Love on the Internet - dangers and prospects of virtual relationships

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31 March 2016

Increasingly virtual becomes our world.The Internet has become a place of recreation and leisure, work, means of communication with distant friends and totally unknown people, the second purse and even a virtual meeting place.Disputes and jokes on the topic of virtual love and its consequences / prospects do not cease.See also: Where else can you find the chosen one, except for the Internet?

Do you have a love of the future?What are the dangers?And why many of us are looking for love on the Internet is?
Love on the Internet - dangers and prospects of virtual relationships

content of the article:

  • Why is it so easy to find love on the Internet?
  • What consequences have a virtual love?
  • Love on the internet - meeting in real life

Why is it so easy to find love on the Internet and develop virtual relationships?

Internet - a lot of opportunities to express their emotions and to communicate - smiles, dating sites, resources, interests, instant messaging and so forth. temptations - the sea, the opportunity to meet - even more. And online dating, many prefer, i

n reality, avoiding potential "halves" per kilometer.
Love on the Internet - dangers and prospects of virtual relationships

Why is love on the Internet breaks faster than in real life?

  • acute need for attention .If in real life lacks emotions, communication and attention (and many do it deprived due to the circumstances), the Internet is becoming almost the only opportunity to feel like someone needs.
  • Internet addiction .Social networks and sites of interest draw a person into the world wide web quickly.Life in reality goes by the wayside.Because it was there, on the Internet, we (we think) understands expect and love, and at home and at work - just innuendo, quarrels and fatigue.On the Internet, we almost impunity and can be anything, in reality, need to take responsibility for their words and deeds.The dependence becomes stronger, the poorer the real life person.
  • ease of gaining new friends and "friends." the Internet is simple.Went to the site, or social network with the same interests, I exchanged a few words, clicked on the "traditional" heart in the picture - and you noticed.If you are original, principled and intelligent humor sypesh right and left, and on your photo - unearthly beauty ("so what, that photoshop! And who knows about it, then?"), The crowd of fans you provided.And there, and close to the following (with all).
  • solved on the first step to meet you in real life, few dare. met his half - even more difficult.On the Internet, all the easier to multiply.You can hide behind the guise of "avatars" and invented information about yourself.You can become a fashion model with 5-set tiebreak chest or tanned athlete with Hollywood smile and a Porsche in the garage.And you can, on the contrary, be yourself and enjoy it, because in real life it is necessary to keep yourself in check.And it seems - there he is!This charming, courageous - intelligent speech, courtesy ... And he was joking!Innocent flirting flows into virtual e-mail, Skype, and then in "ICQ".And then the real life and does fades into the background, because all life - that these short messages "from him."
  • In reality, hoaxes do not make sense. «xy xy" - can be seen immediately.The network can distort his "I" to infinity, until "bite" one of the speeches, which do not fall asleep at night.
  • image of a man in which we stop their attention on the Internet, draws, for the most part our imagination. What he actually - is unknown, but we already have our "bar" and ideas about how he should be.And, of course, on the other side of the monitor just can not sit nerd glasses, interested only cockroaches in your aquarium or blurred housewife with cucumbers on her face!The more illusions, the richer our imagination - the harder then to realize that at the "end" of the Internet is the same person as you are.Perhaps with extended knees on the sweatpants, with a bicycle instead of a Porsche, with (gasp) a pimple on his nose.
  • strangers (it happens on trains with fellow travelers) easier to reveal their feelings. Ease of communication creates the illusion of mutual interest.
  • See the network virtually impossible to human weaknesses. Even if the resume is fairly written "Ravenous, arrogant snob, I love women, freebies and money, unscrupulous, involved, it was, who do not like - a book of complaints around the corner" - the man brings a smile and, oddly enough, has a right tocurrently.Because intriguing, creative and daring.
  • The biggest problem that can deliver a virtual love - is the gap "epistolary novel" by ICQ or email. That is, you no pregnancy, alimony, property carve etc.
  • mysterious, enigmatic, mandatory veil "secrets» - they are always spurring interest and feelings.

What are the dangers in themselves poses virtual love: relations in social networks and the possible consequences

It just seems that virtual love - innocent game or the beginning of a serious relationship, everything else is protected by the network edge.
Love on the Internet - dangers and prospects of virtual relationships

But online dating can deliver and the very real trouble:

  • Sweet, gentle and touching the helpful people on the Internet may be present in the life of the dictator. Not to mention the more severe cases (maniacs with chainsaws will not be considered).
  • information, which is about a man on the Internet, not always the case .It is possible that his residence invented, picture downloaded from the network, instead of the name - a pseudonym instead of a blank page in the passport - the stamp of the registry office, and several children throwing that for you, naturally, he was not going to.
  • illusions - "supposedly appearance - not the main thing" - advance wrongly .Even if in reality people will be really gentle romantic with great wealth, his looks, voice and manner of communication may horrify you at the first meeting.
  • often "virtual love" ends quite real quarrels , which resulted in the "secret of private correspondence", photographs and intimate details of the life and made public.

As communication with the virtual "love" the line between reality and the Internet is gradually erased - there is chronic fear to break the thread, the relationship with the person.But the true feelings can not last indefinitely in the Network - sooner or later they will have to break or go into a phase of real communication .And then the question arises - is it necessary?Will the meeting beginning of the end?

Love on the internet - meeting in real life: whether to continue a virtual relationship, and when it can be done?

So the question is - to meet or not to meet - on the agenda. Should I move this face? Maybe leave it like it is?Of course, the advice here can not be - one draws his own destiny.
Love on the Internet - dangers and prospects of virtual relationships

But it is worth considering some of the nuances:

  • fear of meeting the reality - a normal phenomenon.Chosen can really disappoint and alienate you.But without seeing - do not know.And suddenly it is "the same", whose whole life waiting for?
  • loved creating an image on the web - is one thing. quite another - fall in love with a real person with real flaws.Complete rejection of each other when they first met - a clear sign that the relationship will not develop.
  • Disappointed appearance of their virtual lover? muscles were not as prominent, but not as snow-white smile?Thinking to escape from the first date?So, not so you were fascinated by his inner world, just a little thing could "knock you out of the saddle."Maybe he's not even an athlete, and money on posh restaurant it does not have, but it will be the best dad in the world and the most caring husband.Be prepared for disappointments.Because there is no ideal people in the world.
  • Definitely should not be dating Virtual is, if you do not know anything about the "favorite », other than e-mail, photographs (which may not have it), and name.
  • you want to meet, and he always takes the conversation in a different direction? means that either he lacks the virtual relationship, or he is married or afraid to reveal to you the real side of themselves, or afraid to be disappointed in you.
  • If you do not want to disappoint the people - be sincere. Not too honest (after all, this is the Internet), but sincere.That is, do not lie, do not embellish reality, are not currently in Photoshop dorisovyvat tasty delights, smooth face and green eyes.Falsity will never be the beginning of a strong union.
  • Prepare to be that the meeting would be the first and last , and your "ideal" does not become your spouse.
  • If you already have family in reality , a hundred times think before you destroy it because of a virtual novel.As a result, you can lose and family, and virtual love disappointed.

Love on the Internet - dangers and prospects of virtual relationships
The meeting was held at the "excellent"?Emotions overflowed?And that "it was he?" So the Internet gave you a chance at happiness .Build relationships, love and enjoy life!

What do you think about virtual relationships, whether they can become a reality?Tell us your opinion!