Safety in the New Year, or how to maintain health during the holidays

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29 March 2016

New Year holidays bring with them not only fun, joy and universal rejoicing, and sometimes risk of a variety of injuries, or seriously damage your health.

to happy holidays were marred by problems, we advise you to pre-examine all the hazards that may lie in wait in the New Year, and avoid them.

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Safety in the New Year

Ice on winter streets

Glaze dangerous in any winter day.But during the holidays if we forget about this danger, and can afford to run around, have fun on the slippery streets, skipping up the icy steps of the porch.Risk factors have injuries because of ice, it is also a celebration of our shoes on slippery soles and high heels.
Safety in the New Year


  • for holidays correctly select foo s.For winter walks suitable boots with a heel of medium length or flat shoes (platform is always preferable, because it is more stable on slippery road).

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  • Sole and Heel heels should be made of a material that has a good grip on slippery and icy surface does not slip.
  • while driving on winter sidewalk, road, stairs do not rush.Put your foot on the whole foot, and then carry on her body weight.
  • On New Year's ice slides and rides, be extremely careful , because it is a risk to get a variety of injuries.

Road traffic injuries

carelessness during the holidays is the reason that many drivers allow themselves to drink before driving.In turn, careless pedestrians, who are also after the holidays "took on his chest," are a danger to themselves and others on New Year's roads.
Safety in the New Year

Safety: they are for drivers and pedestrians are extremely simple, but they must not only observe, but also to comply with special care: fulfill all rules of the road. Pedestrians in the New Year's Day should not be excessively drink alcohol before going out, and drivers - abstain from alcohol all.

Hypothermia and frostbite

Long walks on the street in the New Year's Eve, as well as all the holidays, often end with general hypothermia or frostbite different.

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Most often suffer from the cold cheeks, nose, fingers and toes.Alcohol, drunk on holidays, significantly reduces the sensitivity, and the person may simply not feel the beginning of a process of frostbite.

We are not even talking about those in the New Year's holiday drink excessively and will be ready to sleep on the streets in the near snowbank, in this case, hypothermia and frostbite - this is only the least of the problems that could cost lives.
Safety in the New Year


  • Do not drink alcohol before taking a stroll, a walk with the satellites frequently inspect each other's cheeks for frostbite - it appears white spots.Dress appropriately
  • weather and long walks.Required warm shoes, warm mittens or gloves, a hat, windproof outerwear, preferably - with a hood.Women are better not to flaunt in nylon tights and wear warm pants or tights.
  • If you feel that freezes - it is better immediately go into any room and warm up, drink hot tea.

burns, fire

New Year's Eve is traditionally lit candles, Christmas garlands (often poor quality), using fireworks.Substandard fireworks or mishandling legkovosplamenyayayuschimisya objects and fire can cause thermal burns and fires.
Safety in the New Year


  • for interior decoration and a Christmas tree to buy only high-quality garlands .
  • If candles are lit around them should not be flammable materials, and you should not leave burning candles unattended.
  • Choice pyrotechnic toys have to be very careful and rational, and their use - exactly as instructed , in compliance with all precautionary measures.

noise trauma

at festivities accepted include loud music.The sound of 100 decibels can cause damage to your eardrums - the so-called noise trauma.The same effects can occur after the sound of exploding firecrackers somewhere nearby.
Safety in the New Year


  • a club or public are away from the speakers and speaker .
  • If the noise in the room is too strong, insert the ears headphones or earplugs - they help keep the hearing.

Allergic reactions to previously unknown products or food ingredients

On New Year housewife trying to cook the most delicious dishes, at times - something that had never allowed themselves to cook.Having tasted previously untested product, a person with allergies, it may be an acute allergic reaction, sometimes - angioedema, which is a direct threat to life.

Especially dangerous are the very young - temptations around them in many festivals, and control over what and how much they eat, often not enough.
Safety in the New Year


  • try exotic foods in small amounts.
  • If you have had any allergic reaction, you should refrain from the use of exotics.
  • allergy-prone people should always have a drugs suppresses allergic reaction , and to abstain to take alcohol - an allergy to it can develop stronger.
  • Do not feed children eggs, do not let them seafood, new soda, fruit or sweets if they did not previously tried.

Food and alcoholic poisoning

Oh, these holidays!They make us a great effort to prepare and store a lot of food, alcohol to the table, and then with the same effort - try to eat and drink the annual rate of these products.

risk of poisoning exists and at the festival, if the products were initially poor-quality or long-cooked meals, and especially - after the holidays, when to eat up the remains of the table.

alcohol poisoning - a special New Year's article challenges which arise from excessive drinking amounts of alcohol, or drinks from substandard and counterfeit.
Safety in the New Year


  • not drink moonshine and other questionable alcohol .
  • Follow valid for themselves the amount of alcohol consumed and do not depart from the norm.
  • cook dishes made with fresh ingredients just before the holiday .
  • After the holidays ruthlessly discard leftover food and cook new dishes.
  • perishable meals and salads are recommended to put on a festive table in two salad bowls, inserted into one another.In a large bowl sprinkle with the crushed ice, he will not let the dishes spoil on the table and keep them cold.
  • Confectionery, cream cakes, do not place the room in advance, and remove from the refrigerator just before serving dessert.

criminogenic injuries

Excited alcohol and festive euphoria, people often come into squabbles and fights, which could result in, for example, a blow on the head with a bottle or cutting injuries.

criminogenic injuries involves the risk of becoming a victim of thieves, if you decided to walk alone on the streets of the thinly populated and poorly lit streets.
Safety in the New Year


  • Never engage in skirmishes in the holiday festivities, try to resolve conflicts peacefully.
  • not go through the deserted streets - safest where more people desirable - next to the police outfit.
  • During festivities often look back and examine - caution can save you from malicious acts.