Causes of domestic violence - what if the husband beats his wife

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01 April 2016

Women in families often face violence.And, unfortunately, such cases each year does not become smaller.And even the children, catching at protecting mothers, sometimes fall under the arm.Aggressor sometimes do not stop no condemnation of other people, nor the opportunity to get on the merits of the law.What are the causes of aggressive behavior of individual men how to defend itself against domestic violence, how to find women subjected to domestic violence, assistance and support of the Act and special services?
Causes of Domestic Violence

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  • Causes of Domestic Violence
  • methods to protect themselves from domestic violence

reasons of domestic violence - why the husband beats his wife?

modern world - a phenomenon aggressive in itself.But violence in human nature not incorporated .Every act of violence is preceded by a certain situation, or its roots go even from childhood.
Causes of Domestic Violence

So, why is the husband beats his wife?

  • Male copy the model of the relationship, which was considered quite n
    atural in his childhood
    .That is, aggressive behavior for him - the norm.
  • man provoke .Provocation often becomes coquetry, hurtful words and actions.
  • assertiveness, or attempt to take out of malice.
  • flabby and excessive humility wife .The wife can endure a time, just a second, well beyond physical abuse becomes a habit spouse.
  • Alcohol. Drunkenness many caring and hard-working men turning into beasts that night beating wives, and in the morning can not even remember it.Or remember.In this case, buying a bouquet richer enough to drop his wife's feet and sobbed, begging forgiveness.
  • jealousy and fear of losing his wife.
  • man himself is regularly beaten as a child.
  • man lives / work / communicate in an environment where violence - is the norm .Used to seeing violence, the person ceases to regard it as an abnormal phenomenon.
  • financial problems , in which the wife of a man humiliated by his inability to earn money, or she earns more than her husband is a multiple of that also puts him in reproach.Mental balance, which is already podkolok / spouse abuse, swinging from the awareness of worthlessness, can quickly go into aggression.
  • sadistic in nature.

should be understood that not born sadists - on their appearance affects life situation, people.Therefore, before contacting the vows with a "brutal macho», well take a look at him, his behavior, environment .Such psycho people quite recognizable.

What if the husband beats: the methods of self-protection from domestic violence - advice women

issue of domestic violence, as a rule, not be imposed for the walls of the house.About the tyranny of her husband woman shy or afraid to tell anyone, including relatives and friends.And the truth is usually pops up when the bruises on the body.Reasons why the weaker sex tolerate this attitude to himself, not so much - weakness of character and inability to stand up for themselves, the housing problem, the dependence of the financial plan, children , which "needs a father, even a"or even absurd "beats - means love."And for some, and all aggression husband is diversity of family life and a kind of "role-playing game» with hot nights of love and reconciliation after a quarrel.
What if a husband beats his wife

If you omit the last option, the most important question for women who have fallen into the trap of conjugal tyranny - what if the husband has, and how to protect themselves?

  • changes in the behavior of the spouse does not immediately appear .As a rule, with the onset of pregnancy and after delivery.First - irritation, anger unmotivated, angry attacks and even broken crockery.Then the insults, humiliation, insults and intentional infliction of pain, and then the assault.Then the script pushes, kicks and bruises becomes a habit, and had every night waiting for him to work with fear, huddled in a corner.Only one way out - in time to see her husband in the tyrant and leave.
  • naive to think that "a little more, and it will take» , «he is just tired," "yes it happens in every family", "yes, I am guilty - the whole day lying in bed, and he was plowing" andpr. Excuses cruelty and violence of the native husband is not and can not be.You feel - something has changed?Take action immediately.He started insulting and rude?Find out - what is the reason, do not pull the conversation in a more favorable time.
  • not give him a chance to think you can humiliate and hurt .Having done this once and again, the man will understand that you can not resist, and will continue with even greater enthusiasm.Any grievance must be of equal resistance.Even if this is your "favorite baby" weighing 100 kg, which is "just tired at work."
  • most difficult to solve the problem of violence in its initial stage .When the wife tries to justify its aggression husband fatigue, stress and so on. The woman did not even admit the idea that aggression may soon go to the assault, and life will be like a hell.Therefore, in the course are any excuses her husband, but would not admit his true state of affairs.Your task in this situation - try to look forward.Make sure that the surge of aggression was indeed caused by problems at work, and so forth. And that "I'm sorry, broke yesterday" will not happen again.If you feel that this case - just the beginning, if you see that her husband gets angry and breaks with or without - which means it's time to talk, and then decide for yourself - and whether such perspectives of family life.
  • first husband hit .To start with calm and find the reason for his action.Characteristically it for his family?Was it a splash of anger or condition "passion"?Was he intoxicated?Does he realize that he had done, and how behaved after that?If it is not peculiar to such an act if he was afraid of what he had done, and did not know how now to atone for his sins in front of you, you probably do not need to immediately run to file for divorce - give it a chance.And let them know that you have a second chance he will not give.And at the same time think - have not provoked you this aggression?If you come home in the morning, in the form of rashristanny, with an alcoholic smell, and even the question "Where was all night?" The wife was sent to catch butterflies, his aggression is understandable.
  • Experts advise to solve the problems of aggression with the help of psychologists. That is, first talk with her husband, and then together with him to appeal to the "plumbing the human soul."But, as experience shows, this can work, unless a man is aware of his problem and wants to deal with it.
  • If there was another assault , do not weep, do not cry, do not threaten - your actions have to be decisive and dramatic.The best option - to fight back, pack up and leave.No matter what size a man: hard pan in the hands of the offended woman - an excellent educational weapons even for "Mountain muscle", which burst shirts.But this method is good only if you are sure that after your "date" you will not be in the hallway down and out.When in doubt, it is better to quietly wait out the storm, and only then to pack up and leave.
  • Remember dignity, which can only protect you. Go nowhere?Remove the room in a very simple accommodation.In an extreme case, you can ask friends to the country, a crisis center for women (many centers have shelters) and so on. Output is always there.And this output is always better than to suffer humiliation.It does not give you out of the apartment?Holla knock on batteries, call the police, beat the dishes - attracts the attention of others.The more noise - the faster husband frightened and retreat.
  • Respect yourself! no unsolvable situations .Battering he became a habit?So you do admit to such a request.Are you afraid of him?And what's the point, if your life, and so has become similar to hell?It feeds you?But if you want even without education, you can find a job.You need only to want.Your city is not working?Leave the other.Do not be afraid to change their lives and defend their right to happiness.It's your life, and only depends on you what it will be.Even if you have to run at night, with three children from other countries, make a choice - what is more important: to be well-fed, dressed, humiliated and bat, or to be free and happy?
  • If you are honest and have long tried to change the home microclimate , if you become more tolerant, try a last effort, and her husband more aggressive, it's time to put an end.If you can just get away - go away.If not - prepare a "springboard."That is, get a job, housing, and suddenly disappear from his life.Before disappearing, try to minimize all the problems - do not respond to aggression, pripryachte bag of documents, telephone, money in a safe place in case you need to leave quickly.Beforehand find "safe haven."Destroy all books / papers / notebooks coordinates people, which you can find a husband.
  • Warn neighbors , that they are in the case of noise and screaming to call the police immediately.Protect yourself from all sides.

What if a husband beats his wife
If the behavior of the husband passes all bounds of what is permitted, time to act on the basis of the law and the special services .In this case, count only on themselves, be patient, lock their fears in the attic and forward - to freedom!