Types styler - Hair styler which you choose?

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03 April 2016

first men turn after your luxurious hair, and then become interested in the inner world of a stranger.And if you go to the salon every day, not only costly in terms of money but also in time, the styler - a perfect assistant for independent guidance of beauty on his little head.

only question - a styler to choose for themselves among the different types of hair stylers?

How to choose a hair styler

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  • Types of Hair Styler
  • styler How to choose the right?

Types of Hair Styler, their main function of the number of

functions styler can be universal and specialized.

  • Universal styler , by definition, deals with a lot of features, because of its features include various nozzles.This styler can easily lift the hair at the roots, chic hair will curl or spiral.In addition it can create curls and absolutely smooth straight hair.
    How to choose a hair styler
  • Specialized styler is intended only for a single operation.At that time, as a universal form of hair styler handles ferry operates its specialty hot surface.
    How to choose a hair styler

Which styler is best to buy?If you want to experiment, it is best to choose a styler with multiple nozzles .

If you already know your type of installation, the can not overpay for unnecessary features , because it is unlikely that you will often need them.

How to choose a hair styler

Secrets of choice for hair styler from professionals - how to choose the right styler?

If you do not know how to choose the styler, it is better to be guided by the following characteristics:

  • Power
    Styler 0.1 kW is more suitable for home installation, rather than for complex professional hairstyles.It creates a great light curls or straighten the hair.Power up to 1.5 kW is intended for creating complex pilings on all types of hair.Businesses are advised to have a device with a power-controlled complexity for different packings, lengths and tips.
  • Management
    Mechanical control is a single button "on-off" and the temperature control of heating plates.The electronic control offers the ability to regulate the temperature of the plates, a wide range of which allows you to make more careful packing.
  • Coverage
    ceramic coating distributes heat better and less traumatic for hair.Tourmaline and keratin impregnation makes the hair shiny and smooth.Metal coating - dangerous for the hair and appealing only to the low cost so the heating rate.
  • plates
    For short hair suit narrow plates up to 2.5 cm and for thick and long - wide plates more than 3 cm.
  • Power
    stylers on batteries are suitable for those who more timeholds "on the run" or trips.
  • Manufacturer
    Get styler in licensed stores that can provide you with a check registration certificate and a free guarantee on repairs and maintenance.If you are confused what to choose for hair styler, remember the major manufacturers like BaByliss, Philips, Remington and Vitec.And Valera, Brawn and Rowenta.
  • Bits
    Pick you need tips for ripple, straightening of hair, curl horizontal, vertical curl, brush, to increase or to untangle the hair.
  • Features
    How to choose a hair styler heaped with strange characteristics?Very simply: ioniser healthier your hair, IFI will give the effect of using the air conditioner, and the plate is rounded at times facilitate perm the hair ends.

How to choose a hair styler
We hope that these tips have helped you, and you can make a nice and helpful shopping!