7 main reasons men forgetfulness - what to do and how to fight it?

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31 March 2016

for Happy married life can sometimes disrupt the very small, almost imperceptible signs of inattention on the part of husband or wife.My husband forgot to take the child out of kindergarten, not remembered your wedding anniversary or birthday of your mom ...

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Today we want to talk about men's forgetfulness - causes of this phenomenon, as well as methods of eradicating these problems , preventing carefree life together.
7 main reasons men forgetfulness

Here are 7 reasons why men forgetfulness - how to deal with it?

  • Men can not focus simultaneously on several matters
    It is known that men and feel and do everything differently than women.If nature has given women the ability to perform a lot to do both at the same time a lot to remember, nothing is missing, that man should in their objectives as the steps, going from one thing to another.Busy at work, constant stress and high speed performance of its core operations, distract a man from cases that currently are not a priority for him.T
    he result - a man can forget about family dates or matters that do not relate to his professional duties.
    7 main reasons men forgetfulness
    If the reason for your forgetfulness man lies in the huge mass of professional duties, do not take offense to it.He needs your help to overcome his forgetfulness, and reproaches and resentment on your part to anything good will not result.Best Assistant on these issues - humor.Help your husband to remember important dates and family affairs unobtrusive reminders.Send him an SMS with the text "Guess what today for the date?" On the job, or in the morning before leaving the house, put in his wallet (diary, a pocket) a small piece of paper with a lipstick imprint - your kiss and tell again aboutWhat he must not forget today.Over time your man learns to overcome forgetfulness, such as "signs" will only strengthen the relationship, giving an aura of romance.
  • For your men are not so important to the business, which he had forgotten
    Women - nature more romantic and sophisticated.Women are able to remember all those nice little things that accompanied the making of your relationship.The man is not inclined to consider such a critical, for example, the date of your acquaintance with him or the date of the first kiss.The result - you suffer from his inattention and forgetfulness, and he wonders about your claims.If
    recent cases such forgetfulness of your men have a lot, think - and not too carp you to your loved one?If the date on which a man ever forgets so important to you, follow the advice of the first paragraph, namely - Find a form of romantic and unobtrusive reminders for his men.
  • Do your men have problems with memory
    your man began to forget about family events and activities, as well as - for important meetings at work, on the implementation of any professional status and the timely delivery of reports.This may be to blame for problems with health and you should not be offended by his lover, and urgently address its improvement.Recall that the bad memory can be related to the mass of errors in health: is a genetic predisposition, and vascular disease, brain, and vitamin deficiencies.In memory may affect the proximity of a nervous breakdown due to stress, bad habits - alcohol and smoking.
    7 main reasons men forgetfulness
    Obviously, to improve the health of a loved one should be eliminated from his life harmful factors affecting on his memory, as well.Encourage him to engage in activities with you (only together!), Enjoy evening walks, motivate the refusal by "doping" - cigarettes and alcohol, cook healthy vitamins dishes, arrange evenings and days of complete rest and relaxation together.Of course, if a man has persistent health problems should consult a doctor and undergo a complete examination, your role in this - to support her husband, and persuade him to march to the hospital.See also: The best means of improving memory.
  • excessive mental load can cause forgetfulness
    is one thing - the physical work of a man, and quite another - stressful mental work and creative activity.Carried away by his own thoughts, man can pozabyvat of the most important things, even related to his family and children.For a long time there is a perception that scientists - as children, they are brilliant in my mind, but in reality may be helpless in a variety of duties and even unfit.
    You remember the statement in paragraph 1 that a man can not keep in mind at the same time a lot of thoughts.Along with reminders to your man arranges for him to visual "lessons" - for example, in a pointed "forget" about his birthday party in the morning, make sure to buy bread on the way home.Looking at myself, your man will be much easier to understand their shortcomings and never allow them.
  • Chronic fatigue male
    your man works hard in his professional life is constantly stressful situations arise which do not add to health and optimism?Because of his exhaustion man can forget about the appointed family dinner with their parents or on another date.
    7 main reasons men forgetfulness
    last thing - cursing and angry at the man for the situation.Family conflicts will only aggravate the already tense situation in the life of your loved one - Near stress and nervous breakdowns, as well as health problems.To avoid this, be tactful, learn to get out of the situation when your husband forgets, for example, come to the meeting with the parents.Help him, he will be very grateful for it, and be sure to uproot his forgetfulness.
  • Forgetfulness of inattention
    For this reason a man's simple forgetfulness.This - a trait of his character, he listens to your requests surface and does not penetrate deeply into the essence of current affairs.
    eradicate this cause can be, trying to remind him of important matters on several occasions.Do not rush immediately to the offense, and let man know that you hurt is his flippant attitude to the family court.Home distribute family responsibilities and assign it such responsible for cleaning on Saturdays or trips to the grocery store.
  • irresponsibility of men complete submission to the will of his wife
    In those families where the man completely submits to his partner and takes a passive role in a relationship, he does not keep in mind the information about important matters, relying on the activity of his wife.It will always remind him how and what needs to be done, why it will clog your head any nonsense?See also: Man - a sissy.
    7 main reasons men forgetfulness
    If - your situation, congratulations, you've set the house matriarch.Your man became limp and forgetful of your fault.He did not set foot step without your reminders and MC.The treatment for this reason men forgetfulness - the gradual expansion of its "authority" in the family, the possibility to independently make any decision.Entrusted him with important matters, consult with her husband on a given occasion, try to listen to his arguments, and often take his point of view - and you will see that your loved one has become more responsible and get rid of its former forgetfulness forever.