20 means the best person's Skin Care in 2014, winning the trust of women

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04 April 2016

At any age, girls and women tend to perfect appearance and perfection.This, in addition to clothing, a healthy lifestyle and real men, they help cosmetics and decorative cosmetics.

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So, any cosmetic products, according to the women, were the best in 2014?

The best remedy for a person

  1. Cream by Chanel «Ultra Correction Lift» . Night Cream, which has a powerful lifting effect.This cream Chanel helps produce a protein that allows you to restore and bind the skin cells.
  2. cream for the skin around the eyes «Ultra Correction Line Repair» Chanel - with the fluid you can forget about the day cream.The composition of the cream allows you to "erase" the age from your face and eliminate even the biggest wrinkles.
  3. Lotion by Clinique «Anti-Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion» - a great tool for problem skin, which can solve all the problems at once.Especially it will be useful to women prone to peeling or acne skin.
  4. Cream Clarins «Multi-Hydratante» - a unique cream inten
    sively moisturizing the skin.If you want to look fresh and young?This cream is for you.
  5. Universal Cream «Nivea Soft» by Nivea - the cream of the many girls loved the ease of texture and moisturizing effect.The components of the cream instantly refreshes the skin cells and enrich all the necessary vitamins.
  6. Foam wash from Hadalabo «Tamagohada Daily Face Wash». The product has a light peeling effect and contributes to the rapid disposal of dead cells of the skin.This tool will help even out skin tone, get rid of the inflammation and give the skin freshness.
  7. peeling from Missha «Super Aqua Oxygen Micro Essence Peeling» - a unique tool that helps cleanse the skin for a few minutes.This oxygen peeling is composed of hyaluronic acid that performs gentle exfoliation.
  8. cream sorbet from Caudalie «Vinosource La Creme Sorbet Hydratante» - means for particularly sensitive skin, which nourishes, regenerates and moisturizes the skin.The interaction with the skin sorbet converted into liquid and gel immediately soothes irritated skin.
  9. Caudalie «Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum» - effective moisturizing serum that supports the skin in perfect condition.Unique components contribute moisturizing of the skin, eliminate wrinkles and prevent inflammation in the form of pimples.
  10. Tonic by Darphin «Refreshing Toner» - cosmetic for high-quality make-up remover for gentle and careful cleansing.This tonic - the brightness and freshness of your skin.
  11. Bioderma «Sensibio H2O» - micellar water for dry skin.Cosmetic product does not require rinsing.If you use it twice a day, you can forget about all the problems with the skin.
  12. Foam Shiseido «The Skincare Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam» - means possessing soothing properties.Its velvety texture provides a light and soft make-up removal, without damaging the skin.
  13. Powder peeling from Kanebo Sensai «Silk Peeling Powder» - extremely gentle exfoliant for good cleansing.This soap powder able to soften the skin and make it plain and remove all inflammation.
  14. Face Mask «Vinosource Moisturizing Cream-Mask» Caudalie - a mask for dry skin.This cosmetic novelty loved by many girls for the opportunity in the shortest possible time to solve all skin problems.The result - pure, fresh, velvety and self-colored leather.
  15. Carita «Biological Face Mask» - a biological mask, which allows you to restore your skin and make it more soft and silky.This mask is most popular among women from 30 years old who want to cope with the symptoms of skin aging and wrinkles on the face.
  16. Cream Skin79 «Snail Nutrition Cream» - a unique cream that contains a part of the snail slime.The cream helps to align the tone of the face, deeply moisturize the skin and give a person the freshness.
  17. micellar water "three in one" by L'oreal - cleanser, without which today can not do almost no one takes care of their beauty woman.This mitsellyarka able to remove even the most powerful makeup.Components means gently and lovingly care for the skin, keeping your appeal.
  18. floral water Cornflower «Sanoflore» - a remedy for ailments of the skin.This spray will help you hide the signs of fatigue, soothe the skin, reduce bags under the eyes.He fell in love with many girls for a quick result.
  19. GUAM «Microcellulaire Micro Anti-Age Lifting» - cream with lifting effect.Many girls use it to get rid of wrinkles.This cosmetic product intended to restore aging skin after 30 years.
  20. Premium «Aqua Lift» - cream for mature skin, which acts as a mask.The tool will help to cope with the wrinkles, rough skin and uneven complexion.

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You can continue this list, write a comment about your favorite's Skin products for the face in 2014.