Christmas vacation together or vacation together without quarrels and insults

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01 April 2016

For each pair of the venue of the new year - the question is individual.One would be well-covered with snow in my grandmother's house with a stove, hot tea and a Christmas tree in the yard.Another will priyatstvenno only in hot countries, because "Russia is the snow and sit in the liver."A third, and combine all kultpohody, visits to friends and relatives on the islands and the weekend "control shot" - a summer residence in my homeland, "Murkin factory".

But the main thing for a young couple (and for a couple of "city"), jointly conducting the New Year holidays - not to quarrel and relax without showdown.How to do it, and what you need to remember?

New Year

  • Where do these general explanation of the relationship during the holidays?You think of the misconduct of both partners?Sometimes yes.Due to the lack of soul and body amenities?The same is the case.But main reason - the high expectations. No need to dream about how you're holding the handle all the holidays, whispering to each other about love an
    d drink a coffee for two in a cozy cafe every evening.Just enjoy your holiday.Discarding everything superfluous, leaving all of the claims in the past year.
  • at all a topic of heated debate between you until the transition to the individual - strict taboo .Christmas vacation - only for rest and merriment!
  • Ski Suit look fat?The sea is not warm enough, the snow in the mountains is not enough clean, fake fireplace and coffee without zefirok tiny that you love so much? This is not a reason for disappointment , acidic mine and nagging in the back of his beloved, whose patience is not unlimited.Even the most patient man "explode" from the constant complaints and whining, and the rest will be ruined.See also: Why you should never say to the man?
  • Do not allow all the responsibility on the shoulders of the rest of the partner .Your happiness - is not the sum of external factors and a state of mind and joy in the fact that he, the only one close to you.
  • Do not attempt to adjust your rest under the "ideal patternĀ» , that you see in magazines, romance and friends in photos in social networks.Joy joint vacation shots and not five-star hotels, and in the spectrum of emotions.
  • All recent months, working both of you dreaming about these holidays - at last, hand in hand, and no one is hurt!But, oddly enough, to be near non-stop 24 hours a day - it's more tiring than romantic.In confusion?Remember - it's okay!People, even the closest, tend to get tired of each other. And it does not mean that "there is no love!" And "it is time to leave."This means that during the holidays should be periodically separated, at least briefly.
  • point B, where you give proper rest, choose together .To then someone did not have to go back to point A alone or sacrifice their mood.By the way, you'll be surprised, but men can not read minds.Therefore speak directly about their preferences.If the "consensus" is not found, there is two options - to rely on her man or stay at home watching TV.
  • discuss in advance - you will see where to go, where to eat and what .
  • Remember: of people tired of doing nothing more than , than from a heavy week of physical labor.Therefore, selecting a location of your vacation, do not waste time on meaningless room wiping pajamas for Christmas wacky remakes of classic series and - take time rich program.Let both of you have no time to get bored.Pre-make up this program, noting all the places and events that will certainly need to get there.
  • If you know about the weaknesses of the partner (and his too), which can cause conflict - take action before these weaknesses will manifest themselves .Do not know the measures in alcohol?Arrange a "sober" vacation.He does not know how to behave decently in the cultural "society" and scares everyone with his "muzhlanstvom"?Choose a vacation spot where you will not have to blush for him, and he was - to restrain myself.
  • Look close to their partner and themselves .If you are already worried that your vacation can be spoiled by the scandal, that is a future for your relationship?See also: How to understand that the relationship ended?
  • not be capricious .The man who wants to "break in full" after the hard work is unlikely to want to spend their vacation nerve cells in the satisfaction of your "want / do not want to."As a rule, this holiday ends in that weary "is not so!" The man goes home alone.And then not only recreation, but also the relationship may come to an end.

Christmas vacation together

not pull a favorite of his many girlfriends and relatives at snotty melodrama and exhibitions of needlework. Entertainment Look for those that are of interest to both .

Although sometimes (tip of the chest with a "grandmother's Wisdom") and should come to their "want" - positive emotions partner will bring you more benefit and joy.And ... in love without compromise is never .Someone always has to concede.