Terms of quarrels, or how to argue with her husband without compromising relationships

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31 March 2016

Any woman can "sculpt" a husband all that she wants is melting from plasticine.And the tools that nature has given the most effective - affection, tenderness and love.However, not all have the strength or the desire to take advantage of these tools.The result - a quarrel with her husband can not be avoided.

Quarrels happen in any family, but to the collapse of the family boat, they do not lead, and the behavior of the process.How correctly to quarrel with her husband, and what to do, you should not?
How to argue with her husband without compromising relationships

content of the article:

  • taboo in quarrels that can not be broken
  • How to swear right?

How to argue with her husband: a taboo in quarrels that can not be broken

If quarrels happen every day - it is an occasion to rethink their attitudes and their behavior.Typically, such a family is doomed to divorce.Read: How to understand that love has passed and the relationship ended?

How to avoid mistakes , which can cost you years of marriage?To begin with - remember that is taboo in quarrels .
How to argue with her husband without compromising relationships

rules that absolutely can not disrupt

  • can not criticize its second half. male pride is more vulnerable than women.If you feel that the language is about to fall through - "You're always spoil everything!" "Where only your hands grow!" "Even the crane can not mend," "Again, dressed up like a clown!" "Yes,you do anything not capable of! "and so forth. - count to 10, take it easy and remember these words offensive to her husband.Men who are proud to grow wings, and a man who always criticize, lost all desire, including the desire to return home.See also: Why you should never say to the man?
  • Women "tricks" like rolling of eyes, sniffing, scoffing unkind, rude "shots┬╗ etc. - Is an expression of contempt, which acts on the man as a bull - a red rag.
  • dead silence, icy silence and slamming doors - not punish "unscrupulous" husband and not make him think.In most cases, it will be the exact opposite.
  • Do not allow yourself to quarrel with her husband in front of strangers (ones too) people.
  • categorical taboos on insults and humiliation manhood. That even the perfect man will not be able to withstand.
  • never thought old grudges and do not compare her husband with other men.
  • not find out the relationship, if both of you (or one person) - in intoxicated .
  • Never end a quarrel slamming doors week or silence.

How to argue with her husband without compromising relationships

quarrel basic rules: how to swear properly?

compare male and female psychology - a thankless task. reason quarrel is often a simple misunderstanding. husband is angry because of the coldness of his wife, his wife - because he does not understand it, but in the end all the problems that have accumulated ruthlessly throw out to each other.

But the family - it's great patience and daily work. And someone must concede. If the spouse - a wise woman, she would be able to repay or avoid conflict.
How to argue with her husband without compromising relationships

What must be remembered about the quarrels?

  • Warn quarrel easier than to disentangle its effects .You feel - is about to break out the storm, and you spill a stream of claims - allow the spouse to let off steam.Do not defend, not attack, keep rushing back hurtful words - listen quietly and convincingly answer.
  • If you have a claim to her husband, the worst option - present them during an argument .Dissatisfaction with a hoard can not be otherwise, it will cover your family snowball.But the need to solve the problem is known as accumulation.There was a problem?Solve it right - calmly, without shouting, without distrust, contempt and attacks.Perhaps your problem - a figment of your imagination.Once you live with that person, then you trust him?And if you trust - there is no need to follow the path of maximum resistance.
  • Family Life - is a constant trade-offs. Without them it is impossible to co-exist peacefully.Therefore, any question (whether ideological or other differences) solve arguments, delving into his point of view and explaining the advantages of their own.And do not be afraid to speak frankly - men do not like allusions and, as a rule, do not understand.Example - a gift for the holiday.The phrase "Oh, what a beautiful earrings" man, is likely to miss on deaf ears, and the phrase "These are like!" Will take as a guide to action.Then there will be a problem such as resentment at her husband for his carelessness.If
  • argument could not be avoided, remember - never said a word, which then may regret , and do not beat on the "sore spot".Restrain emotions.Throw out the negative and negative feelings can burn and other methods (sport, manual labor, and so on.).
  • you choose the form of a constructive dialogue - offers the option to change the situation, but do not blame the wife that happened.Firstly, it is meaningless (what happened - what happened to the past), and secondly, reproaches - a step back in the relationship.
  • not able to state a claim without emotions? Write them down on paper.
  • apply methods of "delayed start ┬╗ (in Multivarki).Put the showdown for an hour (daily, weekly).When you cool down and calmly think the situation is quite possible that there will be nothing to find out already - the problem has exhausted itself.
  • Look for a problem in itself. not dump all the sins of the world on her husband.If a family quarrel, the blame is always two.Try to understand her husband - what exactly he is unhappy.Maybe you really should change something in yourself?
  • If you feel that the quarrel was delayed - take the first step towards .Even if you refuse to admit guilt - let the spouse an opportunity to emphasize its status as a man who is always right.Let him think so.No wonder that there are people in the phrase "man - the head of the wife - the neck."Turn this "head" wherever you need.
  • man must always feel that you love him .Even during an argument.You - a whole, do not forget about it.Read: How to bring back the passion in a relationship with her husband?
  • not go on "you", say his "I". not "your fault, you did, did not you call ..." and "I hate, I do not understand ... I'm worried."
  • Humor - the best assistant in any tense situation .No sarcasm, not irony, no banter!Namely humor.It extinguishes any quarrel.
  • Learn time to stop , recognize their wrong and ask for forgiveness.
  • the tenth time tell him the same thing, and he can not hear you? change tactics or end the conversation .

How to argue with her husband without compromising relationships

Remember, your spouse is not your property .He - a man with his own ideas about this life, and he - man.You love children for what we were born? Love and her husband for what he has .

ideal formula of marriage - to take a spouse, as a friend.If your friend is angry, nervous, shouting, you do not send him back for a list of failures and failures in your relationships?No.You reassured him, feed and say that he will be all right. husband too should be another , which will understand and calm.