New Year in the sauna or bath, or New Year's light steam!

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29 March 2016

Outside the window - snow on the roads - ice, and you decide - that enough is enough!After all, not far from your home is a comfortable oasis of warmth and comfort - sauna.So why not celebrate the New Year in the bath, passing the ice-covered ground, the wind and the cold?In addition, you can be sure that such a holiday like everyone who yearned for the summer heat this winter.

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New Year in the bath or sauna

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  • Beach party
  • Children's party
  • Party Neptune
  • Party with a striptease
  • Party Romans
  • Carnival party

Yet there has long been a tradition - enter the New Year with a clean body and head, leaving all the bad things behind .New sauna allows you to remove fatigue and not squander the new forces, and it is - a great start to 2014..

In the opinion of experienced bath attendants, New Year in the bath in an atmosphere of complete bliss! as if you are in paradise in the middle of a hot cold.
New Year in the bath or sauna
rent the sauna and take care of the par

ty better plan in advance , or your original idea will become a standard meal, punctuated by trips to the steam room.

we have collected for you the the best of the New Year in the sauna .

Beach party in the bath for the New Year

  • Dress code: summer swimwear and Bermuda shorts, hats, caps and sunglasses.
  • Making the hall: toy palm trees and vines holidays, beach chairs and sand around the pool table with bright canapes, fruits and delicious cocktails.
  • Entertainment: summer competitions for adults, solarium, etc.

New Year in the sauna or bath

Children's Christmas party in the bath

  • Dres code: zveryushek costumes and masks.
  • Making the hall: real tree, a stool reading poetry.
  • Entertainment: reading funny pre-printed poems, games bryzgalki and water pistols, children's drawings and games themes, an unexpected visit Father Frost and the Snow Maiden.See also: Fun games and competitions for the company for the New Year.

New Year in the bath or sauna

New Year in a bath at a party Neptune

  • Dress code: suits mermaids drowned and various sea creatures.
  • Making the hall: availability of a large pool, hang on the walls of fishing nets and all that relates to the sea.
  • Entertainment: animator - Neptune, who will develop a plan for the party.

New Year in the bath or sauna

Party with a striptease in a New Year's sauna or bath

  • Dress code: revealing costumes at the request of guests.
  • Making the hall: to your taste, you can use the generator of soap bubbles, foam or snow.
  • Entertainment: show-ballet to erotic program, a competition of wet T-shirts, striptease lesson for the guys.

New Year in the bath or sauna

Party of the ancient Romans in the sauna or bath in the New Year

  • Dress code: toga, laurel wreaths.
  • Making the hall: antique statues, fountain, chic table with expensive wine.
  • Entertainment: gladiator fights, elections to the Senate, etc.

New Year in the bath or sauna

Carnival New Year's party in the bath or sauna

  • Dres code: carnival masks or Grimm.
  • Making the hall: disco lighting devices.
  • Entertainment: ridiculous and indecent competitions for adults, karaoke.

New Year in the bath or sauna
New Year in the sauna much more comfortable than in an apartment or in a club .Firstly, there is no extraneous noise of the banquet hall, and secondly - no fuss and unfamiliar neighbors.

Well, and, of course, large modern bath can not be compared with the apartment.Thus, your guests relax just as they like.
New Year in the bath or sauna
hope that t Which New Year you will remember for a long time .After all the joy and fun of New Year party in the bath remain at all in 2014.

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And let clean steam will melt all the accumulated excitement and anxiety!

Happy New Year!And - with light steam!