studies, the average Russian spends the New Year celebrations 8000-20000 rubles.Of course, I want to meet this holiday with dignity, a rich dinner table, to please all the nice presents.But in light of the rapid rise in prices last year and practically have to pay the majority tighten their belts and look for ways to economical celebrating the new year.

But is it a reason to be upset?After the New Year - celebration of joy and hope for the best , instead of overeating and expensive gifts.Therefore meet the holiday fun and extremely positive , facilitating purse wisely.
Eco New Year 2014

  • together a plan for future expenses
    That is, we determine the optimum amount for the new year with the - that a couple of weeks after the holiday you need to make a living.The spending plan includes a table (food / drinks), decoration, gifts and so on. Do not forget to take into account the utility bills, loans and other urgent needs (with debts can not meet the new year).To not get that whole room filled up
    with gifts, and tuition fees or apartment means left.Lists of all the necessary components in advance - one compulsory purchase of the second - "if left free money."
  • compare prices in stores
    not fly into the first mega-hyper-market and buy up everything in a row, and choose those stores where you can buy (such as gifts) cheaper.
  • advance purchase products with a long shelf life
    Alcohol, sweets, canned food - all these can be bought at the beginning of December.Cost of products and alcoholic beverages before the holidays significantly increases, so do not wait for the last days before the new year.
  • make their own gift packaging
    Boxes, Gift red socks, original packages and postcards more interesting and cheaper to do at home with their own hands.If fantasy is not enough - you can always look online and find the closest you the option (no shortage of them).And as buttons, ribbons, paper - in every house there.
  • Do yourself Christmas decorations
    Samples can also be found on the Internet.These ornaments are much more interesting primitive plastic balls, and children will be a joy to create, together with his mother "firm" herringbone.
  • Speaking of herringbone
    Instead of living, buy a little artificial and spruce branches for fragrance.Or, again, with their own hands, creating many small creative firs - suspended, wall, shelves and so on. Depending on the imagination and available materials - knitted, paper, garlands and sweets, pugovichek, magazines, drape, etc.See also: How to make new alternative Ń‘lkuna 2014 Horses with their hands.
  • outfits and decorations
    limited to only the most necessary.Do not leave the store entire salary on a heap of festive dresses, blouses and shoes.Just one dress and one pair of shoes (if available).If finances do not just sing songs and roar loudly, the outfit can be selected from what is in the closet, as well as new things to buy accessories to the selected image.Do not rule out the sale of - the holiday season, they are in many stores.
  • decorate the house
    Of course, no holiday and New Year decoration - not a holiday.But this does not necessarily spend big money for exclusive garlands, wreaths and so. Old suitcase with decorations pull out from the mezzanine, update the tablecloth, curtains decorate, add candles, creating original compositions of twigs and Christmas decorations (and fruit) - everything!The mood is guaranteed.See also: Fresh ideas to decorate the house for the New 2014 Horses.
  • go to visit on New Year's
    Do you want to save the full program - you can go to visit friends, buy last minute for New Year's weekend, or go with a bottle of champagne, sweets and glasses in the city center - there definitely will not be bored.
  • Festive table
    Count - how many visitors can descend.Ring up, make sure that all will come.Then proceed to the menu and the list of products subject preferences of each guest.Cheaper to buy food and drinks on the basis of the product.If you plan to meet in a friendly warm holiday company, the total "product" the amount it would be appropriate to share at all.Fricassee of rabbit in wine sauce, Cornish crab and diamond caviar substitute meals "affordable."Even with a small amount on the hands can be surprise guests - include the Internet and fantasy.Especially since the Blue Horse - not a special fan of frills.The hostess of the year - lowly animal.See also: How to decorate a New Year's table and serve in 2014?
  • Gifts
    Whatever would become a fairy godmother for their loved ones and friends - all dreams do not earn.So again, we use God's gift - talent, putting his golden hands to create masterpieces of Hand Made.For example, handmade greeting cards, set of knitted hat / scarf, Brownie burlap, pattern, trendy collar-Richelieu, painted box, a gingerbread house and so on. Make yourself a gift, make out nicely, there too - a couple of chocolate and mandarin.Close people will be much more pleasant to receive from you a thing created by hand for them than a new set of pans or set of clothes bought in the subway.

Eco New Year 2014
Well, a few tips for the New Year's economy :

  • not take it with you to the store plastic card - be sure to remove the cash.And take them with as much - that was enough for the products (gifts) on your list.
  • In no case do not take credit for gifts .Even if all very well want to bestow on all cylinders and have fun.
  • compare prices on gifts with real prices .On the Internet the same thing often you can buy much cheaper.And sales in shops before the holidays - a fairly common phenomenon.
  • Instead trendy gadgets Give your child a good board game .In order for thought, and great entertainment for the whole family, and for the development of sharpness / care.
  • Discard the holiday meeting in a cafe - get cheaper home anyway (even products will remain for a few days).
  • not order Santa Claus on the house for the money - ask about the friendly service of a relative or friend.Letter from Santa Claus, too, can be done independently (printed, put in an envelope and a "bring-mail").As the parcel.Meaning to spend "real" gift from Santa chief country 1-2 thousand rubles, and then wait for 3-4 weeks when you can buy this gift, put in the mail box and signing "Out of the Great Ustyug" bring home.
  • Prepared salads go around a kilometer away. Firstly, it is a multiple more expensive than cooking at home, and secondly, the risk to celebrate the hospital.Everyone knows that the New Year shopping all try to sell obsolete stockpiles.Therefore, as it can be, this salad is better not even know.This also applies to cuts (cheese / sausage), sweet well of very low price and so on.
  • Encountering a holiday two or three, do not cook, as a whole company .

Eco New Year 2014
And most importantly - do not skimp on the health of their children, security, insurance while traveling .Savings should be, above all, the right!