Types of facial skin and their characteristics - determination of the type of skin test

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03 April 2016

How important is for every woman to know your skin type, says at least the fact that it affects the choice of even the most basic cosmetics.Nearly all women think they know your skin type - but how to determine the type of skin a person known not for everyone.In addition, with age, skin type can vary, and often reveal these changes is also not so easy.

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Types of facial skin

course, the structure of the skin of all people is about the same, differs only in the intensity of the sebaceous glands .From this, it depends how your skin looks, what type of skin you have and what kind of care it needs.

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Let's look at skin types and their characteristics.

Traditionally, there are four types of skin

  • dry type of skin
    Dry skin looks very nice - it is matte and delicate, it is not peculiar to shine, and the pores are almost invisible.However, dry skin - is very sensitive not only to the wea
    ther (sun, wind), but also negatively reacts to improper care.
    Types of facial skin
    weather changes immediately affect the peeling of the skin, age irritation appear more noticeable early wrinkles appear, the skin hardly keeps much-needed moisture.In addition, dry skin is very sensitive even for specialized cosmetic products requires careful ongoing care.See also: Why the skin is dry - the main reasons.
  • Bold type of skin
    most common type of skin - fat.The problem of oily skin appears in adolescence and on what will be the care of the skin, for the most part depends on the change of its type in the future.Oily skin is also characteristic of abusers fatty foods, alcohol;for those who suffer from hormonal imbalances;for obese people and people with impaired metabolism.
    Types of facial skin
    as skin care cosmetics besides obligatory diet, eliminating fats, carbohydrates, spices, etc.But very often the case that this type of skin occurs because of improper care, such as abuse of fatty creams.Oily skin is characterized by shine, enlarged pores, acne, visible capillaries;Unlike dry skin, oily virtually insensitive to the weather.See also: Best Day Cream for oily skin.
  • normal type of skin
    Normal skin - the most hassle-free.Skin smooth, matte color has no pronounced defects, virtually no problems to do with the change of weather or other conditions, and requires the minimum maintenance.
    Types of facial skin
    main thing - not to knock the natural oil balance of clogging pores, which can happen if the abuse creams.
  • Combined type of skin
    fourth type of skin - combined or mixed.It is characterized by the presence in different areas of different types of facial skin.Most often, in the area of ​​"T" (nose, forehead and chin) there is oily skin, on other sites - either normal or dry.In this case, each zone requires its own, personal care, depending on the type of skin.
    Types of facial skin
    In order to properly determine which specific areas dominated by oily skin, it is enough in the morning to make and carefully pressed to the face napkin.Grease stains appearing on the paper, pinpointing the problem areas.

Even knowing the characteristics of each skin type, you can not always adequately define your own skin type.This definition of the type of skin - it is very important not only to look good, but also to, proper care to help keep longer your skin fresh and healthy .

How to determine the type of skin?

It's quite simple.Determination of skin type can be carried out independently, most importantly - carefully observe and comply with all stages:

  • thoroughly cleanse the skin from makeup and dirt.
  • give the skin a rest two to three hours.
  • In daylight, using a mirror effect of increasing, carefully consider your skin for enlarged pores, flaking, oily sheen.
  • applied to the skin, dry cloth , you can judge whether you have oily skin or not.if you were on a napkin grease - skin has an increased sebaceous excretions.

Types of skin - how to define?

Test: Determination of skin type
Types of facial skin

Such a test can give an adequate answer to the question - how do you know the type of skin.A properly fitted after the creams, lotions, masks, and other cosmetics will allow you longer preserve the natural beauty of your skin , always feel young and happy with their appearance.

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