10 of the most effective means for hair 2014 - reviews of the best remedies for hair care

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02 April 2016

can argue a remedy for hair is better, so we made an objective rating of hair cosmetics in popularity and positive reviews of Russian women.

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Best Hair 2014

  1. hair products №1 from GOT2B - «powder" for the volume
    magic formula of this powder styling gives the hair near the roots of the huge volume and smooth hair structure for a couple of seconds!And without unpleasant aggravation!
    Best Hair 2014 Enough to pour a little powder in the palms and gently rub it.After this powder will disappear if your hands are not becoming visible.Here then apply it on dry roots to achieve incredible volume.
  2. agent for hair care from «DNC» - Growth Activator for dry and normal hair
    As part of this effective drug is not nothing but a burdock - a well-known stimulator of growth and castor - a natural emollient for the scalp and recreationhair roots.This
    news does not end components - oil mixture supplemented with vitamin A against dryness and vitamin B - against hair loss.
    Best Hair 2014 This means hair, in the opinion of customers, non-addictive, dandruff, improves the quality of hair and really contributes to more rapid growth.
    Cost - 65 rubles.
  3. Hair Mask «Sauna & amp;Spa »for strengthening and growth of hair Natura Siberica
    As expected from this brand - the organic composition of the oil of burdock, chamomile, lemongrass Far East and Arctic wormwood.Oil heals the broken ends and dry shine and protect the other components from the environment and fed vitamin-enriched ingredients.For people with dandruff Chamomile has been used, which prevents dryness and softens the existing peeling.
    Best Hair 2014 use means convenient - just apply it after washing your hair for 15 minutes and rinse it off as a normal air conditioner.During absorption can alter a lot of things - a manicure, remove hair from the body, or just porelaksirovat bath.
  4. Seborin - Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for daily use
    came from the gym, hiking, went on a business trip - washed down.People with an energetic way of life there is the same problem - the frequent washing of the head, and as a consequence - the emergence of dandruff.
    Best Hair 2014
    This shampoo not only designed for frequent use, but also cures dandruff.Active formula removes itching, softens the skin and gradually eliminates dandruff.
    cost - 205 rubles.
  5. conditioner for oily hair with Chinese lemongrass and calendula from Green Mama
    The well-known problem - the rapid contamination of the hair after the air conditioner.Especially if the hair is initially inclined to fat content.So make a decision - a special air-conditioning - a balm for greasy hair type.
    Best Hair 2014 main components - calendula, which regulates the sebaceous glands and lemongrass, which nourishes hair with essential vitamins.As a result, the hair looks brighter, healthier and livelier.Hairstyle more fresh and lush.
    cost - 164 rubles.
  6. Pro-V «Expert Age Defy» for thickening hair from Pantene
    patented formula designed for any problem hair: thin, dry, broken, split, pushing, dull and unruly.
    Best Hair 2014 For a couple of applications, it eliminates all the problems, and use it simply: Apply on hair and rinse.
    cost - 855 rubles.
  7. Frizz-Ease for the effect of light curls and ringlets of John Frieda
    couple of clicks - and the hair is light, silky, elastic, with flirty curls.And there is no feeling of dryness, heaviness or sklennosti.In contrast, magnesium imparts hair strength and low fat composition prevents hair greasiness.
    Best Hair 2014
    way, the agent is a thermal protector, so that it can be used to heat styling.
    cost -467 rubles.
  8. Mask "Care in the salon" for a safe hair straightening from Kerasys
    Something like air conditioning, but 3 times more efficient.System restore hair re-educates even rowdy curls, and they become smooth and accommodating.
    Best Hair 2014
    moringa proteins stimulate the natural renewal of the structure.Natural Keratin improves regeneration.Amino acid complex do hair pleasant to touch.
    cost - 341 rubles.
  9. restorer hair structure of the cross section of the DNC
    Persistent lack of sleep, stress and poor diet has led the appearance of split ends.And if you can deal with the causes, lifestyle changes, the consequences should be cleaned with the help of this tool.
    Best Hair 2014
    It penetrates deep into the hair and is valid for a couple of days.During this time, it nourishes, protects and supports the recovery process of the hair.The tool is very effective, but do not forget to apply it correctly - at first a little warm-up, then rub into the hair after 20 minutes.rinse shampoo.
    cost - 137 rubles.
  10. Lotion for oily hair with yarrow and wild roses from Green Mama
    His floral composition is brilliant: horsetail, oak bark, calendula and yarrow.They normalize the sebaceous glands due to tannins in their composition.
    Best Hair 2014
    In turn, the dog rose nourishes hair with vitamins, carotene, trace elements and organic acids.
    This lotion can be used throughout the day to refresh your hairstyle.It improves the quality of hair, and does not cause allergies.
    cost - 128 rubles.

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And what hair products in 2014 made it a favorite for you?It is very important to know your opinion!