How to get rid of envy - the best means of envy

By Admin | Relations
01 April 2016

How to get rid of envy? you ever think that your friends and the apartment and the car better and caring husband ... Then this article is for you.How to get rid of black or white with envy?Today we will tell you how to get rid of such unpleasant feeling as envy.

How to get rid of envy?Important

Since envy tablets scientists have not yet come up, be prepared for what to get rid of that feeling will have to work hard.And we will try to help you with this.

look at this: What if the best friend you jealous?

few tricks that can help get rid of envy :

  • How to get rid of envy? Find your target, determine what will make you completely happy
    When you engage in the creation of his own life, you have no time to be jealous of.Perhaps what you have previously caused a feeling of envy, is now lost its appeal.Find the strength to live their goals, even if they do not coincide with social stereotypes;
  • Samoutverdzhdaytes
    constantly put goals and achieve them.Compare yourself past and present, and enjoy their own achievements.Try to keep their u
    npleasant feelings.Well, if you still feel uneasy every time the opponent is successful, use a simple trick: remember all their strengths, Lifetime Achievement.
  • Envy - a bad feeling Try a smaller deal with jealous people
    Envious will constantly try to distract you from the right path, they will pull you back to start conversations undeserved achievements anyone.Try to surround yourself with like-minded people communicate more with successful people.If everything is correct you do for yourself envious leave you, but instead they will have the desired friendly people that will support all your endeavors.
  • Appreciate what you have
    Try to appreciate what you have.You have made all of this yourself.Remember, life does nothing "default", tomorrow, you can lose what you have today.Learn to appreciate and take care of that already, and tomorrow you will not have to regret the lost "benefit".
  • Black envy white envy Turn your envy into its peaceful course
    Envy - a huge force.Most often it breaks down, but it is possible to send a different direction.So send that power to achieve their cherished dreams.You can not do that, then you just do not want to achieve their goals.Then stop envying!
  • closer look at the object of his envy
    Many psychologists recommend to ask yourself questions such as: "And if he really so good lives?And if there is, what to admire? ".But the point of this practice is not to find fault in someone else's life, and to understand that life applies equally to all.And what is the good of each person gets their share of trials.
  • How to get rid of envy? sincerely rejoice for the object of his envy
    Talk to the person who envy.Tell me how you are glad for him, praise for his success in life.Or at least say it aloud in front of a mirror.You do not deep-rooted envious, so be sure to feel some positive emotions from the process.Constantly repeat it when you begin to overcome feelings of envy.This will help you focus on yourself and your own life, because it's time to arrange it.In addition, happy for someone, you get a lot more emotion than envious.
  • Examine your childhood traumas
    Try to understand the underlying causes of their envy.Most often they are rooted precisely in childhood psychological trauma.In the eternal "Why Masha bought a new doll, and I do not?" Etc.Psychologists say that children who are deprived of parental love and care, children from single-parent families are predisposed to envy much more.Since childhood psychological trauma will help you cope experienced psychologist.

Envy - how to get rid of it? Remember, better enjoy their own little happiness than to envy another's dazzling .Do not waste your energy in vain, and send it back on track and start to build their own successful life.