The ideas of active New Year - a fun holiday without TV and feasts

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29 March 2016

If you do not like a traditional feast near the TV, and you are looking for fresh ideas for your family, to your attention - a selection of fresh ideas for enjoying the New Year.

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Sport New Year

  • Relax & Spa New Year
    Most hotels and beauty salons offer New Year program of SPA-procedures.For those who are tired of the order this year - this is the perfect opportunity to relax, recover and enter a new year full of strength and energy.New Year in style "spa" you can spend with your loved one or a close-knit family.
  • New Year in the sauna or bath
    great option for those who are bored with the winter frosts.Exhausted warm and fragrant drink you feel at home.However, the lack of TV and the ability to collect a large friendly company will spend New Year's Eve custom.If you planned a lot of visitors, you can use the services of toastmaster-organizer, who will not get bored you or the guests.With a limited budget, you can assign this responsibility to his closest f
    riends, and develop a script by bathhouse parties.Read: How to organize a fun New Year's Eve 2014 in the bath or sauna?
  • New Year in the mountains
    rent a house in the mountains can be for couples and for family.What can you do in the mountains away from civilization?Yes everything: sledding with long sloping hills, cook meat and vegetables on the grill, sit by the fireplace, playing snowballs, lie on the clean snow, sculpting figures and just enjoy the fresh air.
  • Visit the city of dreams in the New Year
    Everyone has in mind the place where he would like to visit.In the hectic days we often forget about their desires.Remember where you wanted to go last winter?Why this year will not realize his dream of a romantic trip?
  • Volunteering in the New Year holidays
    If you are even thinking about New Year's good deeds, then we bow to you.Many people are engaged in volunteer activities in the New Year's Eve because it was on this day all children and lonely elderly people waiting for magic.Children's homes or single pensioners will gladly accept your noble deed.
  • Themed Christmas party for adults
    theme party can be any.For example, the pirate island or Children morning for adults.A variety of scenarios such parties can be found on the Internet.Typically, they thought themed contests, basic costumes and fun.Theme party is perfect for both large and narrow the company even unfamiliar people.In addition, they can come up and beat the presence of children of different ages.It will not be boring to anyone!
  • New Year's Eve of culinary delights (fondue, mulled wine)
    It is no cooking New Year's table, and designed fresh food that can be done alone or with children.Especially like in a family like to eat.You can slowly cook mulled wine and fondue in different variations.The only thing you should think about in advance - is the presence of a light meal for the "tired quickly" helpers.For example, the current in the Year of the Horse sandwiches with red caviar, sprinkled with herbs.
  • Sports New Year
    If you are thinking about a healthy lifestyle, it's time to buy a subscription to the sports club.Many places, such as dance clubs, gather their students on New Year's parties.There are New Year's party with parkour and sporting events.With a clear head, and confidence in their own abilities can safely enter into the new 2014.
  • New Year on the beach
    Travel agencies offer interesting trips to tropical countries, such as Africa, the Maldives, the Seychelles and Indonesia.This hot new year will be remembered for a long time you and your family.Maybe worth it to give up from the gray everyday life of Moscow in a warm exotic East for a couple of days?
  • pajama party with karaoke in the New Year
    Terms pajama parties are as follows: comfortable clothes until pajamas household slippers, light table with a variety of snacks, and the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčentertainment.You can decorate a house in the style of "disco", against such a background will look even funnier bright cozy pajamas guests.Also you can make a drawing of karaoke gifts guests, assign each lottery number.So you can play in any games for children, and the heart natantsevatsya.The hostess party should provide the opportunity to all the fun of photography.
  • For guests - New Year's Eve
    If you go to a varied New Year - go to the guests.Just make a list in advance so as not to be trapped.And do not forget to spend New Year actively, do not hang long at the festive table.
  • Christams party or poslenovogodnie
    Yes, a dream New Year's Eve will start the new year with an active morning.When the city sleeps, you are full of courage and strength can have fun as you wish.It is not only boring Olivier and television, but also Christmas hibernation at 1 January.And about the New Year, you can arrange an energetic party a few days before or after.For example, under the name of "Down with the New Year's hibernation", at which time you will be out of competition.
  • New Year walking
    Even before the battle chimes go for a walk along the snowy park or urban tree.This option is extremely economical, democratic and useful, also a New Year's Eve will appreciate your children.What to do on the street?You can decorate the Christmas tree in the park, go dressed as fairy tale characters, bawl songs, play snow games, launch fireworks.And you can warm up in the session in a movie or some home-made fire.

Active New Year

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And some ideas of active New Year you have - we are looking forward to your stories!