New year for singles: how to make this holiday a memorable one even in solitude

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29 March 2016

Loneliness New Year happens for different reasons: You suddenly quarreled with friends or relatives, you are alone for a long time in his personal life, or by chance in a New Year's Eve you suddenly (for example, the service required) in a completely strange city,and you do not have anyone to celebrate New Year.

But this holiday is in any case impossible to do dull and joyless - will find a way out of loneliness and seek advantage in this New Year.
New year for singles

content of the article:

  • Pros New Year alone
  • can not do in a lonely New Year's Eve?
  • best ideas for the New Year alone

What are the advantages of the New Year alone?A

benefits turned out not enough:

  • Alone you the most beautiful on this holiday in any outfit.
  • If New Year's Eve you will get from him as a gift, it you will love .
  • Before the chimes, you can turn down the TV sound on the president's speech and say his speech , expressing whatever you want.
  • you toasts at the table for themselves , frankly wanting yourself
    what do you want from life.
  • the table you can behave as you like - to plant his feet on the table and dance on this very table, eat with your hands, show the strip itself - what is enough imagination and fantasy.
  • If you have a computer - what kind of loneliness can be a speech? Chat with friends on New Year's night, share your impressions!

New year for singles
And then - no one will disturb you suddenly change your mind in the New Year alone, and do not join in, such as a neighbor or go to the company's closest friends. In the New Year all the doors are open , all welcome guests - even if you do not know.

What absolutely can not do in a lonely New Year's Eve?

  • Sitting in a dressing gown and slippers worn , with uncombed head.Remember - how to celebrate New Year, so spend it!
  • listening to a song or watching movies on the theme of sadness and partings, and separations bitter fate.
  • drink a lot of alcohol , trying to drink his bitter thoughts.Excessive drinking, you do run the risk of a lot of nonsense, starting, for example, a walk intoxicated quarrel with neighbors or try to call all my ex.
  • There are a lot of chocolate. Of course, he is able to improve mood.But when blood sugar levels rise sharply at first, then plummet, your mood will only get worse.Replace chocolate and delicious fruit cake with cream.
  • cry .Remember that even in solitude New Year is the New Year!And this holiday should be a joyous beginning of a new life, not a bitter lament for their fate.
  • Reviewing old photos , where you are happy with the former, re-read their letters.Do not go back into the past and celebrate the New Year of your life with hope for the future!

interesting Ideas for the New Year alone: ​​make a holiday unforgettable!

What options could be interesting for the New Year alone?

  • Christmas travel as tourists
    If you are lonely and want to celebrate the New Year is not, as usual, buy a special New Year's tour to the country or one region of Russia, where you've never been.Even ordinary suburban motels and hostels have a Christmas program, where you can relax, have fun, spend time wondering if you will - in the new company.
    New year for singles
    As is known, in the new situation the person has an incentive to be the way it is, because all the old conventions and clichés no longer apply.
  • New Year in a restaurant
    for yourself, beloved, New Year's Eve, you can book a table in a cafe or restaurant.The solemn atmosphere will make you look amazing, you will have an incentive to put on evening dress, make a New Year's hair and makeup, wear heels.
    New year for singles
    sure you will meet new people there, and it may very well be that this evening there, if not a new love affair, then a nice romantic flirtation.
  • New Year in a foreign city
    The idea of ​​the New Year - for adventurers looking for new experiences and travel.New Year's Eve buy a ticket to any unfamiliar city where you have never been.New Year can be found on the train or plane - I assure you it - no less than exciting and memorable event that will certainly always be remembered by all participants.
    New year for singles
    New Year's Eve, you can stroll through the crowded streets of an unfamiliar city, to go to the main square, which is sure to be tree, festive celebrations, a lot of companies.You simply take in the circle any of the companies - have fun, celebrate heartily with new friends!
  • Christmas meeting with old friends
    Look at your address book and call all your friends.Congratulate Happy New Year, find out plans for New Year's Eve.It is possible that someone from friends also going to celebrate the New Year alone - so why do not you meet at the celebration?
    New year for singles
    If you are invited to a Christmas party - accepts the invitation, because boring New Year just does not happen!
  • Try on the role of the New Year Santa Claus or the Snow Maiden
    prepare the New Year New Year's suit and a bag of fruit, candy, small toys, Christmas card.New Year's Eve dress up in this costume, grab a bag of gifts and a walk through the entrance, congratulating neighbors Happy New Year.
    New year for singles
    You can also go to the crowded streets, and thus greet passers-by.Since you are joking, you will have to pay attention, you will want to take a picture, and you will not be alone!It is possible that such a resourceful Santa Claus pleasant company wants to see in his party.
  • interesting New Year's Eve alone at home
    If New Year's Eve you will certainly want to meet in the walls of the house, create a celebration around him.Prepare a favorite dish, cover a table, place the candles, buy, and dress up the Christmas tree.Do not stay in a dressing gown and slippers - put on a festive New Year's dress and shoes, do a beautiful makeup, hair.
    New year for singles
    before the feast take a bath with fragrant essential oils, put some good music.At midnight, be sure to open a bottle of champagne, and then dance to, listen to your favorite music, watch favorite movies.Loneliness - sadly this is no reason to celebrate the New Year, after all this you will be doing for the most beloved person in the world - for themselves.
  • Christmas greetings friends
    If you celebrate the New Year at home alone, just before the battle of chimes call his good friend and congratulate them all a Happy New Year.
    New year for singles
    will tell you a lot of good words and sincere wishes, do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of hearing them!

sure to know that New Year - this is not all of life, and loneliness once finished .But this New Year's Eve alone will remain forever in your memories as the most peaceful and romantic night when you had the opportunity to be alone with him and do what he wants you.

It is likely that such lonely holidays in your life will no longer be - but that's another story ...

wish you happiness!