Legal protection from domestic violence - where to go, if the husband beats his wife?

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01 April 2016

In the case of domestic violence the woman is experiencing a lot of stress, which is woven and the fear of her husband, and the fear of publicity occurred.In this situation it is necessary to know how a woman can apply methods of self-protection from domestic violence to defend their rights, honor and freedom, as well as which services to contact and where to seek help.
Legal protection from domestic violence

Unfortunately, our Criminal Code does not shine perfection.To protect his wife from her husband is very difficult, because the situation is considered conflicts within , in which the police often do not intervene."Will begin to run after you with an ax, then call" - something like this usually respond to women who seek protection from their husbands.As a result, the situation often gets out of control, resulting in the script, which we will not talk.Sometimes, to punish her husband, you need so much time, effort and money that a woman has no choice but to continue to suffer or simply run "in the night."
Legal protection from domestic violence

levers But legal protection for women, victims of domestic violence, yet have - we will tell about them below.Important - the victim of violence not be afraid to ask for help , once and for all realized that after the first case of physical violence over it follow strikes again and again.

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So if a husband beats - where to go and what to do?

Contacting the police and the court

The first step is not to call, and apply in person to the police a statement (2 copies.), With an indication of the fact of violence or a direct threat, and with the help of the medical institutions of thebeatings.Do not forget to have a police officer ticket alert and hide it away, along with a copy of the application.For the wife of a tyrant is provided civil, administrative and criminal liability.

Articles that are most often used in cases of domestic violence:

  • Article 111 .Deliberate causing of serious harm to health.
  • Article 112 .Intentional infliction of moderate bodily harm.
  • Article 115 .Intentional infliction of bodily harm.
  • Article 116 .Beatings.
  • Article 117. Torture.
  • Article 119 .The threat of murder or grievous bodily harm.

What happens next? spouse shall be made an official warning , after which he was put on the account, and give birth to their card.If the husband Relocate, card "move" at the new place of residence.The reasons for the elimination of the card: the end of the prescribed period (one year), imprisonment or the death of her husband, the lack (over 1 year) at the place of residence or statement from the wife that her husband was "reformed» .Of course, if you take that step, continue to remain with her husband is simply dangerous.Therefore, the statement is best served already find a safe place of residence .

can, avoiding the police, go directly to court (of course, the place of residence).Moreover, your new address, you can not report, asking the investigator your data in the report does not take into account .This practice is also applied, and you have a right to it.

Contacting medical institutions

If bodily injury as a result of actions of the spouse occur, then they should be zafiksirovat s:

  • Refer to the emergency room , explained the doctor because of damage.Do not forget to make sure that the doctor described the size, location and color of each injury.
  • Take after inspection certificate the date of treatment, medical records number, name of the doctor and stamp institution.If
  • should exercise only after you've went to the emergency room, contact again and fix them .
  • doctor is obliged to send information about the damage due to beatings in the police department .Police Officers, in turn, are required to check the following telephone messages and give you direction for a forensic examination.There is also need to ensure that everything was recorded, as expected.From the results of this examination will depend on qualification of actions of her husband (article).
  • Do not forget to take pictures of themselves all traces of beatings , to introduce them to the following case.And leave a copy of the negatives in a separate location.
  • gather evidence - Involve witnesses , who will be able to prove that the beatings and violent behavior of her husband (at least 3 episodes in which they were present).

After checking received one solution: the refusal to initiate proceedings, initiation of proceedings or transfer of jurisdiction on the application / jurisdiction. decision can be appealed in court .
Legal protection from domestic violence

Where else can you apply to the situation of domestic violence?

  • Centre for Socio-legal and psychological support to women "Hope» .

    Hotline - 8 (499) 492-46-89, (499) 492-26-81, (499) 492-06-48.

  • Russian hotline for women subjected to domestic violence:


  • Independent Welfare Center Sexual Assault Recovery "sisters»:

    8 (499) 901-02-01.

  • Moscow office of psychological assistance to the population:

    8 (499) 173-09-09.

  • in St. Petersburg - "duty counsel»:

    (812) 996-67-76.

  • Moscow Health Department:

    8-495-251-14-55 (free).

  • Helplines for social and psychological assistance to families and children Moscow:

    205-05-50 (free of charge round the clock).

  • Moscow Crisis Center for Women "Domestic violence»:

    122-32-77 (around the clock, free of charge).

  • Moscow psychological assistance service:

    051 (free of charge round the clock).

  • Helpline "Emergency Psychological Aid:

    (495) 575-87-70.

  • Center of Emergency Psychological Aid EMERCOM of Russia:

    in Moscow: (495) 626-37-07 in St. Petersburg (812) 718-25-16.

  • psychological assistance to women:

    (495) 282-84-50.

  • «Salvation" - the only one in all the suburbs landline crisis center for women victims of violence and found themselves in a difficult situation

    Phone: (095) 572-55-38, 572-55-39.

  • Orthodox crisis center for pregnant women and women with children:

    (495) 678-75-46.

women living in the regions of Russia, at the first signs of domestic violence and threats from her husband's need to learn all the contact details regional services , which will help them in the fight against this phenomenon and to protect them from aggression.
Remember that your salvation from domestic violence - in your determination!